Digital Entertainment Revolution: The Contribution of Streaming Platforms to Nigeria Music Industry

by Mercy Ogunlowo
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Streaming platforms have taken Nigerian music farther than its shores. People from different races all over the world now give accolades to the Nigerian music industry for producing good music. This wouldn’t have been achievable without the advent of streaming apps to promote Nigerian music.

YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music among others, are streaming platforms that have played a crucial role in the transformation of the Nigerian music industry. These platforms significantly contributed to the growth of global recognition of Nigerian music.

In this article, we will discuss the impacts of streaming platforms on the Nigerian music industry. 

The Rise of Music Streaming Platforms in Nigeria

Streaming devices that were mostly used in Nigeria before the streaming apps were CDs, radios, TVs or individual music tracks on mobile and computer devices.

However, in this era, music enthusiasts make use of these streaming platforms to access an extensive library of both local and foreign songs. With just a smartphone, a good internet connection and a subscription to music streaming apps, different choices of music can be listened to.

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Contribution of Streaming Platforms to the Nigerian Music Industry

Here are some key benefits of music streaming apps to the entertainment industry:

  1. Ability to reach a wider audience

The emergence of streaming apps in Nigeria has contributed to a wider reach of audiences all over the world. Most Nigerian music artists have gained popularity both at home and abroad because of the opportunity music streaming platforms offer them. Thanks to these platforms, different genres of Nigerian music have gained international recognition.

  1. Monetization of music streams

Streaming platforms have given Nigerian music artists a reliable source of income. Most musicians make money from these apps through advertisements, subscription fees and royalty payments. The good source of income provided by the streaming apps helps them to also invest in high-quality production, thereby increasing the quality of Nigerian music.

  1. Reduced music piracy

Piracy is the unauthorized copy, sale, distribution or use of materials. The Nigerian music industry used to suffer many setbacks because of music piracy. Today, music streaming apps offer a more convenient and legally acceptable alternative to piracy. These platforms have significantly helped to reduce illegal downloads of music and increase the access of music fans to their choice of music.

  1. Real-data analysis of listeners’ preferences

Music streaming platforms provide real-time data on their user’s preferences and behaviours. The real-time data collected helps the music industry to produce kinds of music that suit the audience’s preferences. It helps them make informed decisions on the type of music that should be produced and when it should be produced.

  1. Discovery of upcoming talents

The algorithms of most of these music streaming apps are very advanced and they offer good recommendations of music you would love to listen to. With these algorithms, upcoming talented music artists are no more difficult to figure out and appreciate for their craft. 

This opportunity of discovery offered by streaming platforms has helped artists gain recognition even without the traditional distribution channels.

  1. Variety of musical contents

These platforms allow listening to diverse genres of Nigerian music depending on individual preferences. The content variety allows Nigerian music artists to be known for their style and genre of music. These streaming outlets also help listeners to be open to new music styles and enjoy them.

  1. Global collaboration with foreign music artists

The exposure and visibility these music streaming outlets offer Nigerian music artists have granted them places on the global stage. On global stages, they have been opportune to collaborate with international music artists from all over the world, thereby increasing the audience of Nigerian music genres and styles.

  1. Cultural preservation of Nigerian music

Nigerian music has more than one genre and style to offer. These music styles range from Afrobeat, reggae, and highlife, to traditional folk. These styles have existed for a long time, and streaming platforms serve as repositories for them. Music streaming apps ensure the preservation of our cultural heritage so that future generations can access and appreciate Nigerian history in music.

  1. Easy accessibility of music fans to their choice of music

Accessibility granted by music streaming platforms is limitless. People from different parts of the world can easily access their choice of music through smart devices supported by a good internet connection. This accessibility also comes with a notable convenience.

  1. Reduced costs of distribution of music materials

Traditionally, the distribution of music materials is difficult. The factors that limit this distribution of music materials are numerous, and very little audience was gained as a result. 

Nigerian music used to spend a lot of funds on the production and distribution of music materials, as they usually come in CDs or DVDs. Music streaming platforms reduce these production costs and drastically reduce the use of physical media. 

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Music streaming apps have revolutionised the Nigerian entertainment industry significantly. The benefits range from accessibility to a wider audience for Nigerian music, monetization for thr music artists, international collaboration for local musicians, and the discovery of upcoming talents in the industry.

Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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