Why You Should Have a Bucket List as a Nigerian, Plus 10 Fun Bucket List Ideas

by Lawal Jesutofunmi Mary
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Bucket list ideas

Initiating the popular saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is also preaching that, as much as you need to work hard, you should also make memories when the chance to do so presents itself.

In doing this, you would look back in the future at the special moments you’ve had and be glad.

What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a compiled list of things an individual would love to do before he or she grows old or dies.

The topmost bucket list idea for most people is ‘traveling out of the country’. 

Traveling is an essential part of life as it helps us grow in knowledge, have an idea of other people’s cultures, and keep memories of great experiences.

Meanwhile, your bucket list does not necessarily have to include ‘traveling out of the country’ as it tends to be expensive. But, it’s great if you can afford it. 

Your bucket list might also not have to include some of the most popular bucket list ideas like; water-diving, sky-diving, skiing, parachuting, jet skiing, mountain climbing, and some others which are rarely available in Nigeria.

Does this mean Nigerians can’t own a bucket list? Well, no.

A young Nigerian having a bucket list and actualizing it is one of the ways to escape the many issues faced by Nigerian citizens.

A bucket list is more of a proven way for working-class citizens of Nigeria to relieve stress and relax. Also, a bucket list is not limited to physical activities like visiting places only.

Bucket list ideas can be as simple as, getting longer hours of sleep, reading your target number of books for the year, getting a new hairstyle you have been eyeing for a long time, and so on.

Everyone should have a bucket list, you don’t necessarily have to be financially buoyant before you can indulge in fun-filled activities.

There are a lot of bucket list activities you can indulge in Nigeria. Some of them are discussed below.

Bucket List Ideas For Nigerians

These are 10 fun bucket list ideas for Nigerians, you should include two or three in your bucket list.

  1. Visit a beach in Lagos 

Lagos state has always been on the lips of many and you wonder if it is worth all the hype, especially if you haven’t been there before.

Yes, it is worth the hype.

Lagos state is one of those places with aesthetic views. It is renowned for its breathtaking view of the water from seas and lagoons. 

Lagos is one of the places you would like to add to your bucket list as the state has more than two beaches an individual can visit and have fun experiences.

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  1. Go on road trips 

A road trip is a long-distance journey using a vehicle. Road trips allow you to view nature and other country-side. A road trip is one of the best ways to feel relaxed and fresh. 

Possibly, you just earned yourself a long vacation from work, a road trip is one of the fun stuff you should consider adding to your bucket list as it is also affordable.

You get to explore different places, relax and make memories.

  1. Visit an Emir’s palace in Northern Nigeria

There are several beautiful places to visit in Nigeria and one of such places that must be added to your bucket list is the ‘Emir palaces’ in the Northern part of Nigeria.

You can choose to visit any of these palaces and take in the beautiful views of the castle-like building, and the organized settings of the palace and also, observe their cultures.

  1. Subscribe to the gym

Going to the gym to start your fitness journey is another fun thing to add to your bucket list ideas.

The majority of individuals wish to be fit and have a nice body like their favorite celebrities i.e men’s desire for six ‘packs’ and women’s desire for an hourglass shape.

It is also medically advisable to exercise and stay fit and the gym is the right place to do this. You’d also love the outcome of this.

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  1. Write and publish a book.

If you are an individual who derives so much joy from writing or you have always wished to publish a book. 

This might be a romance-themed novel, a book on personal growth, or a book on fun topics like the one this article is centered on “having a bucket list” etc.

Publishing a book you authored is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling ideas you can add to your bucket list as a Nigerian. 

You might want to consider going to your solitary place to start writing or to complete such a book if you’ve already started writing one. 

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  1. Visit other African countries 

Do you know Nigeria shares borders with four other African countries? It shares a border to the north with Niger, to the east with Chad and Cameroon, to the south with Guinea, and the west with Benin.

This means you can easily get across to these countries by road trips with no need to be so financially buoyant. 

If you can afford an expensive trip to the above countries or other African countries outside Nigeria’s border then, it’s fine. 

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  1. Get longer hours of sleep

Imagine a man or woman working a 9 to 5 job, who has to wake up as early as 4 am to prepare for work to avoid traffic and comes back home so late in the night due to traffic. 

If this description fits you perfectly, you should add ‘longer hours of sleep’ to your bucket list ideas.

You can make this fun-filled by going on a solo get-away trip to a cabin located in a safe woods or a small countryside inn or an inn with a view of the water-sides.

  1. Indulge in your hobbies

You may have always desired to engage in one or two hobbies like modeling, vlogging, photography, volunteer work, drawing, painting, caving woods, and so on.

But then, as a result of your work, there was never a chance to indulge in them freely.

Well, there is hope as you can add this to your bucket list ideas and actualize it at the slightest opportunity.

  1. Visit local towns and villages

I am pretty sure you’re squeezing your face at this idea right now. Well, I’m glad to tell you this is one of the most fulfilling fun activities you can add to your bucket list.

Life in undeveloped towns and villages can be interesting most of the time.

Talk of the satisfying tastes of local food, beautiful views of rivers and streams, farmers carrying their farm produce home, and children running around half-naked is a sight to behold.

You can also get to visit large farms and gather bits of knowledge.

  1. Go shopping for new things 

Work has left you with little or no time to update some of the most important things you need, most especially clothes. 

You keep rotating the same pattern of clothes every week. 

This is enough reminder that if you need a new set of clothes, go ahead, pick up a pen, or your phone, and add ‘shopping’ to your bucket list. 

However, what you need to update might not necessarily be clothes, it can be shoes, a new set of furniture, household gadgets, or something as simple as updating your fragrance or jewelry collections.


Now, you have 10 bucket list ideas to choose from. But keep in mind that bucket list ideas can also be about things of your belief or faith, or a way to give back to society.

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