Health Benefits of Garden Egg for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

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health benefits of garden egg

Garden egg is also known as the African eggplant. It belongs to the nightshade family and is commonly consumed in African countries such as Nigeria, Benin republic and Ghana.

Solanum melongena is the botanical name of garden egg. Garden egg is sometimes referred to as a vegetable but is technically a fruit as it grows from flowering plants and contains seeds.

garden egg

This is another structure of the garden egg called eggplant

Garden egg is widely consumed in Nigeria and is used in ceremonies, especially in areas in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Locally, it is called Ańara in the Igbo Language, Igba by the Yorubas and Gauta among the Hausas of Northern Nigeria.

Medical research has shown that the health benefits of garden eggs to the human diet should be emphasized. Garden egg is a rich source of dietary fibre, potassium, copper, manganese, potassium, cholinergic acid, lots of antioxidants and Vitamin B1. 

Health Benefits of Garden Egg

The health benefits of garden egg are found in its rich nutritional content. The health benefits of garden eggs are discussed below:

  1. It is great for weight loss

Garden egg is a healthy fruit that individuals who plan to lose weight should never ignore. Weight gain is often associated with freelancers and entrepreneurs who live a sedimentary lifestyle. Garden egg is a fruit they can snack on as it contains a high fibre content and low amount of protein and calories- which helps with weight loss.

One of the major health benefits of garden egg which is rich in fibre is that it promotes fullness and satiety and reduces calorie intake, especially for freelancers who work remotely and sit down all day. Consuming fruits like garden egg makes you eat less as you feel full faster, and the rate you crave food is highly reduced. 

  1. It enhances digestion

Garden egg contains high water content and high fibre. This both aids digestion and increases bowel movements. Faster digestion is advantageous to your body’s metabolic rate, reducing your ability to accumulate excess weight due to a sedimentary lifestyle as a freelancer working from home. 

In addition, fibre-rich food, such as garden eggs, helps lower the risk of developing conditions due to indigestion like constipation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks. This is because fibres go deep into your arteries and veins to reduce low-density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and improve the cardiovascular system.

  1. It strengthens the bones and muscles

Another health benefit of garden egg is, it is an excellent source of essential minerals such as folate, potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin K, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C and copper. These essential elements are important in improving bone health and overall body strength. They increase general bone strength, bone mineral density, and muscle contraction. 

As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you need the required strength to perform daily tasks. This is why you should add garden egg to your food list. Certain studies have shown that moderate consumption of garden eggs can help reduce osteoporosis, bone degradation, and other bone-related problems.

  1. It boosts the immune system

The garden egg contains numerous components such as iron, vitamin B9, vitamin B6, vitamin C, Vitamin E, protein and zinc. They provide a massive boost to the immune system.

This strengthening of the immune system provided by garden eggs will help repair damaged cells, helps in the activation of helper T cells. It also help create other white blood cells, and help reduce susceptibility to attack from viruses, bacteria, diseases and many other microorganisms. You cannot be ill when you have these immune boosters in your body, this means diligence in your work activities. 

  1. It is good for the heart

Another key health benefit of garden egg is that it enhances the proper functioning of the heart because it is an excellent source of fibre, potassium, thiamin, vitamin B6 and bioflavonoids. The fibre content of garden eggs helps reduce the risks of heart attack, atherosclerosis and strokes. This is achieved by reducing the concentration of low-density cholesterol in the body and increasing the production of good cholesterol.

Also, garden egg contains large amounts of potassium and bioflavonoids, which helps reduce the strain on the cardiovascular system by decreasing the body’s blood pressure and boosting the heart’s overall function. 

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  1. It prevents skin cancer

Another health benefit of garden egg is that it prevents skin cancer. Peels from garden eggs contain “solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides (SRGs),” a potent extract that has been proven by various research as an effective agent in the elimination of skin cancer in the body. When using garden egg as an anti-skin cancer agent, you should apply it directly to your skin and balance it with healthy habits such as exercising.

Studies have shown that fruits rich in SRGs are useful for preventing various cancers, such as pancreatic, stomach, colorectal, cervical, bladder and breast cancer. 

Service providers such as, entrepreneurs and freelancers are often adviced to live a healthy life. Eating garden egg will eliminate possible occurance of skin cancer. You don’t have to worry about body sickness when you eat garden egg. 

  1. It prevents congenital disabilities

The health benefits of garden eggs extend even to pregnant women. It is packed with numerous nutritional properties, such as minerals and vitamins, which promote a healthy pregnancy.

A good example is folic acid which is found in garden egg and help in protecting babies from various neural tubes defects such as anencephaly, encephalocele and spina bifida.

Neural tube defects are known to affect the development of a child’s nervous system, including the spinal cord, brain, and various crucial body parts. Expectant mothers, who are entrepreneurs or freelancers,  are advised to consume fruits such as garden eggs which are very rich in folic acid. You don’t want to make a lot of money and have problems with childbirth. 

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  1. It improves vision

Freelancers spend a lot of time behind the screen, which has been linked to damage to their eyesight. Garden egg has a pleasantly bitter taste due to small nicotinoid alkaloids. This helps protect the eyes from poor vision and reduces the likelihood of glaucoma.

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  1. It is rich in vitamins

One of the health benefits of consuming garden eggs is that they are rich in water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. Garden eggs are rich in thiamine which is needed for the optimal functioning of the nervous and heart system. 

  1. It’s a stress reliever 

Garden egg is a natural medicine for treating various health conditions such as headaches, bronchitis, constipation, stress relief, and many others if consumed daily. 

Work activities can cause stress, headache, etc., you need a relief. This is why you should eat garden egg, it’s both a drug and food. 

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Health professionals advise that garden egg should be consumed in moderate quantities daily as it provides numerous medicinal and health values essential for overall development. Freelancers who work from the comfort of their houses are advised to replace unhealthy snacks with healthy garden eggs.

The health benefits of garden egg should be emphasized because it works for the human body greatly.

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