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Crypto Payments Made Simple: Jackocoins Empowering Nigerian Businesses for Tomorrow

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Crypto is changing the way things are done in the Nigerian business space. As the customer base grows to include non-Nigerians and payment options increase for every business, cryptocurrency has become one method for seamless transactions. 

Many growing businesses have adopted cryptocurrency, and those yet to incorporate it are cheating themselves. As a trailblazer in this space, Jackocoins stands at the forefront, providing seamless avenues for businesses to not only accept but also convert cryptocurrencies into Naira instantly. This blog post gives insights into why Nigerian businesses should join in the crypto wave with Jackocoins.

The Rise of Crypto Commerce in Nigeria

Nigeria has been recorded to be one of the countries with the highest cryptocurrency holding. According to Chainalysis, Nigeria’s crypto transaction grew to $56.7bn, a 9% growth recorded between July 2022 and June 2023. 

Crypto would remain favoured by Nigerians for years to come. Nigerian businesses are adopting cryptocurrency transactions as a means to preserve wealth as the value of naira increasingly falls. 

Nigerian Businesses Embrace Crypto Adoption

Bitcoin and USDT payments have become increasingly popular among Nigerian businesses as they look to embrace the world of crypto. Some of the country’s leading businesses have already adopted these innovative payment methods, and many others are following suit.

Advantages of Adopting Bitcoin and USDT Payments for Nigerian Businesses 

As Nigerian businesses continue to accept crypto coins as a means of payment, Bitcoin and USDT have been favoured because of their stability, efficiency, security, and accessibility. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency payments for Nigerian businesses. 

Convert your Bitcoin and USDT to naira without charge on Jackocoins platform.

  • Security: Bitcoin transactions offer high security, unlike the use of card payment that exposes the customers’ sensitive details. This helps limit fraudulent activities.
  • Efficiency: Cryptocurrency transactions are fast and efficient, and they solve the issue of network issues and delayed transactions experienced with the traditional banking system. 
  • Global Accessibility: With crypto payment options, your business does not have to start struggling with how to accept dollar payments from clients outside Nigeria. Also, Nigerians who have no access to banking systems are unbothered about the limitations they would have originally faced. It offers borderless transactions. 
  • Cheaper Cost: You can receive crypto payments cheaply and convert them at no cost. 

Jackocoins – Your Gateway to Instant Crypto Conversions

jackocoins crypto commerce

Jackocoins is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers a medium to convert your Bitcoin and USDT instantly and have your naira reflected in your bank account without delay. 

It’s not news that the devaluation of naira has made businesses start looking for stable means of payment. With this platform, your struggle comes to an end. Accept your Bitcoin or USDT payments and rush quickly to convert them into naira at zero charge. 

Jackocoins have been transacting digital currency for over 7 years, and here’s what a customer had to say, “No doubt Jackocoin is the best and most reliable place to your Bitcoin, whenever you have an issue with your money, report immediately and it will be resolved immediately, trust me…”

Visit Jackocoins to transact seamlessly. 


In this era of crypto commerce, Nigerian businesses have the opportunity to lead the charge and benefit massively from the stability that comes with integrating cryptocurrency as a payment option. If your business is looking forward to utilising and benefiting from cryptocurrency transactions, Jackocoins is the ideal partner for you. Simply visit Jackocoins today to enjoy seamless transactions.


Can Nigerian businesses accept Bitcoin as a form of payment?

Yes, Nigerian businesses can accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. It offers faster transaction times, lower fees, and increased accessibility for customers.

What happens if I have issues with my money on the Jackocoin Platform? 

Jackocoins offers quick customer service and will respond to your complaints as quickly as possible. 

Are Bitcoin payments secure for Nigerian businesses?

Bitcoin payments offer a high level of security for Nigerian businesses. Blockchain technology ensures transparency and immutability, making it difficult for fraudulent activities to take place. 

What are the advantages of accepting Bitcoin and USDT payments for Nigerian businesses?

The advantages for Nigerian businesses include faster and cheaper cross-border transactions, increased customer base from the crypto community, reduced reliance on traditional banking systems, and protection against inflation and currency devaluation.

Is it legal for Nigerian businesses to accept Bitcoin and USDT payments?

The legality of accepting Bitcoin and USDT payments in Nigeria is subject to government regulations. Currently, there is no specific ban on accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. 

What is the future of crypto commerce in Nigeria?

The future of crypto commerce in Nigeria looks promising. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and the growing acceptance from businesses, crypto payments are expected to become more mainstream.

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