5 Tips to Stay Consistent With Your Goals

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How to stay consistent with your goals

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson 

Many of us have experienced negativity in our lives and have gone through stages where we did nothing except procrastinate. Interestingly, where you are today began with a sincere and diligent mindset to get things done and make your ambition a reality. 

You have the desire to accomplish the impossible, to transform the world, to make the world a better place, and even to save lives in your small manner. 

Along the line, that consistent approach to things started fading and diminishing. It’s now hard to stay consistent. If this is the present reality of your life, you are not the only one. Difficult and dark as it may appear now, it’s not the end of the tunnel. Light and hope are waiting just around the corner! All that it needs is a slight change in your approach.

In this 5 minutes article, you will learn how to stay consistent with your goals. Shall we?

How to Stay Consistent With Your Goals

  1. Evaluate your dreams   

J. K. Rowling was a single mother dealing with unemployment, divorce, and bankruptcy until 1993. She overcame the hurdles, and the rejections of the Harry Potter script by 12 major publishers. Bloomsbury, a bland publishing business, released the first copies of Harry Potter, now considered a classic, in 1995. As we all know, the rest is history.

Our ambitions and desires are frequently contrasted, influenced, and molded by social ideas rather than being powered by sheer enthusiasm that drives us forward.

Dreams that are not products of genuine fervour and interest will eventually lose steam as dreams feed solely on pure passions. To keep pursuing your goals, you need to be assured of the vitality and intensity of your dreams, thus, re-evaluating your vision. When you are sure about what you want to achieve, consistency will follow suit.

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  1. Evaluate your goals

To stay consistent with your goals, break them down into smaller bits to keep consistent with them. You must be confident in the vigour and intensity of your dreams. Are you sure about what you want to accomplish? Are your plans in sync with your goals?

Remember why you established the objective in the first place and how your desire is similar to a road trip to your favourite destination. Rome was not built in a day, and you will not achieve your objectives overnight. Your motivation for achieving that objective will fuel the consistency and persistence required to see it through. 

Keep track of your objectives and revisit them regularly. You can use milestones to see how far you’ve come or how close you are to reaching your final goal. Crossing these milestones gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to work harder.

Begin by writing these milestones on a prepared roadmap of your journey to fulfil your dreams and crossing them off one by one. 

Doing this every morning before you start your day saves you from procrastinating. It makes you aware of the importance of all your daily acts because your actions decide how close you are to accomplishing your goals and getting the most out of life.

Re-evaluating your goals improves your work ethic and boosts your motivation.

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  1. Get organised

Have you ever wondered why Mark Zuckerberg always wears a grey t-shirt and blue jeans? Or how about Tony Elumelu, who usually wears a crimson tie and a white shirt? It is because these power brokers don’t waste time and energy determining what to dress; instead, they focus on vital issues.

Be methodical in your life approaches. Every small step in running a business requires a well-planned and systematic approach to reach the goals. 

Your performance will improve significantly if you design your methods to enhance operation.

To stay consistent with your goals, find ways to organize and be methodical. Clear the clutter off your desk and calendar. Getting organized clarifies your priorities and allows you to manage your time better. It significantly improves your consistency when carrying out vital tasks.

Keep an actual journal to track your progress toward your goals, or set alarms to encourage consistency in whatever behaviors you are attempting to develop. One method to keep organized is to develop atomic habits. 

You can be accountable to someone with similar goals through groups, in person, or having virtual communication. You can even use a whiteboard in your kitchen, home office, or elsewhere to keep you focused on your progress and goals.

Remember, you want to stay consistent with your goals. So, give no room for distractions.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

Attitudes spread, and positivity breeds positivity. To stay on track with your goals, you must surround yourself with positive people and people who share your values. When you surround yourself with positive individuals, you may draw into their positive energy.

A good environment gives you the energy to be motivated and be on track with your goals. Getting rid of negative energy around you will also help you stick to your goals. 

For example, this article should have been written a long time ago, but there was no motivation to sit down and write it. Procrastination became my closest friend, and my surroundings did not help matters. I knew I had to do something to reawaken that energy, didn’t I? 

So I changed my environment and decided to stay with a buddy who works as a junior editor-in-chief for a broadcasting station. After three days of living with him, I was encouraged to write things down, and presto, inspiration came and I became tenacious and constant in my work. Now I know where to go to rev up my energy levels. Lol.

Tap into the positive energy of people around you. Positivity brings in a lot of energy to motivate you to perform your tasks faster and work for longer hours. Be constantly aware of your state of mind and be vigilant about getting sucked into negativity. 

If you would love to be in the midst of visionary people and go-getters, join our community now.

Follow successful leaders and inspirational speakers on social media. Read and listen to their daily dose of positivity to differentiate between struggle and negativity.

You cannot always have complete control over everything. The utmost you can do is give your all in everything you do. The key to keeping on track with your goals is to recognize that you must constantly push forward despite setbacks or problems.

When you accept that you cannot always have complete control over every event, you will learn to remain consistent and try your best to achieve your objectives.

Always keep the broader picture in mind and remember that your efforts will be rewarded in the end. 

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  1. Use technology to your advantage

Technology has advanced to the point where it can assist you in staying consistent and persistent with your goals. We benefit from technology in a variety of ways in our daily lives. 

You may realize your objective with the appropriate usage and become more consistent in your endeavours thanks to the development of numerous excellent apps accessible for Apple, Android, and other devices.

There are goal-tracking and planning tools available to help you stay focused such as Google Calendar, Todoist etc. You can also find habit-building applications that measure your water intake, nutrition, sleep, or any other aspect of your life that you want to improve.

Apps can even help you learn how to stay consistent with your goals. If you want to learn a language, you can download an app with well-structured tutoring to help you get started, e.g Duolingo.

Other apps can help you save money automatically, track your diet, and consistently progress toward your goals.


To wrap this up, being consistent and disciplined is a skill that is cultivated over time. Don’t let the grandeur of your aspirations overwhelm you. Instead, take solace in knowing you are not rushing to achieve your goals.

Make it your mission to be more consistent, and you’ll be shocked at how far you can get toward your goals. A positive mindset can make all the difference when it comes to consistency.

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