Home Decor Ideas That Will Make Your House Stand Out

Tips for Decorating Your Home in a Grand Style

by Tomi Taiwo
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The transformation that differentiates a “normal house” from the one that “stands out” is beyond mere aesthetics. Home decor can make your place either welcoming or uninviting. 

Home decor makes your house stand out and gives insight into your personality—the colours you find attractive or calming, and your overall style. But oftentimes, decorating your home can be challenging. 

You can get stuck between choosing the right colours, the right interior decor items, or even the correct lighting for your space. Do you need decor ideas for your new home or you’re looking to redecorate? Then your search is over. 

Today, we’ll be sharing with you some thoughtful home decor ideas that will make your house stand out.

Home Decor Ideas: Giving Your Home an Elegant Look

Before you plan a decor, consider how different places in the home need to look unique and give a different aura. For example, how your living room looks or the appeal it gives, should not be the same as that of your bedroom.

Most people want their bedrooms to look in a way that creates a sentimental attachment to them. This is because the bedroom is considered a place where you can relax and unwind. It is also perceived as a place of refuge and comfort in times when you need to be by yourself in your home.

On the other hand, the living room is expected to have a welcoming and fancy appearance. This is because its appearance leaves an impression on any visitor who steps into your home. 

Home decor is largely influenced by your style, whether vintage, contemporary, bohemian, minimalist designs, mid-century, modern, or any other style that best describes you. 

Now, we would be checking out various locations in the house and how to decorate them.

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Home Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Living room decor.

Living room decor.

The living room is usually a large space in a house where guests are received. It is also a place where all the members of a family can gather to carry out different activities. 

Due to the functionality of the living room, it would require more furniture and home decor items. This is to enable it to accommodate more people and leave a good impression on visitors.

Below are a few factors to consider when planning a living room decor.

  1. Colour compatibility 

One of the most important aspects of home decor is understanding different colours and which ones are compatible with each other. Especially in living rooms, bright colours should be toned down with calming colours depending on your preferences or what you’re trying to achieve with the paints.

An example is a combination of pale blue and yellow colours in the living room. Pale blue is a calming colour while yellow is a bright colour. The combination of both would give your living room a balanced colour contrast.

  1. Stylish interior decor items

Stylish interior decoration items are important for your living room decor. They include art pieces, fancy accessories such as statement wall clocks, mirrors, rugs, throw pillows, and many others.

The essence of applying these items is to add to the aesthetic appeal and also create a glamorous, relaxing feel for your home. These items should, however, not be overused. When they’re too much, they may cause the room to appear too busy.

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  1. Proper and adequate lighting

Lighting, as little as it may seem, is a very cogent part of home decor. It reveals how much work has been put into decorating the house, and it generally transforms the space.

Beyond the aesthetic feeling, proper lighting can completely change the aura of a living room. It adds beauty. Lighting has to be done by experts because it differs from room to room, city to city and even country to country. 

The amount of daylight entering the living room must be considered before adding artificial lights. The perfect lighting would make your living room stand out, coupled with the right colours and fancy accessories in your space.

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Home Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

Bedroom decor.

Bedroom decor.

Decorating a bedroom is influenced by what the space is used for. Asides from the fact that bedrooms are for relaxation and unwinding, some people have their workspace in it.

In cases where the bedroom has two functions, the two sides would require different designs to properly define each area. Thus, the bedroom should be a combination of elegance and simplicity.

You should pay attention to these things when making decorations in your bedroom.

  1. Colour scheme

Bedrooms should have an environment that is as calm as possible. However, in cases where you have to separate a workspace from the resting area, you could use a secondary colour such as any shades of green, purple, or orange. The other area can have a calm colour.

The bedroom shouldn’t have too many conflicting colours to ensure that a “calm and relaxing” environment is achieved. You could have your shelves and wardrobes or any other furniture made in the same colour as your room to make them blend in.

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  1. Personalization

Home decor for the bedroom is mostly personal. You might want something meaningful or sentimental to you in your space.

Personalizing your bedroom could range from hanging a large painting just above your bed or having pictures of your loved ones on the walls of your room. You could also have pictures of your favourite celebrities, pictures of your favourite places in the world, or anything that feels personal to you.

  1. Lighting 

Lighting in bedrooms could differ from person to person. Regardless of the preference, you should consider ventilation and daylight so that the room is not stuffy and always dark. In cases where you don’t want excess light, window blinds can be fixed to regulate the amount of light that comes in.

The artificial lighting of a bedroom should comprise cool colours and be minimal. There shouldn’t be too much light in the room to enable you to sleep well without the disturbance of the reflections from the light bulbs.

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General Home Decor Ideas

Other spaces in the house such as the kitchen, study, closet, etc, should have colors and lighting that suit their functionality.

For example, white walls would be good for a study area because they have a positive effect on your mood and energy. White walls also help you experience calmness in your study area.

The finishing touches also matter in home decoration. For example, you can never go wrong with a wooden finish. Although you may think of them as old, they contribute to helping your house give off a homely feel. 

Adding plants to your home decor also helps your house to look more calm and welcoming. In Nigeria, homes decorated with plants or surrounded by gardens tend to enjoy cool breezes.


There are millions of different ways to decorate your home and make it stand out.

All you need are the right colour themes, fancy decor accessories, and the correct lighting. Combine these correctly and you’ll have an amazing home decor. It’s time to make your home a place you’ll never get tired of walking into.

Article Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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