How to Grow your Business with Micro-influencers

by Esther Adeniji
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grow your business with influencers

Grow your business with a micro-influencer is one of the best business hacks in this age. Thanks to social media marketing channels, the word “influencer” is becoming quite popular. You will often find buzzwords like “brand influencer,” and “brand promoter,” when you log on to your Instagram or Facebook. This may have often kept you wondering, what is the whole ‘influencer thing’ all about? Read on to find out who they are, and how you can grow your business with micro-influencers.

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone you contract to use influence and strategic marketing to attract your target audience. Micro-influencers do the same thing, but they do it in a particular niche. They are not necessarily celebrities, but they are experts in specific fields of interest.

Also, and quite necessary, micro-influencers have a large audience across popular social media platforms. Micro-influencers are spread across niches, and they are usually authoritative in their respective niches. Regardless of the niche, you too can grow your business with micro-influencers in Nigeria.

How to Select a Micro-influencer for your Brand

You may want to consider the following prerequisites if you intend to grow your business with micro-influencers;

  • Check if the influencer has a niche in your product market.
  • Look at the authenticity of the work of the influencer. You can check their portfolio and confirm from other brands they have worked with, in the past.
  • If the influencer has not worked with any brand before, put them through a test and see how it works out.
  • Check to see if the social media followers are organic and not fake followers.
  • Look at their content creation and marketing skills

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How a Micro-influencer can Grow your Business?

Here are some ways a micro-influencer can help grow your business;

  1. You can easily monitor your reach

Some years before now, you may not have been able to calculate the reach of your adverts. Billboards and the mass media were the only ways to get visibility. Nowadays, however, with micro-influencers, you have easy access to the reach of whatever marketing campaign you embark on.

Social media apps have integrated features that generate important data and traffic analytics. You can now easily track the metrics to observe positive change while working with micro-influencers.

For instance, a popular trackable marketing strategy is using a micro influencer’s name as a code to promote a product. When Brands contract a micro-influencer to market their products, the influencer could use their name as a referral code for purchase. The more people sign up using the name, the more the analytics indicate how much reach the influencer has.

  1. You can get to boost your sales

When micro-influencers upload content, it helps to boost the sales of their clients. The magic behind this is that a micro-influencer has thousands of followers on his or her page. Each time they make an upload, thousands of people get to see it.

As a result of that, you can get hundreds of buyers, if your contents are catchy enough. And what better way is there to grow your business with micro-influencers, if not through sales?

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  1. You have access to quality content

Micro-influencers are experts in their field of interest. The majority of them grew to become micro-influencers by creating credible, attractive, and enjoyable content. Therefore, when it comes to creating content to help boost your brand, they know how to go about it.

Furthermore, micro-influencers often know the sort of content that works best in their respective niche. That is, they understand the sort of content that your ideal customer wants. Some of the content types they leverage include; video adverts, pictures, testimonials, product placements, giveaways, referrals, and many more.

Finally, content created by micro-influencers can also stand off as user-generated content, it adds more credibility. Summarily and depending on your agreement, you can leverage on quality content strategy to grow your business with micro-influencers.

  1. You can save cost

When you compare the cost of signing a micro-influencer with that of a celebrity, you agree that the latter is way better. Compared to a celebrity, a micro-influencer receives considerable pay.

Aside from that, they still target the same set of audiences a celebrity would target for your brand. Hiring a micro-influencer to grow your business is cost-effective and it can help you save money.

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Pros of Hiring a Micro-influencer to Grow your Business

  • It is cost-effective
  • Hiring one helps target a segmented number of the target audience
  • Using a micro-influencer makes it easier to get market feedback
  • It is a way of getting your product to the local audience. Micro-influencers are always popular among audiences of a particular region or locality and niche.
  • You get to hire micro-influencers on a contract basis. If their performance meets your expectations, you can always renew your contract. If it doesn’t, you can decide not to work with them again.
  • You can easily monitor their marketing activities and reach.

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Cons of Hiring a Micro-influencer to Grow your Business

  • The product is seen based on the personality of the influencer. For example, a child influencer will not do well influencing a product meant for adults.
  • You have to monitor whatever content the micro-influencer promotes. You need to make sure they set the right expectation for the audience.
  • They may not have the ideal marketing experience, since the number of followers is the deciding metric.
  • Criminals could hack their social media accounts


As a business owner, it is cost-effective and productive to grow your business with micro-influencers. However, you need to confirm if the influencer is the best fit for your brand.  There are guidelines above to help you do that.

You should also remember to hire according to your business’s budget. Also, a legal agreement is important to avoid complications when doing business with them. Finally, you can give your business image the initial leap it deserves by sponsoring it here on Insight ng. Good luck in your respective businesses.

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