4 Simple and Crucial Steps to Become a Software Developer in Nigeria

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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In this recent digital age that we live in, it is emphasized that there are jobs that will no longer be relevant in a few years. 

We have been advised to equip ourselves with soft and digital hard skills that will allow us to fit into those positions as that time is fast approaching. 

These skills will enable you to be a hot talent and keep your ball rolling for employers out there, and you could even be your own boss sooner than you think.

Soft skills are natural abilities that everyone should have, but they cannot function on their own; they must be combined with hard or technical skills. There are several good digital hard skills that one can master and earn big from, but for this article, we will focus on one of the most sought digital skills, Software Development or Programming, as it is also known.

What is Software Development

software development

Software development refers to a set of computer science activities meant for the process of creating and designing software and applications. 

In simple terms, Software development involves creating and building applications and websites that we now use. 

Software development is responsible for creating social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and other web and mobile applications we use daily.

We will be looking at ways in which one could become a software developer in Nigeria, but first, it is important that you understand why you should become a Software developer.

Why Should You Become a Software Developer

Becoming a Software developer would give you an edge over most careers. 

Most of our daily life activities now run on the internet. 

Well, mostly for those who are familiar with digital techniques. Banks, schools, hospitals, Government, and non-Governmental organizations now operate digitally, making it even better for you. 

Most business owners are now incorporating technology into their operations to reach a global audience that will improve organizational sustainability; wouldn’t it be great to build various software that provides solutions that the world needs? 

The world recognizes not just solution providers but also those who can solve them. Those applications, games, and websites you use regularly were all created by people just like you who thought long and hard about what solutions they could provide for problems and businesses.

Software development is very lucrative. 

To be a software developer, you need to learn how to code or, as the Dev guys will say, write code. When you have the potential to create solutions to problems that will make life easier and increase organizational growth, then people will look come looking for you as long as you put yourself out there. 

There are so many jobs out there for Software Developers; companies are in search of developers on job sites, be the best at what you do and could find yourself ‘swimming in millions’. 

Facts from Payscale show that the current average salary for a Software Engineer in Nigeria is $22,500 per year; if converted to Nigerian currency, that’s approximately N8,000,000. If you’re a Nigerian programmer, if you’re working in the U.S., Germany, China, or other countries abroad, you will undoubtedly be made for life.  

The best part is that you could even work remotely; your office is already set up if you have a good-capacity laptop, so you don’t need to ‘japa’ to work as a developer.

Another reason Software Development is a good shot for you is that it is something you can do and should do. It is not difficult to learn. The well-known Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Bill gates, and so many others are all Software developers.  Actually, there is no such thing as a hard skill that cannot be learned; it all comes down to practice and consistency. 

Do you need a degree to become a Software developer? Nope, you don’t. 

Most recruiters no longer ask for school certificates anymore; they are more concerned about your qualifications and capabilities. A mechanic, just anyone can become an excellent developer in a year or even in months. Learning Software Development does not take a long time; if you are dedicated, it can be achieved quickly. Also, who says software development is only a man’s job? Oh please! Women are the Blueprints of tech.

Having said that, becoming a software developer in Nigeria is very simple. Many Nigerians are already making waves in the country and abroad, paving the way for others like you to follow suit. 

Furthermore, most enterprises now require software and applications that can connect them to a global audience, so you can see that there is plenty of room for you in the Programming world. 

Let’s proceed as we discuss how you can become a cool dev guy in Nigeria in four steps:

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4 Steps To Become a Software Developer

  1. Learn a Programming Language

This is the first step to becoming a developer after making up your mind to become one. This stage has the bulk; you’re ready to head on after this. 

You’ll need to learn a programming language requiring more training, courses, and constant practice. 

Programming can also be studied online; as the world becomes more digital, we must all be prepared to promote technology in Nigeria. 

A programming language is a type of computer language that programmers use to write software programs, scripts, or other sets of instructions that computers can execute. 

Once you’ve established a solid foundation in any programming language of your choice, you can begin developing websites, web and mobile applications, software, games, graphics, database management, and so on. 

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Some programming languages to get you started in your tech career are:

  • JavaScript: This programming language is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, in recent times. JavaScript is derived from the name Java and uses a Java-like syntax. JavaScript is used by nearly all developers and is the most popular programming language for creating interactive and responsive websites.
  • Python: If you’re new to the coding world, Python is one of the easy-to-learn programming languages available. Python is used for various purposes, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, financial services, and data science.

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  • Java: Java is better described as a ‘write once, run anywhere’ programming language, which means it can be used for various purposes. However, Business software, web applications, and mobile applications are some of the most common applications, and it is widely used in Google’s Android mobile operating system.
  • PHP: PHP is yet another free and open-source coding language that is simple to learn. It is primarily used for website development, just like JavaScript. PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. It is frequently used in conjunction with JavaScript. One could say, ‘if PHP is the paintbrush, JavaScript is the paint’.
  • SQL: SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language designed for managing data stored in a database. It differs from other programming languages because it is not used for general purposes, implying its limited uses. SQL is mainly used to interact with databases.
  1. Research before conducting projects

It is critical to conduct research before beginning a project. 

If a client assigns you a task, you must ask the following questions to complete it successfully: Is it Specific? Is it Time-bound? Is it Achievable? It is Realistic? 

What is the generalization? How long can it be Sustained? Researching other existing projects will also be beneficial. Understand what they did and did not do correctly, and then seek to make a difference. 

When conducting research, also bear in mind that the consumer is the ultimate beneficiary; it is not what you like or what you think is best; rather, the user’s satisfactory experience should be your end goal. The users should be at the center of web design, and it’s impossible to do so without first understanding their perspective. User research is also important in the web design process because it ensures that you’re on the right track in terms of providing a relevant experience for your target users.

  1. Continue to hone your skills 

There is no such thing as a perfect person, and you cannot know everything. As reiterated above, you must do whatever it takes to stand out because thousands of people enter the Software Development world.  

You are a ‘don’ in your field when you constantly train because practice makes perfect. In fact, you could create demo accounts to assist and guide you. Do not be satisfied after concluding just a few projects; continue to study courses and participate in various forms of training. 

There are many low-cost online courses available, and some are even free! Another way is to become certified. Certifications may not matter in all cases, but they are proof of your qualifications and help validate your skills for potential employers and demonstrate your proficiency, which can be useful if you don’t have much work experience. 

To maintain professionalism in your coding career, improve your technical skills, and also, your soft skill should not be lacking because you will be dealing with clients, so ensure you brush up on them.

  1. Put yourself out there

Yes, you have a skill, but no one will know unless you say it or show it off. You will only be sought after if you are known for the solutions, you can proffer. Be confident about what you do if you have extensive knowledge as a Software Developer. Create a captivating resume that summarizes your experiences and ‘potentials.’

Highlight your best projects and experiences that match what each employer is looking for, and review them to make sure it’s error-free. A portfolio is a customized and more visual version of a CV. 

Having a portfolio of your best work proves to potential employers that you can put your resume skills to use in the real world.  Your Biography/About, Skills and Expertise, Experience, Resume, and contact information should be included in your portfolio.

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Now that you know what it takes to be a professional Software Developer. It is time to take the steps mentioned above. 

Nigeria is searching for people who can provide digital solutions to make positive economic changes. When all businesses and various activities are digitized, it becomes simple to operate; therefore, management and productivity will only be a walkover. So, there’s no better time to start than now!

You can definitely send us any questions on Whatsapp about software development. We will gladly engage you with assuring answers. Follow us on our YouTube channel to receive notifications of posts on how to grow in your career as a Nigerian.

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