Top 20 Nigerian Lifestyle Blogs You Should Follow Every Day

by Marvellous Onyekponwane
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Blogging is a personal and public activity, as bloggers can share their thoughts and opinions on any topic they choose. The lifestyle blogosphere has been growing exponentially in the last few years. This is the reason why there are so many blogs on different subjects that are being created every day.

There are many lifestyle blogs in Nigeria. They are all unique in their ways because they approach blogging differently and provide different perspectives on life and culture in Nigeria.

In this post, I will tell you about the top 20 Nigerian lifestyle blogs worth following. Before we get into that, let’s understand a bit of what lifestyle blogging means and how it plays out in the Nigerian space.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is a blog that focuses on a person’s opinion on lifestyle matters. It can be about anything from fashion to food, travel, relationships, and more. Lifestyle blogging is often mixed up with personal blogs, but they are not the same. Lifestyle blogs are often written to inform an audience, not just for entertainment purposes.

Lifestyle blogs are usually written by people interested in these topics and who want to share their experiences with others. They are typically written for an audience interested in the same things as the blogger.

What Is the Difference Between a Lifestyle Blog and a Personal Blog?

A lifestyle blog is very different from a personal blog. While there are many popular personal blogs, it is critical to understand that they are not the same as lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle blogs focus on interests and activities with the primary aim of informing their audience or teaching a thing or two.

Personal blogs, on the other hand, are like diaries showcasing the blogger’s emotions and life activities. Think of blogs where you see a post with a title such as ‘A Day in My Life,’ etc.; those are personal blogs. 

Types of Lifestyle Blogs

There are different lifestyle blogs. These three are the most popular types.

  1. Healthy lifestyle blogs

These types of lifestyle blogs focus more on healthy living and health matters generally. Bloggers in this niche are most likely to give content around healthy foods, meal preps, recipes, and favourite foods across different cultures.

  1. Inspirational lifestyle blogs

Everyone needs inspiration and a little motivation once in a while. An inspirational lifestyle blog is a type of lifestyle blog that inspires readers to do more and be more. These lifestyle blogs are great to keep up with every day as they encourage you to go through your day and come out shining.  

  1. Travel Blogs

This type of lifestyle blog is my personal favourite. Travel bloggers carry you along in their travels. A good travel blogger can captivate their audience with beautiful pictures and give them the same travel experiences they had, almost as if the reader is travelling along with the blogger.

The Rise and Growth of Lifestyle blogs in Nigeria

Lifestyle blogs have been around for quite some time now, with popular bloggers like Dimah Umeh, Modupe Sowunmi, and Yemisi Odunsanya inspiring many new ones being created every day.

The rise and growth of lifestyle blogs in Nigeria is an interesting phenomenon that has been happening over the last decade. It has grown from a few bloggers who blogged about their personal lives to a full-fledged industry with many blog posts about various topics.

Nigerian bloggers have become popular in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. Some are even making it big on the international scene. The Nigerian lifestyle blogging scene has become so popular that there is now an award for the best blogger in Nigeria called “The Bloggers Awards.”

What You Should Know About Lifestyle Blogs in Nigeria

Nigerian lifestyle blogs have been around for a while and are becoming increasingly popular. Bloggers in Nigeria are often seen as influencers who can change how people think about topics, products or brands.

In Nigeria, lifestyle blog is a new trend growing in popularity. The blogs offer insight into Nigerian culture and traditions. In addition, they provide information about what to expect when visiting a new location, opinions about various topics and even how-to guides for daily lifestyle hacks.

The Top 20 Nigerian Lifestyle Blogs 2022

  1. lifestyle blog

This leading media company in Nigeria provides insights on different topics, from entrepreneurship to career, and personal development, among others. The blog has a whole section dedicated to lifestyle content. The lifestyle blog section is filled with unique and original content written by various writers. It is one to follow daily, and the blog posts here will make you come back for more.

The blog was founded by Taiwo Sotikare, a business enthusiast passionate about the growth of Nigerian youths across diverse areas of interest ranging from career, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and personal development, hence the different sections on the blog. This lifestyle section is simply one of the best in the country, as it has lots of content from different talented writers across the country. 

  1. SisiYemmie

sisi yemmie


This lifestyle blog was started by a Nigerian content creator, Yemisi Odunsanya. The blog centres around food and lifestyle generally. It can be classified as a healthy lifestyle blog because Sisi Yemi, as she is popularly called, gives us back-to-back content on recipes for cooking great Nigerian meals.

The blog also publishes diverse lifestyle content on different topics such as relationships, beauty and motherhood. SisiYemmie lifestyle blog is one to keep up with, as she always gives refreshing content that will keep you coming back for more.

  1. Dimmaumeh

Dimmaumeh lifestyle blog is simply one of the best out there. I particularly love that the blog is user-friendly and easy to navigate through. This lifestyle blog cuts across different topics from travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Dimma uses YouTube mainly to record her opinions and share her lifestyle content.

Basically, the blog is just a channel to lead her audience to her YouTube channel. Regardless, her contents are just too amazing, and she just had to appear on this list. Dimma is a Nigerian and lives in Nigeria. She loves to share beauty tips and travel and lifestyle insights. 

  1. NaijaSingleGirl

This lifestyle blog produces creative content about the everyday life of a typical Nigerian single girl. The self-acclaimed chairlady of single girls runs the blog in Nigeria. It started as a personal blog but has evolved over the years into a lifestyle blog.

Naijasinglegirl blogs about every issue you can think of, from asoebi matters to parties gone wrong and everyday Nigeria stories of her experiences with different people at different times.

This lifestyle blog is unique in the style of writing. Naijasingle girl writes every one of her blog posts like a regular conversation. Her contents are entertaining and sometimes hilarious.

If you are looking for a lifestyle blog that would keep you entertained with funny everyday stories, then you should follow this blog.

  1. Dairy of a Naija Girl


Diary of a Naija Girl

Diary of a Naija girl (DANG) was founded by Ife Agoro. This is a general brand name for her beauty brand; however, it has a lifestyle blog section where she creates content around beauty and relationships. It has become a safe space for many people going through tough times, especially in relationships, to share their troubles and get responses from DANG community members.

I love this lifestyle blog in particular because of the high engagement with the audience in their community session. If you need a safe space to rant or to be entertained, this blog is a must-follow.

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  1. Cassiedaves

This Nigerian lifestyle blog was founded by Cassandra Ikegbune, a medical doctor turned content creator and storyteller. The lifestyle blog focuses on fashion, anything from clothes to colour combinations. It is one of the biggest fashion blogs in Nigeria and is worth your time if you are a fashionista. 


This lifestyle blog is a perfect blend of health, fashion, travel and the life of a multifaceted woman. Founded by Ijeoma Kola, she uses her blog to share stories and tips on how she navigates her life and the activities she enjoys. It’s a blog to follow if you enjoy reading well-written articles with beautiful pictures.



Gingerlie Lifestyle

This lifestyle blog was founded by Modupe Sowunmi, a Nigerian lifestyle blogger who blogs about various aspects of life, from reading to finances and motherhood. She writes about everything and anything relating to life in general. In addition, she has interesting write-ups that you should follow to stay informed.

  1. Damie’s Diary 

Damie Alabi, popularly known as The Owambe Queen, is the founder of the fantastic blog. She generally blogs about Nigerian plus-size fashion, parties, planning, dressing up and all the glamour. Her blog is very interesting if you are interested in owambe gist and fashion tips and tricks.

One peculiar thing about her is her style of writing. She writes all her blog posts like an actual conversation as if she is talking to you directly, like that friend that has gist for you everytime.


travelwaka logo

This is the perfect example of a travel lifestyle blog. This blog does a great job of showcasing beautiful and unique places to visit in Nigeria. It also touches on the history of some great tourist sites scattered around the country.

The lifestyle blog is a perfect blend of culture, food and travel. I particularly enjoy reading this blog because the blog always contains informative and entertaining posts.

So, if you are looking to explore Lagos and Nigeria at large, or searching for a great place to learn a bit of history without getting bored, then you should check out You would be completely hooked.

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  1. Dupe’s Blog 

dupe's blog

Dupe’s Blog

This lifestyle blog is a typical example of an inspirational blog founded by Sarah Modupe. She is a lifestyle blogger focusing on faith, relationships and general lifestyle content. Her writing style is unique as she combines a conversational and motivational tone.

Her write-ups are centred majorly around faith and are interesting to read. If you are looking for a faith-based lifestyle blog, you should keep up with her blog. 


Founded by Elsie Godwin, this lifestyle blog covers a wide range of topics, though one can say she tilts strongly towards political opinions and controversial issues. She shares her thoughts on topics of interest ranging from politics to culture and general lifestyle content.

She has a unique approach to her content and always finds a way to keep her readers hooked. This lifestyle blog is definitely worth your time.

  1. The Fisayo


The Fisayo

This Nigerian lifestyle blog is one of my faves. Founded by Fisayo Olayinka-Bello, a multiple award-winning travel blogger. She enjoyed tourism and travel, and started her blog to document and share her travel experiences. Her blog is centred around travel, and she shares content about her travel experiences, travel guides, travel news and travel hacks.

I love how much she niched down to blog about all things travel, and one can say her blog is a one-stop blog for travel ideas and information. She has taken her audience to different countries via her writing. She also owns a youtube channel where she shares beautiful videos about her travel experiences.

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  1. Jadore Fashion 

You can guess what this blog is about from the name. This is a typical fashion blog founded by Stella, a Nigerian fashion blogger based in Maryland, USA. Her lifestyle blog is a fashion blog, where she blogs about everything from outfit choice to colour combinations and shoes. This is an interesting lifestyle blog to keep you updated on fashion trends.

  1. Deedee’s Blog

This is another interesting Nigerian lifestyle blog. It is a lifestyle blog that centres around marriage stories, relationship gist and documentaries about Nigerian culture. One unique thing about this blog is readers can easily book a relationship counselling session with Deedee. 

  1. Dearsalmah

This is a Nigerian lifestyle blog founded by a Nigerian blogger, Salmah Abdulsalam. She blogs about her thoughts and opinions on different topics centred around life, relationship, habits and anything she finds interesting.

I love how well she can connect with her audience and always starts most of her posts with “dear friends”. This is a must-follow blog if you are interested in what goes on in the mind of a millennial. 

  1. Alakija’s Blog

This lifestyle blog was founded by Jide Alakija, a Nigerian photographer. The blog covers wedding-related topics and is great if you are looking for photography or wedding photoshoot ideas. 

  1. Kisses and hugs club

This is an inspirational blog that centres around godly relationships and lifestyle content. Founded by Rev Dunamis Okunowo. This inspirational blog is not your regular blog, and the writing style is always in the form of a daily devotional which seeks to inspire and motivate readers.

It covers topics around God, faith, relationship and marriage and mental health. It is a great blog to follow, and I definitely recommend it. 

  1. Healthsaveblog

This healthy lifestyle blog is centred around creating content that would help readers live healthy life. They talk about every aspect of health, from mental health, weight loss/gain, dental health and general hygiene.

This lifestyle blog is very informative, with up-to-date information on health-related matters. I am sure you want to live healthily, and this blog will show you how. So check it out, and thank me later. 

  1. Kamdora

Kamdora started as an eCommerce site for customers to purchase fashion items but has grown into one of the biggest fashion blogs in Nigeria and the world. One of the major backers of Kamdora is Chika Nwobi, a Nigerian fashion enthusiast. Kamdorah posts blog posts about fashion tips and tricks and is a platform for African designers to showcase their works. 


There are thousands of Nigerian Lifestyle blogs, but these 20 top the list. Let me know which you would check out and if you have a personal fave that was not mentioned, tell me all about it in the comment section. I would love to check it out as well. 

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