The Influence of Social Media in Nigeria: Can The Society Live Without the Internet??

by Oghenechovwe Eghwrudjakpo
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influence of social media

Imagine there was no internet, and the entire media space was non-existent. That would mean that you would never have come across this article and this website because there would have been no means of publication.

The bane of society currently rests on the influence of social media and the mass media industry. This influence of social media on society results from the evolution of man and that of the media.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a television in either their home or workplace. An average Nigerian has a smartphone and many other devices like laptops, tablets, smartwatch, etc. All these can be credited to the impact of mass media in our society.

I agree that our society cannot thrive without the influence of social media. In this article, I’ll be sharing the reasons for this position. 

Can the Society Live Without the Internet?

Here are a few reasons why our society cannot live without the influence of social media:

  1. It has created a seamless communication

Originally, mass media sprang up from the need to communicate with a larger audience by the easiest means possible. Now with the evolution of social media and the impact of mass media on society, there are various means you can easily communicate without breaking a sweat.

You can pick up your phone and easily call someone far from you. We no longer have to start sending letters! Even smartphones have a messaging app that lets you send messages to anyone you want. It has become really easy to communicate with people in the global world that we live in. The biggest influence of social media on society is heavy on communication. Thus, you can be in Nigeria and call someone in the UK easily. 

We also have different social media platforms that make communication easy. Video calls, voice calls, and messaging on these platforms have made communication very easy.

  1. It serves as a business hub

The influence of social media on business is another reason why I believe the world would go haywire if we did without the entire media industry. So many people run their businesses on social media, some people also indulge in Whatsapp marketing.

There are so many social media vendors today than actual physical stores. Now, I run a fashion brand but without a physical store. My customers are on the internet. My business will suffer if we do away with social media.


Can you exist without it?

Let’s look at the social media industry itself. These social media platforms are also businesses that generate income. The influence of social media on the youth as regards these platforms means more income. An average Nigerian youth in Nigeria uses at least these four social media platforms: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter.

I cannot remember the last time I bought a recharge card. This is because it’s much easier to buy from my bank account. This is also business, and its existence depends on mass media. You need airtime to communicate and data to use your social media platforms. All these generate income for the service providers, whether the banks or private companies.

The social media industry is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing sectors, contributing to its revenue.

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  1. A pathway to education

One good impact of mass media I have noticed and the influence of social media on our society can be seen in its educative nature. I know there are many things on the internet: good and bad. However, social media has proven to be educative. For example, without mass media, there would be no means of publication. E-books would never have evolved. Articles and blogs would not exist.

There are also a lot of virtual degree programs at various international universities. But, again, this is a big flex as you can attend a university in another country while you’re still in your country. 

All these have been made possible through media platforms. You can attend webinars like Insightpreneur to take courses and literally upgrade yourself academically on the internet.

  1. Information

The influence of social media on society has contributed greatly to information. Growing up, my father liked reading newspapers a lot. He always wanted to be updated with the latest news. We had a lot of papers at home. He’d often interrupt our favorite TV shows to watch the news.

Recently, I noticed my father had stopped buying newspapers and even threw all the previous ones away. This was because he had already downloaded The Vanguard news app and had access to 24/7 news online anytime and anywhere.

This influence of social media on society also rubs off on the younger generation. I also have news apps, and I can easily keep up with the latest news. It’s not only about getting access to information but also getting real-time information. Social media platforms help information to spread faster and reach a much larger audience. This also generates income for news channels and information providers.

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I am sure you will agree with me that the internet is essential for the growth of our society. The influence of social media on society and the youth cannot be over-emphasized as it touches every aspect of our lives. 

The easiest place to learn and meet people is on the internet. It affects businesses, education, and other sectors of life. Social media also serves as a public forum where issues can be discussed. The influence of social media stretches to governance, and these media platforms act as watchdogs of our society.

The business sector will suffer if we decide to do without mass media. The entertainment provided by the mass media would not be achieved.

People all over the world are currently watching the World cup matches from the comfort of their homes. They do not have to go to Qatar to see the games live. This became possible through the influence of social media and internet in our society.

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