How to Create a Perfect Birthday Wishlist as a Celebrant

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Birthday wishlist

Birthdays are special days, and we cannot reiterate that enough. They are exciting and filled with glee and cheer, especially when you have the right people in your corner to make the celebration worthwhile with gifts, sweet texts, fun time, food, cake, drinks, and reliving old memories.

Most people look forward to their birthdays mainly for gifts. I don’t blame them because that’s probably the only time of the year when they are asked what they want as a gift.

Giving and receiving gifts have always been a norm during birthdays. Although some people give because it is the ‘right thing’ to do, others want to show how important someone is, appreciate them, make them happy, and create a long-term memory with a sweet gesture.

As the celebrant, you need to give people something they can easily refer to when they want to get you a gift. This would influence their gift-buying decision since you might not get a blank cheque like that till maybe your next birthday. 

Hence, a birthday wishlist.

What is a Wishlist?

Normally, wish lists are used in e-commerce (online stores like Amazon, eBay, Zara, etc.) to save a product without having to buy it, at least not at that moment. These products may include items you desire, need, or are interested in.

But now we have infused that tradition into birthdays to help people have a list of things they would love as a gift for themselves on their birthday, which they share with friends, loved ones, and family.

Importance of a Wishlist

  1. Helps you get the perfect set of gifts

A specific birthday wishlist gets you what you want, how you want it. It gives no room for a ‘wrong’ gift.
Imagine getting a mug for your birthday when you already have a million of them stored in your house.
Or a set of make-up brushes, when you don’t even wear make-up. These would be gifts, but not the right gifts for you.
So, having a birthday wishlist helps people get you gifts that you would find useful.

  1. Makes gifting easier

When asked what you want for a birthday gift, having a list would reduce the pressure of thinking on the spot and responding. You can simply forward the list to whoever is asking.

Also, relatives and friends who are terrible at picking gift items can always refer to your wishlist to help them pick the right gift. That way, they wouldn’t have to think so hard about what to get you.

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  1. Makes your dreams come true

If you can’t afford something you’ve always wanted (at least not yet), it wouldn’t harm you to add it to your birthday wishlist. Someone somewhere might just make your dreams come true!

So, whenever the thought of something you would like as a gift pops into your head, note it down if it’s ‘wishlist worthy’.

  1. Keep a record of what you have and what you don’t

One way to note things you have and don’t have and keep a record of them is to write a list.

Thus, by curating your birthday wishlist, you can differentiate these items and point out things you don’t have that you need and don’t mind getting as a gift.

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What Should Be on Your Birthday Wishlist?

When curating your wishlist, remember your circle of friends and the kind of pockets they have.
Don’t include a car on your list if none of your friends has one. Your birthday wishlist shouldn’t be something they would have to break the bank for.

While it’s okay to ‘dream big,’ you should also be considerate.

But if your friends are ‘Odogwus,’ feel free to bill them since you know they are capable.

That being said, if you’ve ever gotten stuck while writing out your wishlist, or you have already started but have no idea what else to add, here are some things you can use as a guide to curating the perfect wishlist.

  1. Money

This is the most important item that should be on your list. Let your account details be pasted there for those who want to appreciate you in cash. With cash, you can buy anything you want, by yourself, for yourself.

  1. Daily/comfort items

These are the things you need for work, school, at home, or your day-to-day activities. Things like this may include a journal, a water bottle, a power bank, your favourite perfume, a pair of shoes, or a handbag.

  1. Affordable items

Things on your wishlist should not be overly expensive. Consider the cost and also consider if you could vex and buy at least one of the items for yourself if you don’t get it as a gift.

You should also be able to reciprocate that same energy for someone else’s birthday.

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  1. Activities you’ve always wanted to try

Wish lists are not for items alone. They can also include spending quality time with friends, sightseeing, visiting an orphanage, eating at your favourite spot, etc.

Explicitly say, a fun visit to Upbeat Centre, Lagos.

Or, A visit with family and friends to St. John’s Orphanage, Jos, with food items and clothes.
There are a lot of activities you can try out. But again, it depends on the financial capacity of those around you.

  1. Suggestions on where they can get the gifts

To make buying easier, if you have a trusted plug, you can add it as a suggestion for those who are clueless as to where to get the gift items.

For instance, Handbag from Wendy’s Place on IG.
This is very specific and straightforward, making buying and delivering to you, the celebrant, way easier.

  1. Phone number of a close/trusted friend

There’s always that ‘one friend’ that can help influence the gift-buying decision of different people because of how well they know you and what you would love to have for a birthday gift. They also know your exact size or preference for anything. Be sure they are good at keeping secrets sha oh, so that if there’s a surprise on the way, they won’t spoil it.

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Your birthday shouldn’t be without gifts. If your birthday is on the way, this is the sign you need to start writing out your wishlist to avoid the last-minute rush.
Trust you found this helpful. Wish away, dear reader, and a very Happy Birthday to you!…in advance.

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