How to Play Bet9ja and Win Every Day (Cash Out Daily)

by Adedoyin Awe

Its popular among Nigerians to bet on anything, and betting companies have made it easier to bet. Now you can bet on any sport in the world and win big.

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. This is the mantra of betting. But many people do not know the secrets and strategies to win bets, they often lose a lot of money. You should be able to punt and win big.

Over the years, Bet9ja has become a trusted betting platform in Nigeria where people earn from different gaming options.

In this article, I will show you how to play Bet9ja and win as much as 220k daily.

Bet9ja Terminologies and Categories

Bet9ja is a sports betting company duly registered as KC Gaming Networks Limited. Bet9ja provides its numerous consumers with various betting alternatives for sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket, and more.

To have a steady win from Bet9ja, it’s imperative you know how it works. You have to be familiar with some basic Bet9ja terminologies and categories. 

  1. Super9ja

By correctly predicting the results of six randomly chosen games for that week, you can win the weekly, free-to-enter football jackpot of $10 million.

You can play Super9ja for free without having any money in your Bet9ja account, and even if you have money there before playing, it won’t be impacted.

In addition to the $10 million jackpot that is up for grabs when you play Super9ja, you also have a chance to win up to $1,500 for placing among the top 20 players for that particular week with the most points (most accurate scores).

  1. Live Betting

You can forecast a game’s result by engaging in live betting. You can only play it once the games have begun.

Because live betting involves actively taking place games, the odds for those games are continually changing faster than for any other type of bet.

  1. Virtual

According to their website, “the Virtual Game offers a computer-generated portrayal of a completely random draw result where the results are determined by the numbers selected by an independently certified Random Number Generator.”

That implies that you can predict the results of simulated matches using the Virtual Game. Since they are computer-generated matches, virtual games are simulated because they are not actual games.

Virtual Games is different from Super9ja because it demands that you have at least N100 to N150 in your account before you may play it, whether online or offline.

  1. Bet9ja Racing

Another exciting feature of Bet9ja is Bet9ja Racing. Bet9ja Racing involves virtual races, either with dogs or horses.

You have to pick the winning animal to win. Bet9ja Racing is a way to win a huge amount. 

Aside from Bet9ja Racing, there are other options like Spin & Win, Casino, Hot Shot, etc.

Strategies and Tips to Play Bet9ja and Win

Now let’s discuss the right strategies and tips to play bet9ja to win every day.

Life is filled with risks. We take risks daily for different reasons and in various forms, especially in business. We take risks with the sole aim of making profits, and sports betting is no different. It’s filled with ink, but you can win every day with the right strategies.

People engage in sports betting for various reasons, including entertainment and financial gains.

Continuous losses in Bet9ja can be frustrating, and there’s the chance that multiple losses of bets can affect one’s health and other aspects of one’s life. Adverse effects from loss of sports bets may include lack of sleep and concentration, financial instability, excessive anger, swings, etc.

To avoid the pains linked with continuous Bet9ja ticket losses, here are some special approaches you should follow religiously to enjoy the gains of bet winnings.

  1. Be patient

Patience is a virtue, and its importance can’t be overemphasized even as it relates to playing Bet9ja. Don’t rush with your predictions.

Many punters are impatient, and they have the mentality of wanting to win it all, have it all but end up losing all.

It might be rare to win all your stakes on Bet9ja, but you can win most of them with patience.

Patient punters tend to have a higher advantage of winning because they will be calm and relaxed, which gives them a clear head to think straight. You need a clear head to predict and win your tickets continuously.

  1. Don’t be a risk taker, be an investor

You must be wondering how investments relate to Bet9ja, risks, and sports betting. Yes, they have a relationship. You can invest your money in sports betting rather than staking and risking aimlessly. This is a sure guide many punters ignore.

See Bet9ja as a viable way of investing your time and money; with the investment mindset, you tend to have a conscious approach. Taking into consideration a lot of factors that can affect your idea.

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  1. Stake what you can afford

When playing Bet9ja with the hope of winning big, make it a priority to stay within your budget to avoid a financial crisis. 

Stake within your financial means. Don’t be tempted to stake all you have, and don’t be among the category of people that borrow or use their house rent to play Bet9ja, avoid that trap.

  1. Avoid crowded bet tickets

Crowded tickets are one of the deadly traps you must avoid when playing Bet9ja. Too many selections in a single ticket is bad for betting. Too many selections in your bet tickets increase your chances of being on the losing side.

Too many games involve more risks. Avoid this like the plague.

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  1. Avoid stakes on your favourite teams

Yes, avoid staking on your favourite teams. Staking on your favourite teams will make you emotional about your bets. You may be blinded by the love of your favourite against picking what will be the right choice.

Humans are emotional beings, and our emotions can sway us. Stake on the possibility of winning high on Bet9ja.

  1. Follow an expert predictor

No one knows it all. There are numerous prediction sites and apps, and stick to one or two diligently to pick the best sporting options. You can also find them on Twitter, many punters post betting codes with a high chance of winning. You can copy the codes and edit, this is a great way to cash out big.

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  1. Watch the odds

A change in odds means something is going on. An injury update, a change in the squad, or the arrival of a new coach or player can affect a change in odds, which is a pointer to the high chance of a win or loss.

  1. Stake with a clear head

This can be the reason why you lose your tickets. You should stake with a clear head and avoid emotional attachment to a club when you stake. Don’t pick a selection because you are a supporter of the club involved.

Don’t stake with a mood swing. Have a clear head and avoid emotional sentiments.

  1. Don’t chase bad bets

The urge to win, especially after a loss, can be overwhelming, but the loss can be an indicator for you to calm down and relax. 

Don’t go chasing after bad bets. Know when to stop.

Bonus tips

  • Don’t be greedy; don’t be the type that bets N10 to win N10 million. It’s can happen but not all the time.
  • Rebet if you’re not convinced about a bet
  • Bet on a sport you are familiar with


Sports betting with Bet9ja can be challenging to win daily, but it is a legal and viable means of making cool money. You need concentration, hard work, and patience, and if you follow the guidelines, you can rest assured of winning those tickets every day.

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