Why You Should Participate in Community Services As a Nigerian Youth

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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Community services

Nigerian job seekers always complain about their lack of experience which is a requirement by most hiring managers.

They forget that one critical way to get experience is by volunteering.

Volunteering in community services of several groups exposes you to more experience and connects you with the right people to uplift you. 

As a Nigerian youth, when you get involved with several community activities, you are most likely to have more diverse ideas and skills than someone who only works a 9-5 and does the same tasks and duties every single day. 

Making time to attend community functions and programs add to your skills, experience, and portfolio giving you an edge over your peers who do not involve themselves in these things.

Before we go deeper, let’s define community service. 

What is Community Service?

Community service refers to volunteering or taking part in activities that help the community without hoping for any material or financial reward.

Community service is a fundamental part of individual and social growth, and it is important that Nigerian youths go through this stage to develop the sacrificial spirit.

Community service gives a sense of purpose and significance to Nigerian youths. It enables them to give back, contribute towards the growth of their community, and have a beneficial influence on society. 

It also helps them to personally develop a sense of obligation, empathy, and compassion for others and the underprivileged.

Types of Community Service

There are several types of ways to take action if you are ready  to take part in community service, including:

  1. Direct service

Direct service is one that directly affects the group or person you want to help out or impact. This may include volunteering to personally teach, gift, or empower them.

  1. Indirect service

This service could take the form of fundraising or item collections. Those you are helping are unaware that you are the source of the free training, items or resources. 

  1. Advocacy service

This type of service is when you voluntarily speak up for or against an issue to offer solutions to that given situation. People who engage in this are called “Activists.”

  1. Research service

This involves willingly conducting research and carrying out findings that could create awareness, promote and proffer solutions. This is like a “call to action.”

Benefits of Participating in community Services

Participating in community service does not only improve your experience or give you another skill to include in your resume; it also gives you a strong network.

There are several benefits Nigerians can derive from community service, which include:

  1. Strong connections and network

Community service provides an opportunity for Nigerian youths to easily build strong relationships and connections with professionals in their areas of expertise that are drawn to their commitment and involvement in community service tasks and activities.

  1. Personal advancement

Participating in community service offers you leverage for personal development.

It helps to sharpen and boost the mindset and confidence of young people in Nigeria and aids in the development of social and relationship skills.

  1. Career development

Volunteering in community service can help Nigerian youths to improve skills that are beneficial to their profession as well as utilise them in places that are in great need of those skills while they wait for paid jobs.

Volunteering can also provide you with a new relevant career path with adequate experience as you try out new activities. 

In community development, teamwork is involved; therefore, communication, problem-solving, project management, and other soft and digital skills become a part of you.

  1. Social engagement

Another relevant benefit is that community service provides an opportunity for Nigerian youths to connect with different people and make new friends.

It can help to reduce idleness and loneliness which may sometimes lead to depression especially when that feeling of “nothing is working” kicks in.

It also promotes active engagement in community functions and gives you a sense of responsibility, belonging as well as fulfilment.

The realistic observation that most Nigerians do not know about is that employers both at home and abroad are pleased when they go through your applications and discover that you have been involved with volunteer activities in the past. 

At that time, it is not just about your community experience, but that act implies that you are not a money-minded person. 

Every employer is looking out for an employee that can handle tasks outside of their documented responsibilities without expecting any reward. 

They are always thrilled to meet someone who has the volunteering spirit. The major importance of community service is that you stand a better chance than other applicants in the employment process.

It is important that every youth in Nigeria engage in community service because it fosters the development of resourceful and thriving communities.

They can learn important skills like problem-solving, leadership, communication, and collaboration. 

Also, it exposes youths to many cultures, beliefs, difficulties, and experiences, broadening their perspectives, which aids in developing their mindsets by giving them more insights and vast knowledge of the world.

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Examples/Ideas of Community Service

You may be wondering if there are places where you could volunteer your services or  acquire more skills before a white-collar job comes up or before you could start up your own business.

We will be listing out some community service ideas you could try out below; that would be a good start for you.

  1. National volunteering service

Here we have National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Airforce, Nigeria Army, Civil Defence Corps, The Navy, The Police, etc.

  1. Cleaning pathways and road pavements

This involves “Keeping your environment clean” and providing environmental sanctions and solutions.

  1. Collecting and donating items for charity

You could give out items like food, clothes, medications, school items, toiletries and so on. 

You could also start up a “donation campaign” to have your friends and social media followers donate as well.

  1. Helping the elderly 

You can render your support and care for aged people in your streets or in a retirement home just the way you would take care of your parents and grandparents.

  1. Tutoring children and “special people” in remote areas

You can volunteer your service to patiently teach and empower underprivileged children and those with disabilities.

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In Summary

Community service is necessary for Nigerian youths as it provides purpose, enhances personal growth and development, improves strong communities, and allows social engagement.

It is vital for you to participate in community services in order to acquire valuable skills and experience so that when the “big job” comes, you will be able to make significant contributions and have an impact on the organisation or company.

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