10 Charming Haircut Styles Nigerian Men Overlook

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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Nigerian men have nice-looking physical features that may accommodate a variety of haircut styles. However, they would rather choose random everyday hairstyles and overlook some that could look good on them if they gave them a shot. 

If you are a Nigerian man, your naturally thick hair provides you with many alternatives for haircuts and styles.

Do you know that your haircut can tell much about your personality? For example, athletic and energetic men prefer stylish short hairstyles or unique Mohawks. More fashionable people prefer natural curls or braided hairstyles. Younger men enjoy having hairstyles that are a bit unkempt and give them that cool guy vibe. 

The best action in this situation is to figure out what hairstyles suit your appearance and what you can always maintain. So, switching up your looks occasionally is a smart idea.

If you are a Nigerian man deliberating on a new haircut style, here is a wide range of the latest charming options you could choose from that you may have previously ignored.

10 Haircut Styles For Nigerian Men

  1. Sculpted frohawk

Sculpted Frowhawk

Sculpted Frowhawk

For a trendy and edgy look, you should consider a sculpted frohawk. This haircut style involves shaping the hair on top into a defined, raised frohawk using a combination of pomade or gel and a brush or comb. The sides are meticulously styled with intricate designs like zigzag patterns or curved lines, achieved using a trimmer or razor. The result is a head-turning hairstyle that showcases your individuality.

  1. Low drop fade with top knot

Low cut drip fadeBlend sophistication with style by opting for a low drop fade with a sleek top knot. This haircut entails keeping the hair on top longer and creating a seamless transition into a low fade. The top hair is then gathered and secured into a well-groomed top knot, exuding a polished and refined appearance. It’s a versatile style that suits both casual and formal settings.

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  1. Triangle part dreads

Triangle part dreads

Triangle part dreads

If you are on dreads or probably considering a dread style, you could try the triangle part dreads. It gives a touch of uniqueness to your dreadlocks. This haircut style involves sectioning the dreads into triangular patterns on the scalp, showcasing your attention to detail and individuality.

The dreads can be left long or styled into various lengths, and you can play around with different sizes and placements of the triangle parts for a truly distinctive look.

  1. Disconnected mohawk with curls

Disconnected mohawk with curls

Disconnected mohawk with curls

The disconnected mohawk with curls helps users make a bold statement featuring natural curls. This haircut involves shaving the sides close to the scalp, creating a noticeable contrast with the voluminous curly hair on top. The curls can be enhanced using curl-enhancing products or styled with your fingers for a more textured appearance. The result is a striking and attention-grabbing style that showcases your personality.

  1. Faded flat twists

Faded flat twists

Faded flat twists

Elegance with versatility is always a good combo, and you can achieve that by opting for a faded flat twist haircut style. This style involves creating flat twists along the scalp, starting from the hairline and moving towards the back. The sides and back are then faded, creating a seamless transition from the twists to the closely shaved areas.

This haircut not only looks sleek and stylish but also offers the convenience of low-maintenance styling.

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  1. Layered high top fade

Layered high top fade

Layered high top fade

Embrace the timeless charm of a layered high-top fade. This haircut features longer hair on top, cut and styled in layers, creating a voluminous and textured look. The sides and back are faded or tapered, accentuating the height and shape of the top hair.

If you want to look classy but simple, this style is contemporary, yet it gives a modern look that adds an extra level of personality to your overall appearance. 

  1. Curly fro with temple fade

Curly fro with temple fade

Curly fro with temple fade

Most Nigerian men are blessed with natural curls, so if you have one, you could highlight it with a curly fro and temple fade combination. This style involves growing out your curls and shaping them into a complete and rounded afro shape. The sides and back are then faded or tapered around the temples, offering a clean and sharp contrast.

It’s a versatile haircut that suits various face shapes and can be easily maintained with the right curly hair products.

  1. Twisted mohawk with shaved sides

Twisted mohawk with shaved sides

Twisted mohawk with shaved sides

The twisted mohawk with shaved sides haircut style helps combine edginess with creativity. This style involves twisting the hair on top into neat and defined coils or twists while the sides are shaved close to the scalp. The result is a visually striking contrast between the textured top and the sleek, shaved sides. It’s a statement-making hairstyle that showcases your confidence and style.

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  1. Afro high top fade

Afro high top fade

Afro high top fade

Step up your afro game with an afro high-top fade. This style features a tall and rounded afro shape on top, achieved by growing out the hair and shaping it with the help of a pick or Afro comb. The sides and back are then faded or tapered, creating a gradual transition from the longer hair on top to the closely shaved areas.

It’s a bold and fashionable haircut that shows off stunning flair while remaining modern.

  1. Side-parted waves with an undercut

Side-parted waves with an undercut

Side-parted waves with an undercut

No one says never to classic styles. If you are searching for a modern touch, consider opting for side-parted waves with an undercut. This haircut involves creating a deep side part and styling the hair on top into sleek and defined waves. The sides and back are then undercut, creating a distinctive contrast between the longer top hair and the closely shaved areas.

It’s a sophisticated, polished hairstyle that works well for formal and casual occasions.

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Tips for Choosing a Flattering Haircut

  1. Consider the shape of your face

There are different haircut styles for different face shapes. For example, if you are a man with a round face, you may want to steer clear of a hairstyle that makes your face appear excessively wide. If you like to draw attention, you could grow your hair a little and let it fall to cover your face. No one ever said it was an offence.

  1. Consider your hair type

 Certain hairstyles suit some hair types better. For instance, you might want to avoid a hairstyle that requires a lot of styling if you have thick, curly hair or a hard texture.

  1. Request recommendations from your barber

Sometimes, choosing a haircut that complement your facial shape and hair type might be difficult. So seek professional advice from your barber.

In Summary

You can explore these fascinating variations and styles when selecting a new hairstyle. Men like to look sleek and only appreciate haircut styles that suit their facial features. Nigerian men are not exempt from the equation; therefore, you must consider your hair texture, face shape, and personal style while making a decision. Do not hesitate to explore these haircut styles. You’d probably discover the hairstyle that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Oluwanifemi Akintomide edited this piece.

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