11 Distinct Ways to Spot a Lagos Islander

by Ann Okoroafor

Agree or not, Lagos Nigeria has been split into two worlds; Lagos mainland and Lagos Island.

In this article, we’d be having an exciting time figuring out how to spot an Islander in Lagos.

How to Spot an Islander in Lagos

  1. Dem clean die! 

Whether it’s genuine or not, I don’t know o, but mehn! Have you seen those guys?

When I say guys now, I mean guys and babes. Especially Banana Island, Lekki Phase 1, and Victoria Islanders. 

Those guys are extremely careful about their looks. From their hairdo to their footwear, to their clothes! 

When Lagos islanders show up like this, if you’re not careful, you’d start to think that ‘you no even baff well’.Those guys dey drip mehn!

  1. They have zero tolerance for trekking

Especially Lagos Island babes, expect anything o. I’m telling you now so that you will not be caught unaware. 

You could hear something like, “Judy please, order a ride that will take us to the next street. We need to buy a loaf of bread there”.

  1. Dem no sabi climb bike

Jennifer came to the Lagos mainland for a wedding. We needed to ride a bike to the venue. Mehn! She could not sit on the bike. She was literally falling off. 

I was shocked! That was my first time seeing something like that.

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  1. Their gadgets 

Lagos islanders are very particular about their choice of gadgets. That’s how you know that there are different types of earpod. 

What about Victoria Island and Banana Island residents’ phones? It is either an iPhone or nothing. 

Instead of bringing out less-than-expected gadgets, they’d rather not bring out anything. But then, who set the standard?    

    1. Dem dey form die!

Lagos islanders can form, erhn! Especially those Banana Islanders.

Let’s tell ourselves the truth, it’s not everyone that stays on the wealthy Island. 

Some dey squat, others dey attached to the squatters. More like, a squatter’s squatter. (whining is allowed abeg. So much tension in Nigeria already). 

These Banana Island babes do like who no dey shit. Whether it’s packaging or not, Lagos Island babes dey oppress

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  1. Lagos Island babes’ skin glow

Victoria Island, Lekki phase 1 and 2, Banana Island and its environ babes skin dey enter eye.

 As soft and delicate as they seem, they get mind o. They’d do anything to achieve that spotless skin glow. 

Who else has noticed that most Lagos Island babes are light-skinned?? Even the ones wey their mama and papa black, dem dey glow.

When Lagos mainland babes use skin lightening lotion, their skin go turn drawing book, with different shades of green on it.

But Lagos Island babes, everything dey blend just right. No wonder everybody wan run go Island.

 E be like say the hard life wey we dey shout say dey Nigeria, no reach da side.

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  1. Full dose of class

When a Lagos Island babe or guy turns up for an event, there’s a drip of class.

Their choice of fabric and style, especially for owambe (events), and hairdo.

The thing about Lagos Islanders is that, regardless of what they do or wear, they add class to it.  

This is the unique touch a Lagos Island babe or guy has.

  1. Lagos Islanders are confident

I know we have been whining Victoria Island and Banana Island babes and guys, but let’s be sincere, those guys have confidence.

I think that’s what makes their drip and glow authentic. A Lagos Islander wears whatever they choose with confidence. 

Regardless of your age, a Lagos Islander will tell it to your face, if you did something that they do not like.

 In this part of Lagos Nigeria, you dare not correct an elder. Elders are always right.

It’s also considered rude when you look an elder in the eye while they are speaking to you.

Lagos Islanders understand the difference between being confident and being rude.

Not all Lagos Islanders are well-behaved o; some of them are rude, but I think it’s safe to say that the rude ones are the squatters.

 They still have Lagos mainland blood. (LOL. Don’t come for me o, na play I dey) 

  1. How can I forget their accent? 

Let’s not drag this one much. Whether na forming or not, Please, engage a Victoria Island guy in a conversation.

Though, na banana Island guys accent dey burst brain pass sha. Their accents are heavenly, mehn! Thinking about it, I’m drooling already.

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  1. Dem no dey gree old

I was looking at the WhatsApp status of one uncle who stays in Banana Island. It was his birthday, so he put up a few pictures.

I’ve known this man for “God knows how long”, yet uncle J.D. has refused to get old. 

He still dresses funky, wears chains, crazy jeans, face cap, and everything that makes a man look young and agile.

They still fit him well sha…but wait until you see his wife.

  1. Ballers

Lagos Island babes and guys love balling. Thank goodness they have Island ways around funds and resources.

 They know the right place for every event, and they do not even think twice about it. 

Their slogan is “money no dey finish”.  Lagos Islanders are also ‘baba nla vacationers’. (Ignore the grammar, get the gist).

They’d go on a vacation at the slightest opportunity, and when there’s no opportunity, they create one for themselves.

Honestly, I do not understand what makes life on Lagos Island so different from life on the mainland. Could it be the bad road, overpopulation on the mainland, or just a mindset? 

 If you ask me, I’d say it’s a mind thing. The environment you find yourself in has a way of shaping your perception of things.

Somehow, these Lagos Island guys and babes are always on top of their game; flexing and living the baby girl lifestyle. 

They seem to never run out of funds even though living is literally more expensive on Lagos Island, compared to the Lagos Mainland.


One thing I’ve learnt is that your association has a role to play in whom you become.

Being around toxic people opens you up to becoming a toxic person over time.

Whether it’s Lagos mainland or Lagos Island, you too can be spotted as a baller. Mingle with the right set of people, and work on your mind.

There are still a thousand and one ways to spot a Lagos Islander. I’m sure I’ve left a lot out.

Let me hear your thoughts. How have you spotted a Lagos Islander and your guess wasn’t wrong?

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Avatar of DamiSeyz
DamiSeyz January 13, 2023 - 9:12 pm

This is a great read. Thumps up, ZY.

When it comes to Lagos Islander, another thing peculiar to most of them is the state of their mind, especially those involved in clean and legal activities. Their level of thinking is mind-blowing.

Having intelligent conversations with them is one of the things I look forward to. With most of them, impossibility doesn’t exist.

Avatar of Ann Okoroafor
Ann Okoroafor January 14, 2023 - 1:46 am

You’re absolutely correct. Engaging them in a conversation opens up your mind.

They tend to see things beyond it’s appearance.

They are mostly intelligent.

Avatar of Oluwatobi Oni
Oluwatobi Oni January 14, 2023 - 3:58 pm

This was actually fun and interesting to read. Love it! Well-done, Zy!

Avatar of Ann Okoroafor
Ann Okoroafor January 14, 2023 - 6:37 pm

Thanks Oluwatobi😊.

I’d like to hear one point from you too.

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