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UX design trends

UX (User experience) design is a major player in how digital products are shaping our experiences and activities in this ever-evolving world of technology. 

There is no doubt that digital products have infiltrated almost all aspects of human existence, to simplify our tasks, provide solutions to our daily problems and automate our repetitive processes. 

However, as human needs increase, the demand for digital products increases, and with this comes the need to improve the design for those products to meet the needs in a better way or create unique experiences for users. 

Thus, we must have new UX design trends to match the increase in demand for unique user experiences and also the evolution of the world of technology. While we can agree that the major aim of every product is to solve problems, it is also important to remember that the solutions should be smart and accessible for users.

Therefore, there is a need to look at current UX design trends before embarking on your UX design project, so you won’t create design solutions with old methods. You are not able to appeal to your target users that way, even if you have a functional solution. It is costly to ignore trends, you should rather try to leverage current UX design trends for better designs. 

In this article, I will share some current UI/UX design trends that you can leverage for your next design project. 

Current UI/UX Design Trends

  1. Personalized User Experiences

One of the top UX design trends in 2022 is localized and personalized user experiences. Many digital products now allow you to customize your own experience on their platforms. 

Away from the boring general experience for all users that we once had, now some platforms give you the liberty to create your dashboard, your news categories, and what you don’t want to see on the platform. Personalized user experience makes it easy to experience only the things you want to engage with. 

For some others, you might not be required to choose the categories you want, but the design is already programmed to offer you the content you relate to the most, so you have your unique experience while using the product for other general services. Personalized ranks are high on the list of current UX design trends in 2022.

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  1. AR and VR design

Artificial reality and Virtual reality are no longer some vague ideologies that we are trying to grapple with. We now have companies that have adopted AR and VR into their product design.

 Just when we thought we had seen all about digital experiences, AR and VR showed up and changed the game! Now, we have e-commerce stores that use AR and VR for their customers to try their products on, so they can have a feel of what it looks like on them before buying.

 Now, who would imagine you can see how a shirt you can’t see physically fits on you before buying it? Artificial reality has made that possible. Though this is not everywhere yet, it is a trend that many companies are fast adopting.

  1. Micro-interactions

Let me make this simple. How do you “ha-ha” on a Facebook post? You long-press the like button, and click on the ha-ha emoticon, right? Now, when you long press, you see some tiny emojis that represent different reactions. Those are micro-interaction emoticons. 

Micro interaction is the point where the user and the designer have a short conversation, so to make it a smooth conversation, the designer presents you with some tiny reactions that answer the question you are trying to ask the designer. 

For example, you say, oh, I wish I could love this picture. So, as you click the button, the designer responds with different reactions you can choose from.

Now, micro-interaction is beyond Facebook likes. Think of the “typing” indicator on WhatsApp when someone is about to message you. Think of the small number on a messaging system telling you the number of unopened messages you have. 

Think of the pull-down-to-refresh feature on web pages. You’ll agree with me that this is one of the current UX design trends in 2022. 

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  1. Inclusive and accessible design

The main aim of UX design is to create unique experiences for users. Now, for many years, the unique experience did not consider people with special needs. Thus, there is an emphasis on accessible design now to ensure that people with different needs can use digital products.

 Now, we have digital products with voice commands for people that have eye defects, we also have gestures for people with one impairment or the other.

Beyond a design being accessible, it should also be inclusive. Humans are diverse and this must be considered when designing products that are meant to be solutions.

 Thus, we now have designs that consider different races, languages, and backgrounds. For example, we now have emojis that are representations of certain cultural or religious practices.

  1. Data visualization

Data visualization in UX design is simply translating data into a context that users can relate to. The normal idea is to translate data into graphs, pie charts, etc. Now, the data needs to speak to the user. 

One of the current UX design trends is to include data in apps. For example, there are products that help you measure the number of hours you have used them, music apps show you the number of streams you have. These features encourage users to engage more with the app as it shows them the progress of their activities.

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  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is still one of the current UX design trends in 2022, even if it has been around for some time. Minimalist designs help for better comprehension of the copies on the website. 

Instead of cluttering the web page with lots of designs and texts, designers now use simple pictures with few copies that transmit the volume of information to users.

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The UX design industry is fast-evolving and you are likely to miss out on new UX design trends if you are not careful. You must constantly do your research to know what is trending and know how it best fits into your projects.

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