easy skill to make money on fiverr gigs

10 Easy Skills To Make Money on Fiverr Gigs

10 Simple Services You Can Offer on Fiverr, even if You Don't Have a Skill

by Taiwo Sotikare

Suppose you are just starting your career as a freelancer on Fiverr and don’t have the skills yet. Or perhaps you do, and you still have more space to create multiple gigs on Fiverr or other Freelancing platforms, but you don’t have the skills. This article is for you.  

In this article, I give you 10 simple skills you can offer on Fiverr and make some extra cash for yourself. 

Some of these skills on the list are actually professional skills on their own. But they don’t require any speciality.

In fact, they are something you probably have been doing for fun. Or just to catch a cruise. But, behold, I bring you good tidings. 

10 ridiculous skills that can fetch your money on Fiverr

  1. Typesetting 
  2. Domain Research 
  3. Modelling
  4. Blog and Forum Commenting
  5. Canva Design
  6. Playing Games
  7. Voice Over
  8. Sing Songs 
  9. Dance Lesson 
  10. Ask for a tip

10 Simple Skills You Can Offer and Make Money on Fiverr

  1. Typesetting

What if I told you that you could make money on Fiverr and Upwork just by helping people type their documents? I have done a series of gigs like this on Fiverr, and the rate is not bad. 

The document to type set can include a notebook or photos. Some clients may also ask you to type from a PDF. In the case of PDF, you can go to Adobe Acrobat online services to convert their PDF to Microsoft Word.

  1. Domain Research

Domain research is a high-selling gig on Fiverr and Upwork. You don’t need any particular skill in this niche other than your creativity and some domain research software like leaddomain.com, expireddomainname.net, instantdomainsearch.com, and others you can see on Google search.

Follow the Fiverr and Upwork freelancing guide to create your domain gig’s name. After doing that, you will see some jobs in your buyer request. At the same time, some may be direct to others. Ask for what the client needs the domain name for and use that to think of the right domain name. 

You can also ask for examples of existing names of domains the client likes and uses, then coin different names for the domain. Finally, use an instant domain name search to confirm if the name is available or not.

  1. Modelling

Hello Beautiful ladies and men, can I have your number? I mean the lady. Lol. Face modelling is another simple service you can offer on Fiverr. So, why hoard your beauty in some selfish phone format or gallery? 

All you need to do is go to the studio and snap your beautiful modelling picture; some clients will be willing to pay for it. How do you like being paid just to model? There are various production companies in search of facial models. Let your face earn you money. 

  1. Blog and Forum Commenting

I am not capping here; I have gotten an order of $30 per hour just to chat in a Crypto community. Imagine you doing that? Even if you do save the crypto, just take your phone to another crypto guy. You may think this is only for crypto services. Lol. People can pay you to comment under their Facebook posts, Instagram posts, blog posts, and likes. You don’t need any special skills to do this.

  1. Canva Design

Canva is an easy-to-use design tool, and you can make beautiful and great graphics with it if you are patient to master it. You can use a free account or get a premium account from someone. With its numerous features and template, Canva reduces the stress of curating new designs. All you will just do is search and use.

  1. Playing Games

I have a guy who set up a gig on I will beat you on PES. And guess what, he constantly gets jobs. Well, you will need a console to do this. Not for the broke fellow. Lol.

Aside from this, Fiverr has introduced “gaming” as one of its categories. This is mainly for freelancers working or wanting to work in the video games industry.

The category includes sub-sections such as logo design, video editing, illustration, game design, modelling, producers, composers, sound effects, voice-over, QA, and everything that deals with game development.

  1. Voice Over

This service is for you if you have a sweet voice or know someone with a lovely voice. Set up your gig and start cashing out. You may, however, need a microphone to help you sound more professional. 

Voice-over is one skill that is mostly required either by YouTubers, videographers, documentary coaches, advertisements, or even during interviews. As earlier stated, all you need is a sweet, catchy voice. Then, leave the rest for the editor to add visuals or whatever necessary thing is needed. 

But, to be a successful voice-over artist, you need to

  • define the jobs you can do.
  • Identify your selling point.
  • Grow your talent.
  • Get professional help for demo reels.
  1. Sing songs

When they say “Oyinbos” are weird, they are not capping. You create gigs like “I will sing a Birthday song for you. Or maybe I will sing Christmas songs for you”. Anything you can think of. You can even recite poems for them. 

Then boom! You have some dough in your pocket. Mind you; you must have a sonorous voice to achieve this. Not so hard. Just have a sweet voice.

  1. Dance Lesson

As you dey dance for free on TikTok, you can change your mind to be a dancing coach on Fiverr. Surprising right? If you are an expert in ballet, hip-hop, break dance, choreography, or any other genre of dance, don’t let this pass you by. Just grab the opportunity to convert your badass moves to a money-making machine.

  1. Ask for a tip

Let me tell you this secret; you fit see someone give you money just because you are on Fiverr. No be juju be that? E dey happen. I don see am myself. This is to gear one up to have the belief that Fiverr will surely work for you only if you take it seriously.


Freelancing has been one of the most paying jobs in the world. So, if you think of diving into it without a skill, this article is definitely for you. So, read and digest every bit of it.

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