A Simple Guide to Using Google Voice Search

Everything You Need to Know About the Google Voice Search Technology

by David Chiedozie
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Several times a day, we open the Google app on our phones to type in some questions. Word by word, and letter by letter, we type our keywords in the search box. Google voice search technology is a new substitute for the Google type search.

Google Voice Search integrates voice search into the Google website. With the use of a microphone connected to a PC or an online microphone that appears on the Google page in Androids, you can ask questions directly from Google and get your answers right away.

The Google voice search has made it easier for users to scout the internet without having to make a single keystroke. Today, we’ll be delving into what google voice search is all about and how to use it effectively.

What is Google Voice search?

Google voice search, also known as “search-by-voice” is a technology developed by Google that allows you to Google search by speaking into a mobile phone or a computer. Google voice search is available anywhere. You only need to click or tap on the microphone icon in the Google page bar and speak out loud about your query.

Over time, google voice search has received lots of updates. Currently, it runs on a whole new engine that can recognize and anticipate words with a higher rate of accuracy than before. Additionally, it can now recognize speech more accurately, especially in situations where there is a lot of background noise. 

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Why You Should Use Google Voice Search

The use of google voice search is growing rapidly year by year and has become a favourite facility for people of all age groups.  Particularly among younger folks who are more attracted to technology trends. 

Google Voice search.

Google Voice search.

A recent survey carried out shows that about 50% of elderly people use voice search tools to carry out their day-to-day browsing activities. Google Voice Search has been tailored for mobile users because the speech function makes it simple to search Google without using clumsy touchpads or the QWERTY keyboard. 

Simply tap the voice button next to the Google search field to use Google Assistant or Google Voice Search. Research has shown that an average person can say about 150 words in a minute while using a voice search. Whereas, you can only type about 40 words when using the text option. This is one of the reasons google voice search is becoming more popular nowadays. Moreover, this technology saves time and increases productivity.

Most times, the Google site is used for searches. But during holidays, the searches usually increase exponentially. Here’s why voice searches are very important as they make life easier. You can use Google Voice search both on your desktops and mobile devices.

Advantages of Google Voice Search

Google voice search has many benefits. Its main upside is that you can search hands-free. This means you can multitask and do whatever you want while Google replies to your questions. 

Another advantage is that Google Voice search is faster because most people speak faster than they type. Google voice search is also user-friendly since it resembles a natural conversation. No typing is required, and direct answers are provided.

Google Voice search supports multiple languages. As of today, over 30 major languages are understood by google voice search. More developments are being made to enhance its multilingual options.

On the other hand, elderly people may find it difficult to type their requirements on the search bar due to old age. However, they can easily use this feature to search through the internet. People with certain forms of disabilities who feel uncomfortable typing can also speak out about what they aim to search for and get immediate results.

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How to Use Google Voice Search on iPhone

Nothing makes you feel more comfortable than ordering your device to do things with your voice, at your pace, with no stress. You can activate the google voice search on your iPhone by following the steps below:

Step One: Download and install the Google app on your iPhone from the App Store.

Step Two: On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google app or google chrome. If you use the Chrome browser which automatically opens a specific homepage, you will need to open a new tab. 

You can do this by clicking the (+) symbol at the top right-hand corner of the browser window.

Step Three: Click on the voice command button. On your screen, you will see the Google logo containing a search bar. 

On the top right-hand corner of the search bar, you will find a small microphone symbol. Click on this symbol.

Step Four: Pronounce your search command fluently and loudly. A new screen will appear showing you a larger microphone symbol. Make sure you speak loudly and clearly on your phone. 

The words you speak should appear on the screen on your iPhone. On your screen, a box may also appear seeking permission to use your microphone. Choose “YES” before you say your command. 

Step Five: Your search result would now automatically appear in a new window.

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How to Use Google Voice Search on Androids

Using the google voice search feature on Android is quite similar to how it is used on an iPhone. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install the Google app from the Google Play Store.

If you do not have the Chrome browser on your phone, you can visit your Google Play Store to install it.

Step 2: Enable Microphone permission.

In most Android devices, you may need to grant permission for google chrome to make use of your microphone.

Step 3: Enable the Google Voice search.

Go to touch the menu button, then to the settings, and click on voice detection.

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Step 4: Speak your search.

“OK, Google” is said after opening a new browser tab. Speak the search term(s) when you see the red microphone.

Only the Google search page or a fresh tab in Chrome is capable of carrying out Google voice searches. Thus, start any voice search you want to do by saying “OK, Google.”

It is important to put a checkmark next to both the “From Google app” and “From any screen checks.” Regardless of the app you’re using on your phone, you can conduct a voice search using this.

The checkboxes for Always-on and From Google apps are present on Androids such as the Samsung Note 4, Nexus 6, and Nexus 9.

Note that not all screens for the Moto X and some older Android phones support Google Voice Search.


On the internet, there is so much knowledge and information to discover, and it is now just a few words away! By using the google voice search feature, you can now save yourself the stress of typing in the search box every other minute. This guide explains in detail how to use Google search technology on both Android and iPhones. Indulge yourself and grab some tips.

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