Top 10 Investment Apps for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

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“Wealth grows” is a statement that many people have been too preoccupied to comprehend or unravel.

After building up your portfolio, which shows off your amazing skill set, and going on to land your dream job. Investing in your financial literacy is also paramount. Besides the funds, you make from business and your job, there are passive ways to make extra funds with little or no effort.

A way to go about this is through investment. An investment is an asset or item purchased to earn income or increase value. When you buy something as an investment, you must intend to use it to create wealth in the future.

These investment apps also have an active support team you can reach out to in case you need help getting started or during your investment. Usually, the investment apps in Nigeria that the government approves operate as per Nigerian law, which guides the investment apps in Nigeria.

Let’s look at them.

Best Investment Apps in Nigeria

It is recommended that you research investment apps in Nigeria before investing with them and make investments based on your personal financial goals and risk tolerance.

We’ve done that for you and curated the best investment apps in Nigeria you can consider using.

  1. Pillow Fund 


Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund is one of the investment apps that accommodates dollar savings. With this investment app, you can get the best returns on your Naira by investing it in digital assets. Currently, Pillow Fund offers 14% annual assured returns on investments in their dollar-saving product. Additionally, users can earn over 10% on stablecoins and around 6% on BTC and ETH.

All deposits in the custody of the investment app are protected against any incidents with a $250 million insurance policy, ensuring the safety of user funds at all times.

  1. PiggyVest



Piggyvest is a Nigerian investment app that allows you to easily save and invest. PiggyVest allows you to stop overspending and save and grow funds that you don’t want to touch.

You can save small amounts regularly or meet your goals by putting money aside for a set period of time. PiggyVest makes it easy and flexible to develop savings discipline.

PiggyVest offers a variety of savings and investment options to meet a variety of needs. You can use the piggybank to save and withdraw money every quarter. Target Savings can help you save for specific goals like a vacation or travel.

If you have long-term goals, you can use SafeLock to save money for a long time. You can diversify your portfolio with low-risk investment options via Investify, the app’s investing feature.

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  1. Cowrywise



Cowrywise is reputable and is one of the best investment apps in Nigeria. You can automate investments using their systematic investment plan. The investment app, like the Pillow Fund, allows for dollar investments.

Cowrywise allows you to begin your investment journey with as little as 1000 NGN, and as you add to your principal fund, your ROI increases proportionally.

  1. Carbon



Carbon has been licenced as a microfinance bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria. You can begin investing with as little as 100 NGN on the investment app. Carbon interest rates can reach as high as 16%. You can also choose between 3 and 12 months for the duration of your investment.

To achieve your objectives, you can set a regular target. These can be done quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Customers’ deposits are insured and covered by Carbon.

  1. Bamboo



Bamboo, one of the best investment apps in Nigeria, allows you to invest in over 3000 US stocks using your smartphone while on the go. Bamboo allows Nigerians to invest in either Naira or USD.

Also, ETFs (exchanges traded funds) can be used to diversify investments. The minimum investment in the Bamboo app is $20 or its naira equivalent. It is also simple to keep track of the value of your assets using the investment app.

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  1. RiseVest



Risevest is an investment app that provides real estate, fixed-income, and stock investment options. RiseVest allows you to invest in globally denominated assets in an intuitive manner. They vet the assets for quality, long-term potential, and their ability to deliver stable returns for you in all market conditions as one of the best investment apps in Nigeria.

This app allows you to earn between 14% and 41% interest per year, and you can start investing with as little as $1. You can withdraw on maturity from real estate and fixed-income plans, with the shortest duration being three months.

The stock plan has no lockup period so you can withdraw anytime. All withdrawal requests are usually processed within 24 hours.

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  1. Trove

trove logo


Trove is a Nigerian online investment app that allows you to invest in global stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other securities from your home. You can put your money into any publicly traded equity, bond, or foreign asset.

You can also invest in Naira or US dollars. Trove also provides access to over 4,000 stocks for investment. The bare minimum to begin your investment journey is $10. 

  1. Wealth NG

wealth NG LOGO

Wealth NG

To begin your investment journey on the Wealth NG investment app, you must first deposit at least 1000 NGN. Furthermore, you can earn up to 7% returns through the app’s savings investment options. WealthNG uses treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds, and real estate to help its users grow their funds.

You can manage and monitor your investments in real time and see how much interest you will receive when they mature. You also have complete control over your investments and can change your profile settings anytime.

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  1. PayDay 



PayDay is a cool investment app that allows you to earn interest while automatically and periodically investing your funds, allowing you to reach your investment goals faster.

You can also decide to invest with your friends and family to achieve a common goal and withdraw your funds at any time. You can invest as little as 1,000 NGN with the Payday Investment app and never lose your investment principal.

You can earn up to 15% on the app by tracking your interest daily. The investment app is designed to connect automatically to your Nigerian debit card, making it simple to set aside funds for your investment goal regularly.

The money is then invested in the ARM Money Market Fund, a mutual fund that guarantees competitive interest, quarterly returns, and capital preservation.

  1. Accrue

accrue logo


Accrue is one of Nigeria’s best investment apps for emerging markets. Accrue is a beginner-friendly long-term wealth-building investment app. Accrue’s mission is to remove all barriers and increase accessibility to all of the possibilities available to ordinary people through cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, this investment app allows users to protect their wealth from depreciation while also building wealth through cryptocurrency investing.You can save money and earn up to 5% interest per year.

You can also invest automatically in the best-performing stocks and cryptocurrencies with little risk and a higher chance of profit. You can withdraw funds from your bank account in a matter of minutes.


Investing does not necessitate having millions of Naira on hand, but small, consistent savings can help you reach your investment goals over time. Checking out the investment apps listed above is a way to start your investment journey.

Start investing today!

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