Top 10 Niches for Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publisihing)

by Ihsan Dantata

The Nigerian economy is a sinking ship. Getting a job is proving harder by the day. You have to know someone that knows someone before your CV even makes its way to any organisation/company.

Having a side hustle has become imperative in Nigeria. You cannot fold your hands anymore and wait for that dream job. This is where technology comes in. Technology has made it easier for anyone, anywhere in the world, to generate revenue online. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is one of these revenue generators.

Amazon KDP is a free self-publishing platform for eBooks, paperbacks and hardcover books. It allows people to publish their books for free and earn in USD. Many Nigerians have turned to Amazon KDP to make a living by creating low-content books to sell on Amazon.

Some have made Amazon KDP a full-time passive income generator, generating millions of Naira (in USD) monthly/yearly. You can publish ten or more books daily. Topics range from education, how-to, romance and many more.

This article will highlight the best Niches for Amazon KDP that you and I can adopt to generate passive income in USD. Let’s go learn how to make it big.

Best Niches for Amazon KDP

  1. Educational Workbooks for Kids

educational books

An example of an educational book for kids

You can never go wrong with kids’ books, educational or otherwise. These workbooks are one of the top best sellers on Amazon. Educational workbooks are a huge niche and have a wide range of sub-niches that you can choose from.

You can learn this niche and generate a passive income. Some of the sub-niches under this niche include (but are not limited to):

    • Learn to read books
    • Learn to write letters and books
    • Learn to write number of books
    • Learn to count books
    • Preschool maths activity books
  1. Homeschooling Planner

homeschooling planner

An example of a homeschool planner

Homeschooling planner is another best niche on the Amazon KDP. Many parents homeschool their children. These planners are popular amongst homeschoolers, thus making them one of the best niches for Amazon.

The demand for these low-content books is high, allowing you to dive into this niche. The sub-niches within this best niche on amazon are:

    • Lesson planners
    • Homeschool planners for parents
    • Homeschool planners for kids
    • Homework and assignment trackers
    • Attendance trackers
  1. Visitor Guest Books

Visitors book

Visitor’s book

Visitor guest books are one of the best-selling niches on Amazon kindle. These guest books are popular in Nigerian companies and schools. Each visitor signs in their name, when they arrived, and when they left the premises.

Guest books have sub-niches like other best-selling niches on amazon kindle. These sub-niches include:

    • Visitor guest book
    • Sign in logbook
    • Visitor record book
    • Visitor comment book
  1. Activity Books for Kids

activity book

An example of an activity book for kids

It is not surprising this made it to the list of best niches on Amazon. Activity books for kids on Amazon KDP are a favourite with parents. This has made these books a popular niche on Amazon.

However, its popularity has also made it a competitive niche on Amazon KDP. Nevertheless, the activity books for kids’ niches have sub-niches under it. These sub-niches include:

    • Cut and paste workbooks for kids ages 4-8
    • Dot-to-dot book for five-year-olds
    • Dot markers for toddlers’ activity books
    • Cow dot markers colouring book
    • Colour by alphabets for kids ages 4-8

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  1. Anxiety Relief Colouring Books

anxiety colouring

An example of Anxiety Relief Colouring Book on Amazon

Anxiety relief colouring books are one of the best niches for Amazon. It does provide not only fun but also anxiety relief for its user. Colouring books are popular on Amazon kindle, making this niche a very competitive niche on Amazon.

Nevertheless, its popularity drives sales to it. Anxiety relief colouring books niche has less competition on Amazon KDP. This niche has a large selection of sub-niches, which include:

    • Anxiety relief colouring book for teens
    • Anxiety relief colouring book for adults
    • Anxiety relief colouring book for women
    • Anxiety relief colouring book for kids
    • Anxiety relief colouring book for adults mindfulness 

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  1. Large Print Books for Seniors

Because of his eyesight, my grandfather prefers large print numbers and alphabets. It is no wonder then that this is one of the best niches for Amazon. Large print books have a font size of 16 points or higher.

The large font sizes help older people with low vision. This category of best-selling niches on Amazon kindle has a huge selection of sub-niches. These include:

    • Large print word search puzzles
    • Large print colouring book
    • Large print address book for seniors
    • Large print phone book for seniors
    • Large print cookbooks

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  1. Short Story Books for Kids

the hike

An example of short story book for kids

The internet has made it easy to print storybooks. Parents look to platforms like Amazon KDP for short stories. This niche is a trendy and competitive niche on Amazon. These story books are short and straight to the point. They mainly aim to teach something to the kids in a fun way, with illustrations or pictures.

The good thing about these short story books is that you do not have to write a 100 or 200-page book. You can create a 25-50 page short story book for kids with just 500 words with illustrations or pictures. The sub-niches under this best niche on Amazon include:

    • Teaching kids love and compassion.
    • Learning colours of the rainbow
    • Teaching kids good manners
    • Teaching kids health habits
    • Teaching kids table manners
  1. Self-Help Books

self-help book

An example of Self-Help book on Amazon

Mental and emotional well-being is increasingly becoming a number one priority for many people. Self-help books have become popular and in demand by most people, making this niche one of the best-selling niches on Amazon kindle.

However, this niche is not just for anyone! You have to know what you are talking about. Otherwise, you will lose out. Sub-niches under the self-help books niche include:

    • Anger management
    • Self-development
    • Stress management
    • Self-defence
    • Dating tips for women

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  1. Log Books/ Trackers

sales tracking

Log/Tracker book

A log book is “a book in which someone records details and events relating to something.” This niche is so popular on Amazon that it sells all year around. There are many sub-niches within the log books niche. These sub-niches include:

    • Nutrition log book
    • Sales log book
    • Maintenance log book
    • Daily work log book
    • Mileage log book
  1. Colouring Books for Toddlers

toddlers colouring book

An example of colouring book for toddlers

Colouring books are so easy to make, generating a lot of sales. You can easily create a colouring book using applications like Canva. These are low-content books, but they require excellent design thinking. You can always buy the interiors for such books online if you are not too good at the creative design department.

To succeed in this best niche on Amazon, you must dig further into the sub-niches of the colouring books for toddlers. Some of these sub-niches include:

  • Rainforest colouring book
  • My first colouring book for toddlers
  • My first toddler’s colouring book vehicles
  • My first toddler’s colouring book shapes, number, and animals
  • My first toddler’s colouring book for things that go


There you have it, folks! The top niches for Amazon KDP. To be successful in any of these niches (or any other), do your homework! Dig deep and educate yourself on how Amazon KDP works and what makes others successful.

Amazon KDP is a fantastic tool for any Nigerian to create low-content books and generate passive income. However, this is not an easy money venture.

First, you have to choose the right niche, produce an excellent content book, and have a successful book launch. Follow these steps, and you will be making millions of Naira. 

There are many practical ways to make money on Amazon. Start a conversation with us on Whatsapp to guide you in generating income on the internet. 

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