4 Best Laptop Specifications for Video Editing

by Ogechi Anyanwu
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Best laptop specs for video editing

A well-known fact is that visuals are preferable to text.

The significance of video representation in Nigeria and the world at large can never be over-emphasized because it tells a story even without wording.  

Visual content has provided cutting-edge solutions for internet users. 

In the past, few Nigerians used YouTube as a video platform to share videos, generate content, and establish themselves as important online influencers.

The widespread and accessible use of video editing software has led to a significant rise in the number of Nigerians creating internet material across a variety of genres.

Their brand power and influence have only grown over time, even competing with conventional TV content and putting their loyal consumer base in jeopardy.

What is Video Editing All About?

Video editing refers to the arrangement and alteration of video shots.

All video content, including movies, television series, and video commercials, is organized and presented using video editing. 

All forms of media involve video editing, and because there are so many efficient tools available online, there are greater opportunities for experimentation.

Video editors, or Content Creators as they are often known, have given traditional media the chance to grow and take things in new directions.

These content creators are increasingly crucial members of Nigerian society, particularly on social media sites like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and others where they provide a source of amusement for the majority of online users.

Nigerian video editors have developed into both content producers and promoters because of their strong web presence and distinctive content. 

These comedians are paid by social media platforms for the traffic they drive to their applications, which allows them to earn a lot of money by pushing other people’s advertisements.

According to studies from Animoto, 93% of marketers reported success in gaining new clients in late 2018 because of video content.

Video editing is a meticulous process that takes a lot of time and memory. You’ll also need to decide on an efficient method for carrying out video editing if you’re interested in editing or working as a freelancer in Nigeria. 

You would therefore need a laptop that can offer you all of those tools to give you the advantage you need to effortlessly and easily complete the editing process.

This post discusses the 4 best laptop specifications for video editing that are regularly recommended for Nigerian video editors and utilized by successful editors to complete their tasks flawlessly.

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Fundamental Things to Note to Acquire The Best Laptop For Video Editing

Before investing in a laptop that is effective for video editing, there are a few basic things to consider:

i. First, consider one that has a larger screen; one that is around 15 inches should work.

ii. You need your laptop to have the most color-accurate display possible if you’re colour-grading video. 

iii. You need a strong processor, such as a premium Core i9, and lots of RAM to save the film you are editing if you are editing 4k or 8k content.

Best Laptop Specifications for  Video Editing

  1. DELL INSPIRON 15 5000

The Dell Inspiron is one of the best laptop specs for video editing. It can be used for multitasking, running games, and video editing tools smoothly.

It was built to handle programs like games and video editing software because of its 15.6-inch display and potent 8th-generation Intel Core processor. 

It has an 8GB high bandwidth RAM that enables the simultaneous operation of many programs, browser tabs, and applications.

The system’s dual drive capability, which provides both a 1TB HDD for easy access to vital files and a 128 GB SSD for quicker startup and file transfer times, is another noteworthy feature. 

This laptop spec is loved by video editors because of the screen size and the clear colour display that boasts of 1980 x 1080p resolution. 

Other Features include Weight: 4:18 pounds, Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620, Battery Life: 5-6 hours, and Hard Disk: Dual Drive ( 1TB + 128SSD).

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This laptop spec is the best for the video editing experience. Acer Spin 3 is designed specifically for editors or other professionals who are constantly on the go. 

It is a surprisingly powerful ultra-compact laptop that is far slimmer than it appears to be. 

You’ll be taken aback by its hardware when you’ve finished ogling its 360-degree rotating screen or the clever Full HD Touch IPS display.

It has an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor with a maximum processing speed of 4.6 GHz. 

With 16GB DDR2 RAM, 512GB SSD, and a battery life of over 12 hours added on top of that, this laptop has a powerful system for running editing software that provides excellent results. 

Other Features include Weight: 3:75 pounds, Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620, Battery Life: 12  hours, and Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD.

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  1. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple products are not the random devices you daily make use of, so this specification is for professional video editors.

The Macbook is the best laptop spec for video editing that can be used by Nigerian Skitmakers. 

Video editors have long used the Apple MacBook Pro as the benchmark for what constitutes a laptop that is ideal for editing.

 A large part of that is attributable to its superb trackpad and the excellent touch bar located directly above the keyboard.

The most recent version of this Apple series can accommodate an incredible 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, and Radeon 5500M graphics, which is an octa-core, 9th Generation Intel Core i9 processor.

For a professional and proficient editing experience, even its straightforward introduction version is sufficient. 

The trackpad’s ability to vibrate when engaging with various system apps may be its most interesting feature.

Other Features include Weight: 4.33 pounds, Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4GB of GDDR6 memory, Battery Life: 10 Hours, and Hard Disk: 1 TB SSD.

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  1. HP 14 Series

As far as affordable laptops go, this HP 14 laptop is the best one for enabling video editing software.

It has a potent 10th-generation core-i3 processor, an extremely comfortable keyboard, and a gorgeous 1366 x 768 display. 

When it comes to efficiently operating a video editing program, the HP 14 passes the functionality test.

HP 14 Series is great for powerful performance, a comfortable keyboard, and an eye-grabbing resolution.

The only drawback we can agree to is the battery life.

Other Features include Weight: 4.33 pounds, Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics, Battery Life: 4 Hours, and Hard Disk: 256GB SSD.


There are various reasons why you could learn video editing in a country like Nigeria, including earning money or maintaining a well-organized, engaging social media presence.

And the above are some of the best laptop specifications for video editing.

They are affordable and allow you to have a smooth video editing process. 

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