Boat Cruise For Nigerians: How to Organise One For Yourself

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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Boat Cruise

Imagine sitting down on the water, looking up at the sky with your hands up, happily screaming, chuckling, and laughing. 

At that moment, it seems as though the warm air is sweeping all of your concerns and thoughts away. That is the exact sensation you will have on a boat cruise.

It is a brief experience, but an unquestionably worthwhile one in light of the chaos in our beloved Nigeria.

A boat cruise can be an exciting and unforgettable experience for a variety of reasons, depending on the individual. 

Below are some major reasons why Nigerians love to go on boat cruises:

Reasons Why Nigerians Go on A Boat Cruise

  1. For leisure and to ease stress

Going on a boat cruise can be a great way to take a break, breathe, and re-energize.

  1. Touring & adventure

For those who travel by boat, a boat trip can give you a new perspective on your surroundings, allowing you to explore unfamiliar sites from the water or rediscover old places from a wider viewpoint.

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  1. To spend quality moments with loved ones

A boat cruise can be a beautiful way to spend time with friends and family. A boat cruise is your best chance in creating strong bonds by engaging in meaningful conversations with either your family, friends or partner.

  1. Knowledge purposes

Going on a boat tour can be a great way to learn about the culture, and history of the place you’re visiting. 

You may be able to learn a few things from the boat sailors.

There are boat cruises offered around the country, but Lagos is the ideal location to feel the magic. Lagos boat cruises are exciting! 

Every weekend, Lagosians escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a boat cruise to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the state, where they can relax, have fun, socialise, enjoy some good music, and take some cute pictures for the gram!

Top 5 Boat Cruise Services In Lagos

Lagos is the city of “enjoyment life,” so if you are in Lagos or perhaps visiting the city, ensure you do not leave without experiencing the beautiful nature.

Now to get you all set for a boat cruise, this article will highlight the top 5 Lagos boat cruise services that will take you around the best water places to go visit and unwind on a boat cruise.

  1. Travergy

If you desperately need to unwind and rejuvenate by taking a boat cruise but don’t know which boat cruise to choose or how to go about it, you might want to think about choosing Travergy because they are about the best. 

Travergy boat cruise service is among the top ten boat cruises in Lagos. You can find them at 270 Ikorodu Road, Savoil Bus top, Obanikoro in Lagos. 

Although they are primarily a travel agency, they also deal with vacation boat tours. 

Their experienced team has a great deal of expertise, so they have all the boat cruise resources to enable you to have the best day of your life.

  1. Picnic Boat Nigeria

Another good Lagos boat cruise agency is Picnic Boat, which is located at 22 Awolowo Road in Ikoyi, Lagos. It combines a picnic with a boat cruise, two enjoyable activities that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Tourists and individuals looking to have fun alone or in groups are mostly attracted to Picnic Boat.

 They provide a variety of picnic packages, such as ones for couples and families, business end-of-year beach cruises, and group picnics.

  1. Lekki Boat Cruise

If you are in Lagos and you are in Lekki, you are living large. Well, that’s what they say. 

Even though you are not residing in Lekki, you can still get a good feel of the Lekki good life by reaching out to another top Lagos boat cruise service, Lekki Boat Cruise, and enjoy their outstanding services as they take you around the Ikoyi-Lekki bridge and other nice water locations in Lagos. 

Just like the other boat cruise companies, Lekki Boat Cruise offers a variety of top-notch packages.

  1. Apella Boat Cruise Nigeria

This boat is a special boat cruise that anyone would be lucky to experience.

Apella Boat Cruise Nigeria is not just a boat cruise agency, they are also into food and pastry production, so you are in for an “all in one” fun experience when you book a tour with them. 

They always offer their clients delicious meals of various varieties during boat trips.

  1. Prest Cruise

The Prest Lunch and Dinner Cruise is situated at 1C Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. International cuisine is prepared there.

Both individuals and groups have access to it. With a cost of N24,000, you can afford a good meal for yourself and your plus two.

They offer a complimentary bottle of wine along with a three-course dinner.

Board meetings, seminars, presentations, wedding receptions, birthday parties, engagement parties, and other events can all be held there.

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Boat Cruise Outfits

When choosing boat cruise outfits,  it’s crucial to create a balance between elegance and functionality. 

When going on a boat cruise, your outfit depends on how you want to appear, either simple, sexy, or just stylish. 

You could put on a casual cotton sundress, and soft sandals are a classy combination. 

If you like to wear shorts, match them up with a colourful blouse or a light top to add some vibrance to your look. You could wear a maxi dress and wedges if you’re going on a more formal boat cruise.

 If you intend on spending most of your time in the water, wear your swimsuit under a cover-up

It can get really cold on the water, especially as it gets darker, so don’t forget to bring along a lightweight jacket or cardigan. 

We don’t want sunburns, remember, so wear a hat and sunglasses to shield your face from the sun.

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Boat Cruise Prices

Nothing good in this life comes for free. Boat cruise prices in Lagos might vary depending on the agency, but since we already know Lagos is not an inexpensive city, you should budget a good amount when planning one.

Be assured, though, that it isn’t going to cut your neck off, eventually.

You already know that you will be drinking, eating, and making merry, so that adds up to the cost as well. 

The price of a cruise for one to ten passengers (1–10) could begin at 50,000 Naira per hour. 

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In Summary

To enjoy a boat cruise, you should not be alone unless you really need some “me time.” But if you are all about the IDC lifestyle, find a tag along and get on that fun-experience boat cruise.

Would you be trying this out? Let’s know in the comment section.

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