How to Make Money on Facebook as a Nigerian

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How to make money on facebook

In this era, the best place to make money is online. In fact, offline jobs also make use of online presence like Shopify stores, websites, and social media. 

There are several social media platforms where a person can make money online, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, etc. 

Facebook is the most common and most used among them with over 3 billion users. Facebook is generally called a marketplace because you can get virtually anything you want there, from products to services. 

More so, Facebook is a place for all including the old and the young. So if you decide to sell your product or services on Facebook, it is a good idea. This article discusses in detail how to make money on Facebook. Keep reading.

How to Make Money on Facebook

  1. Set up a Facebook account

The first thing is to set up an account, not merely setting it up but setting it up in a professional way. Don’t set it up like someone who wants to watch memes or just chat online. To set up an optimized Facebook profile, pay attention to the following: 

Name: Make sure you use your real name, not names like Beauty queen, Miss Lovely, etc.

Picture: Your profile picture and your cover picture are very important, they tell a lot about you, you don’t want to use a picture of you in bed, right?

Therefore, use a good headshot of you, preferably a studio picture, and a flier showing your product or service as your cover picture or a picture of you doing your work e.g if you are a fashion designer, you can use a picture of yourself sewing. 

Bio: Your profile in general is your CV, so be intentional about it. Never write words like “I’m sassy and classy” or words like “I’m a princess.” 

Tell us what you do, how you can help to solve a particular problem, and why people should come to you.  This way it shows you are an authority in your niche and you know what you are doing.

Features: This section should show the evidence of your work, it can be the things you have done in the past, the certificate you have received, your customer’s review, etc. It tells your potential customers what you have achieved in the past.

Content: Content is a  piece of information published online with a goal in mind. Content can be written, in video, audio, text, or pictorial. Your content is what tells your audience what you are doing. Don’t post unnecessary content. We don’t have to know you and your sister fought. 

Make sure you post according to what you do. You can create educational content, and entertaining content and be consistent while at it. 

Have a content calendar, you don’t have to post every day to be consistent, if it’s only Monday and Wednesday you want to be posting, do so and have a timeframe for it.

Timeline: Your timeline isn’t a dumping ground. Don’t be that person that allows everyone to tag him/her unnecessarily. 

I remember some time ago when scammers were hacking people’s accounts by tagging them to a sex video and anyone who clicks on it, his or her account will be hacked. 

Before you start using your account, go straight to the setting, proceed to audience and visibility, and go to review, turn the option below it on and with this you can review any post you are tagged in.

Audience: Another important thing is to discover your audience on Facebook. I see a lot of online business owners post pictures of their products every day yet they don’t make sales. 

This is not because their product is not good enough but because they are selling to the wrong audience. You can’t be selling wigs and your audience is women between the age of 40-60 whose target is losing weight and how to stay healthy you won’t make much sales, unlike if your audience is women between the ages of 20-30.

So know your target audience and create a solution to their problem, only then will they beg you to collect their money. 

  1. Join groups and connect with like-minded people

Becoming a member of related groups is a way to learn. You learn a lot from groups, including new things about your services. Also, ensure that you contribute greatly on the groups and you will find people coming to meet you. 

To position yourself well in any group, Create great content and be consistent at it. 

  1. Sell and market yourself shamelessly

The problem with most Nigerians is that we are mostly afraid of selling and marketing, especially to our family and friends.

Most times, we don’t like marketing our product especially when it’s something different from what our friends and family are doing; when we are doing something different.

Even if it is sachet water you are selling, don’t be afraid of marketing it. As long as you are not doing anything illegal, you can market yourself to anybody marketable because the more people you reach, the more you are likely to make sales.

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  1. Run Ads

There are two ways to create Ads on Facebook; organic or paid Ads.

An organic Ad is a normal advert you do that is seen only by your audience, while paid Ad is one you pay an expert to do for you and is seen by a lot of people. Paid Ads reach more people and the more people it reaches, the more sales you make.

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  1. Become an affiliate

Have you ever helped a friend repost their product or service before and through that they make sales? 

Well, if you have, I have a better offer for you. Do you know you can as well do what you help your friend to do and make money from it? Yes, affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products or services and getting a commission for it. 

Let’s assume you have a friend who wants to sell his car and he doesn’t have anyone to sell to whereas you do. You can sell the car for him and get your commission. Let’s assume the car is 5 million naira and your commission is 20% that’s 1 million naira for you. You are probably thinking this is a lot, right?

Well, that’s the business most young people do. You don’t have to create or have any product, the only thing you need is to market the product well and make sure you sell. The good thing about affiliate marketing is you can do it alongside your own business.

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  1. Become a Facebook influencer

Still on this matter of how to make money on Facebook as a Nigerian, another way is to be an influencer. All you need to have is a good number of followers, then you can help brands to market their products and get paid for it. The best thing about this is you can charge any amount for any product.

Nigerians buy things when we see our favorite influencer or celebrity using them. Some songs wouldn’t have been popular if not for the fact that TikTok influencers used them to create content. TikTok influencers promote music by using it as a challenge and through it, everyone starts doing the same thing.

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  1. You can become a group or a page moderator

Another way to make money on Facebook as a Nigerian is to be a group moderator. There are groups and pages looking for moderators on Facebook.

 A moderator makes sure the group is well-managed. He/she approves anyone that joins the group, approves posts, makes sure the group is free from spammers, and monitors the group in general.

  1. Invite people to groups

Another way on how to make money on Facebook is to invite people to groups. This is especially for newly created groups, the majority of them need members, so you can apply to get people to join a group and get paid for it whether your friends or your followers. just make sure you and the admin sort the payment out before doing anything.


Making money online is no longer a hard thing, and one of the ways to do that is what I’ve shared above. Feel free to try it out.

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what if I have more than one business will I still include all in one page?

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Hi Munachi,

If you have more than one business, I’ll advise you create different pages for each. It’ll help you target the right audience and create valuable content based on specific product.


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