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The importance of co-working spaces as effective, work-enabling destinations for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized. This article entails a brief but comprehensive list of affordable co-working spaces in Nigeria – specifically Lagos and Abuja.

With the advent of remote working, there has been a growing need for sustainable working solutions, especially in cities where business districts and tech ecosystems are most saturated, such as Lagos and Abuja. The importance of co-working spaces as effective, work-enabling destinations for freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized. This article entails a brief but comprehensive list of affordable co-working spaces in Nigeria – specifically Lagos and Abuja. This list includes:

– Name and Locations

– Pricing and Memberships

– Opening and Closing hours

– Amenities provided

If you’re in Abuja or Lagos and searching for a co-working space near you, keep scrolling.



  1. Seedspace 

Apart from offering basic co-working space services, including wi-fi access, constant electricity, printing stations and feeding options, Seedspace also offers members access to a gym & pool and co-living, settling with different bedroom types. This makes it one of the few co-working spaces in Nigeria and the world to do so. It is located on the island and has a terrace that overlooks the Lagoon in an enthralling way. The beautiful scenery and resourceful amenities make it an enjoyable environment to work in. Opening hours are 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday and you can make bookings by simply walking into the space. Memberships include:

Hot desks 

From N2000 daily, N10,000 monthly

Dedicated desks 

From N50,000 monthly, N47500 for a 3-month plan

Private Offices 

From N500,000 monthly for 10 people, N300,000 monthly for 6 people


23 Agodogba Avenue, Lagos, Nigeria


Offers an extensive range of services, including co-living settling –  one of the few co-working spaces in Nigeria, and the world to do so.


Does not open on the weekends.


  1. Intrepid spaces

One of the aims of this space is not just to enable you to achieve your work targets efficiently but to make valuable connections with other people in the space. The space has a lovely minimalist design and boasts a printing station, high internet, tea and coffee and dedicated desks & offices. In addition, the space provides several services (including a virtual office plan – one of the few co-working spaces in Nigeria to offer pop-up shops) with flexible arrangements – all catered to your needs. You can make bookings through their website.

It is situated at Unit 11 B, Maben Terrace, LFS Maben Rd, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The pricing and memberships of Intrepid Spaces include the following:

Team room 

from N135000 per month

Private offices 

from N100,000 per month

Virtual offices 

from N3500 per session

Meeting rooms 

N3000 per hour


The co-working arrangements are flexible and can be negotiated according to your needs


It’s slightly more expensive than other options due to wide range of services

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  1. 360 Creative hub

Unlock your inner creative potential by paying a visit to this space. It was fashioned to aid creatives – freelancers, entrepreneurs and others. Here, artists find inspiration and collaborate with like minds. While most co-working spaces in Lagos are focused on enabling productivity and technical progress, the calm but vibrant, bubbly environment of 360 Creative Hub enables users to find self-expression.

This is an understated importance of co-working spaces in Nigeria. With amenities including design rooms, photo studios and sewing machines, it ranks very high on the list of the most creatively inclusive co-working spaces in Lagos, if not the highest. They also provide acceleration programs and specialized services to help growing fashion brands. You can make bookings through their website.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday – 10 am – 4 pm


Commuter plan 

N3500 daily

Cruiser (comprehensive access) plan 

N70,000 monthly

Camper (selective access) 

From N30,000 for 10 days


  •  34, Ajao Road, Off Olufemi Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
  •  Block 114A, Pot 4, Akiogun Road, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria


They also provide acceleration programs and specialized services to help growing fashion brands


Not as affordable as other options

  1. Venia hub

This is a vibrant, energetic co-working space in Lagos that encourages its users to fulfil their passions. The environment allows a synchronized work and chill experience. It’s open daily from 8 am to 6 pm and offers high-speed internet services and flexible payment plans. It also gives users an opportunity to form networks and long-lasting relationships with entrepreneurs. Few co-working spaces in Nigeria offer this opportunity which makes it distinctive. Venia hub has private offices, meeting rooms and shared spaces, and further inquiries can be made about the pricing through requests on their website.

Location: Admiralty Hub, 2nd Floor, Providence House, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase One, Lagos, Nigeria


Entrepreneurial community and networking oportunites


Pricing isn’t available on their website, so you have to make requests through calls or emails



  1. Novare shared offices

With an encompassing range of services, including fast internet, electricity 24/7, air-conditioning, and easy, quick access to malls in the same building, Novare Shared Offices are one of the most promising co-working spaces, not just in Abuja but in Nigeria. At Novare, you can access comfortable working spaces, networking opportunities with other users and a warm ambience that inspires productivity. Spaces available for use include hot desks, seat pods, private offices and meeting rooms. You can make bookings through their website at or by visiting the space Their pricing and membership plans include the following:


N5000 daily / N31,000 monthly


  • Single seat pod – N42,000 monthly
  • Double seat pod – N63,500 monthly

Private Offices 

  • 3-seater – N190,000
  •  4-seater – N220,000

Meeting rooms 

N5,000 hourly, N30,000 daily


 Plot 502, Dalaba Street, Off Michael Okpara way, Wuse zone 5, Abuja, Nigeria


It’s in the heart of the Novare Mall, so you have access to restaurants, supermarkets, fashion stores and other helpful establishments


Hot desks are rather expensive and quite small

  1. Spine and label bookstore

This bookstore is not only a convenient but a scenic location for you to work. It’s one of the few co-working spaces in Nigeria that serves multiple functions harmoniously. It is relatively serene during work days, has constant electricity and a snack bar at the reception where you can purchase coffee, biscuits, drinks and water.

The co-working desks overlook a busy expressway, giving you a stunning view of Abuja. The best part? It’s one of the most affordable co-working spaces in Abuja, with memberships as low as N1000 naira per day, or N10,000 per month. Downsides? The seating arrangement is limited, and this is because of the primary purpose the space serves as a bookstore. Also, the facility does not provide internet services for people using the co-working spaces, so you must come with your own internet providers. Considering the cheap costs of using the space, the absence of wi-fi is almost understandable.

You can make bookings through their website at or by visiting the space.

Opening hours

10:30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday and 11:00 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.


Rhema Mall, opposite NAF conference centre, Kado, Abuja, Nigeria


  1. Buronetz

Finding co-working spaces in Abuja with prices lower than two-thousand naira is a challenge, but Buronetz is one of the few diamonds in the rough. Buronetz allows you to access all the benefits of a co-working space at a pocket-friendly rate. One of their goals is sustainability, and they realize this goal through their unique services.

They offer standing desks, ergonomic workstations, high-speed fibre internet, solar-powered electricity and air conditioning to their users. Among the amenities Buronetz offers are a kitchen, printing, scanning and photocopying stations, a library, free parking and co-living accommodation. Co-working spaces in Nigeria rarely offer this service. It’s a refreshing environment that’s reliable and easily accessible – located in a calm and serene area:

Pricing and memberships include:

Hot desks 

From N1500 daily, N6750 weekly, and N24800 monthly.

Dedicated desks 

N29000 per month

Private Offices 

Pricing made available on request


Comfort loyal estate, Apo-Dutse, Apo Roundabout, 900110, Abuja, Nigeria.


It’s very affordable


Location is quite far from the city center


I can assure you that from this list, you’ll find a co-working space that serves your needs sufficiently, if you live in Lagos or Nigeria or you are planning to visit these states in the nearest future

Please suggest any more co-working spaces you are aware of in the comments area below so we can update this list as necessary.

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