How to Become a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria

Become a freelancer in NIgeria

Freelancing is the hottest trend to become financially buoyant in Nigeria. This is not entirely because of the liberation it affords you from Nigeria’s dwindling economy. But the opportunity to earn super big, even without leaving the four Conner of your house.

The rise in demand for freelancers in the world is becoming super high. And the emergence of the 2020 COVID-19 opens everyone’s eyes to the real beauty of these independent online workers. 

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This article will be dealing exclusively with the online-based freelancing. It aims to teach you all you need to know about the freelance business in Nigeria. And also, the benefits inherent in this career path. 

Who is a Freelancer?

Not all Nigerians are familiar with the word “freelancing.” Hence, A freelancer is an independent contractor or individual who works for an employee or agency on a contract basis.

It is a self-employment model in which the individual offers his/her services to an employee without him being committed to a long-term contract. A freelancer is free to chase his career without making any long-term commitment to any employer.

Why you should consider working as a freelancer in Nigeria?

It is a great blessing to be alive in this 21st-century. The world is already a global village, and everyone can explore the world by leveraging the internet. The global market is borderless, and everyone can sell their skills and services, including Nigerians. 

  1. Local and International Contracts

Freelancing helps you connect to both local and international online jobs. You can achieve this either by joining popular freelancer platform in Nigeria. Or the global ones. You can as well set up a professional portfolio website for yourself and start reaching out to prospects. 

  1. Higher-income 

Most Nigerian freelancers earn far more than their peers that do conventional office works. The opportunity to bid for international jobs already tells it all. Couples with the exchange rate in the current Nigerian economy. An average Nigerian earning as much as $250 per month be 

  1. Become your personal boss

Working as a freelancer avails you the opportunity to become your personal boss. You can decide on the kinds of projects you want to do. The price you want to charge, and the convenient deadline you can complete the work. You also get to choose who to work with, as millions of people need your services. 

  1. Increase in Opportunities

Freelancing offers you thousands of new jobs every day. Here, you have the opportunity to bid for jobs that you are qualified for and willing to do. In most popular freelancing sites, every person is given equal opportunity to apply for their preferred jobs. 

  1. Extra experience

Working as a freelancer exposes you to several new ventures. You get to work with people from different places and exploring manifolds of jobs. This opportunity is rear in a conventional office setting.

Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria

There is more to just becoming a freelancer. You need to know how to become successful in it, especially as a Nigerian. The following tips will help you. 

  1. Consider whether freelancing is for you. 

Like every career path, freelancing comes with its pros and cons. I.e., you must be prepared to follow up on this path. Working as a freelancer makes you the boss of your own. Consequently, it would be best if you were discipline to attain your goal. 

Also, you need to ensure you maintain a daily and routine work plan that may require you to juggle around different projects at the same time while looking for more new projects.

  1. Carve a Niche for yourself 

Freelancing is not a place for the jack of all trade and master of none. To stand out as a freelancer in Nigeria, you need to carve out a niche for yourself in your expertise.

Look out for what you are good, like content creation, web design, graphics, social media marketing, etc. Whatever niche you choose to work on, work hard to be recognized in it.

  1. Startup

Starting up as a freelancer can be a little challenging. Especially if you want to work on popular freelance platforms like Upwork.

However, having the right mindset and skillset will help you scale through this within a short time. As far as you are good at what you do, you are good to go. 

  1. Get the Necessary Tools

The next step is to acquire the needed tools to become a freelancer in Nigeria. Some of these include a good laptop or a Smartphone, good internet connectivity, and electricity.

  1. Join a Freelancing Platform

Joining a freelancing platform boosts your opportunity to get jobs fast. It is more like going directly into the same room with your potential clients.

However, you can get jobs through social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Nairaland, etc. Joining these platforms also helps you to meet other seasoned freelancers you can learn from. 

  1. Build Your Profile

You can now fill in your details by creating a substantial profile that showcases you to the world and your future clients.

Make sure that you keep your profile short and attractive. Stating why you are the best man for the job couple with your previous skills and experience. 

  1. Set a Price 

Most freelancing platforms allow one to fix a price for their hourly rate or project price. This price is dependent on your skillset and experience. Remember, it is not a must you charge the same price with every other freelancer.  

  1. Pass the Tests 

 Many freelancing sites have proficiency tests for incoming freelancers. While others take some steps to verify your credentials and skills that you ascertain your skills. These tests are not by any means hard. They are just basic. So trust me, you will pass it. 

  1. Find Work

Getting your first job as a freelancer is not as hard, and people might have made you believe. It is pretty simple. So far, you take your time to understand the platform. And also, work on your profile to stand out among peers. 

  1. Bonus 

When applying for these jobs, make sure that you craft a great cover letter that explains why you are the right person for that particular project or job.

You can also search for jobs from other online platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn groups and forums such as Nairaland if you wish to avoid the conventional marketplaces with fees such as 5% and 20% of your earnings. 


There might not be any need to continue complaining of a lack of jobs when you can take up freelancing jobs anywhere in Nigeria and earn a living from it.

It just requires you to learn a skill set, hobby/passion, and offer it to millions of people across the world looking for whom to hire. Remember that you can keep your paid employment while starting in freelancing.

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