Incredible birthday photo shoot ideas

Incredible Photo shoot Ideas for Birthdays

Creative Ideas you could Explore for Birthday Photo-shoot

by Gee

Birthdays and all that comes with them are special and exciting, creating important credit alerts and memories in addition to the cakes and the love of the gifts.

It’s that ONE day of the year when you officially celebrate a new age. What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a birthday photo-shoot?

The trend of having photo shoots for birthdays has existed for years. It allows you to capture long-lasting memories that you can hold on to for years.

Back in the days, on your birthday, you didn’t have a say about what to wear, how to pose, who to take your pictures, or if you wanted to take a photo while standing before a pile of biscuits. You did everything expected of you and had these pictures added to the family album, which you may or may not be bold enough to show friends.

Now, you’re at liberty to choose what your birthday photo-shoot should look like. You can confidently share copies of your birthday photo shoot with everyone across various social media platforms.

Awesome, right?

Since you have this freedom, we have made provision for several incredible photo-shoot ideas for your birthday; from something simple to something a little extra, from tiny details you might forget to the ones you probably won’t pay attention to.

Creative Ideas you could Explore For Your Photoshoot

If your birthday is in a few days or you plan to have a photo-shoot for your birthday coming up in a few months,

Here are a couple of creative ideas you could explore;

  1. Go for something cute

Crowns, Colors, Balloons, Confetti, Flowers. You can even recreate a childhood Birthday photo! anything that would make people go, “aaaaawwwww…

You could try a nerdy look, books, glasses, tie, sweater, anything that could suggest you’re one of Albert Einstein’s protégés. Pop something, a bottle of wine, I mean, you’re now an adult, and this is an upgrade to the Coca-Cola and Miranda glass bottles we had back in the days.

Cheers to the good life, my dear! You could give CEO vibes portrait pictures with “The Steve Jobs pose” that would look good on Forbes’ “The Billionaire List.” You can already picture it, right? Yes you could do it?

  1. Announce your age

This is a new trend, where you hold several balloons indicating your age while a photo is taken. Make sure you’re holding them in the right order so that while you’re 23, your number balloon wouldn’t say otherwise during your birthday photo shoot.

Incredible Birthday photoshoot ideas

  1. A trip to the 90’s

You can never go wrong with a Black and White Photo. Take some shots using the monochrome effect to show how cool vintage can be. You can also add a 90’s costume to complete the whole thing and have an incredible birthday photo shoot.

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  1. Show your favorite things

You can create a birthday photo shoot that centers on all the things you love, food, cake, books, gadgets, flowers.

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  1. Go cultural

You could adorn yourself with traditional attires to celebrate your culture. Style yourself perfectly in an Aso-òfì, Ankara, Agbada, Isi-agu shirt and wrapper, kaftan, etc.

Don’t forget to add all the extras and accessories- headgear, beads and caps. Lite up your photo shoot! Sway from the norm by creatively combining different fashion patterns to give comfort plus style. Stay Jiggy!

  1. Afro-themed shoot

You could connect back to your African heritage with an African-themed shoot. You can use your natural hair or an afro wig, gold accessories, African print dresses, or backdrop, just anything that portrays the beauty and versatility of the African continent.

However, while choosing Incredible birthday photo shoot ideas, you should consider the following;

Things to Consider while Choosing your Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas

  1. Your outfit

    It could be a dinner dress, a suit, casual but stylish clothes, etc, It just a shoot anyways! However several people would focus on what you’re wearing, so you must serve looks.

    You have to ensure your outfit is aligned with the Photo shoot idea you’re trying to pull off. Don’t use a suit for a cute-themed shoot or a dinner dress if you’re trying to give a nerdy photo shoot  look. You also have to make sure your clothes fit your body type. They have to be just perfect.

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  2. Your makeup artist

    The purpose of your makeup should be to glam you up you know, not make you look different. Keep the result from leaving people wondering whether you’re the one?
    Also, ensure you’re hiring the services of a professional. Don’t fall into the trap of, “my brother’s friend’s landlady’s granddaughter is a makeup artist and can do it for cheaper.” Make dem no use your face for practical.

  3. The photographer

    When your outfit, hair, and makeup are flawless, a professional photographer needs to capture all the details and leave nothing out perfectly on your birthday photo shoot. So, it would help if you made the right choice of a photographer.
    Take a look at their sample works (ensure its theirs), check to see if they can take the concept you’re looking at, ask all the questions you need to, read reviews, and talk about their editing process. Just do everything to clear your doubts, its your big day, hence you should have an Incredible birthday photo shoot.

  4. The location

    Depending on the ideas you’re willing to execute for your birthday photo shoot, there are several places you can use for your shoot. For instance, you can shoot from the comfort of your home. Yes! A little set-up here, some arrangements there, and you’re good to go!

    You might feel more comfortable with familiar surroundings. Another place you want to try out is The Beach!
    The lighting is perfect, the scenery is superb, and the breeze and waves are phenomenal, giving you the right ambiance for an Incredible birthday photo shoot.  But if you cannot swim, don’t go inside the water.Just stay at the shore and do your thing.

    Also, a park or garden is another idealistic spot for your shoot. Here, the scenery is more natural and calmer, giving you Mother Nature Vibes. The most popular of all locations is a Photo Studio. It’s your photographer’s creative space, so you’re sure to get cool props and posing ideas.

Some bonus points for your birthday photo shoot;

  • Sleep well the night before: I’m sure you don’t want to look like you just came from a fight, looking all grumpy with eye bags in your pictures. So, get enough rest.
  • Practice your poses in front of a mirror before the shoot: If you’re unsure how to stand or sit or what posture to take, do yourself a favor and try out different poses and how well they fit you.
  • Have a few of your loved ones and friends come around: You could use some good company and hype too! Getting all the “Ayiiii! GehGeh! Kimon!” in the background would add all the ginger and spice you need for your shoot. On the D-day, have them play your favorite music to lighten the mood. Smile, Laugh, and be free. Enjoy every bit of your shoot!


    Having a birthday photo shoot is an incredible idea as it leaves you with this thrilling memories even after the D-day, Birthdays are once in a year stuff. Creating those beautiful memories would give you that continuous memory through out the year that you are a gem ,beautiful and capable of amazing stuff.  Photos are great memory keeper, you could refer back to them in the nearest future, show it to loved ones and take it back to memory lane.

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