How to Write A Creative Script for YouTube Videos

by Oluwapelumi Eweje

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, second to google, and a go-to place for videos of all kinds. As a YouTuber, a script is a crucial tool that provides you and your team with the reminders, clues, and results you desire for your videos.

So, how you put this together matters a lot. 

As a YouTuber, writing effective and creative scripts for your YouTube videos can mean the difference between your video’s success or failure. 

A script is there to include details that make the video-making process run smoothly. It allows you to control time, focus on your values, and plan your video properly.

To stand out and make a difference or increase viewership and engagement, you need to be big on creative writing for scripts or how to write a script if you don’t know how to write one yet. 

Great news! This article is a simple and detailed guide on how to write a script for a YouTube video like a pro, with a real example to learn from. Let’s dive in. 

How to Write A Script for YouTube Videos

Making a YouTube video that aligns with your overall goal and purpose makes you stay strong on encouraging audience engagement. This is possible in many ways, the most prominent being; writing a very good and clean script. 

youtube video

Your script transits to a good video

No matter what kinds of videos you make on YouTube, creating a script is a game-changer. One of the first things to have ready before scripting is a topic for your YouTube video based on your keyword research. From here, you can start to write your script.

So how do you do that? Here are ten steps to help you write a script that will result in an engaging video. 

  1. Know your target audience 

Your video must speak to a specific audience. Before you start developing a brief for your video, you need to know or remind yourself if you already know who the video is for. Your target audience’s influence can go as far as the length and format of your video. Be aware. 

  1. Create a brief

Here, you must decide what kind of video you want to make and what it needs to entail. Is it an explainer video? Fact-giving video? Or an announcement of a service? 

Note that even if you have an existing product or topic to discuss, you still need to focus on what the video should entail and what it should be like. So, no matter what the idea is, remember the focus of your video determines what your audience expects from it and how to write a script. 

For instance, say you make videos in the tech space, and you need to review several products or compare two gadgets to promote them so your audience can be informed and encouraged to purchase (if need be).

An average viewer would not want to be bored with too many details that do not even matter. You can write a script emphasising specifications, uniqueness and uniformity without distracting your audience. That is focused and concise creative writing for your YouTube video(s). 

  1. Create an outline from your brief 

Now that you know your video’s direction, having an outline for your script is next. This is where a framework that creates a rough sketch of what’s meant to be said right at the beginning, midway and the end (intro and outro) comes in.

Here, you craft notes to remind yourself of what to cover in each video section, that is, writing section by section. It is an important step in writing a script for your YouTube videos. 

What goes into the outline includes: 

  • The hook: According to YouTube, you have 15 seconds to impress or grab your audience’s attention. The best hook, in this case, identifies what your viewers stand to gain. Be specific, clear and easy to understand. 
  • Your intro: After sharing what your audience will gain, introduce yourself and what you represent. Then tell them what you will be sharing with them. As you have captured the audience’s attention, keep them engaged through the first minute of your video. 
  • The body of the script (Problem and Solution): This includes your main idea and, yes, solutions or ways you have chosen to help and provide information to your audience. This part includes everything you need to say to buttress most points made in your intro and hook. 
  • The outro (Summary): Here, you run through all that you have mentioned, that is, a summary of your video content right before the video ends. You don’t want to add something entirely new from all you’ve mentioned in the body of your script or the topic of focus, except if it’s an offer or a bonus for your audience. 
  • Call to Action: Here, you tell people what you want them to do after watching the video. Click a link? Subscribe? Share a Comment? Watch a related video. Whatever the CTA may be, keep it simple. 
  • Edit. Edit. Edit.

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  1. Note important specifics 

Here’s where things get interesting. 

This is the point of noting all the important details that need to be mentioned in your video. Terms, offers, purchases and other information you want your audience to be a part of are carefully noted. 

Although, a script can include only some of the things being said word for word. If you are the type that is good at talking naturally, an overly specific script could make you feel stilted. In this case, it’s best to write out the specifics that matter the most.

On the other hand, if you’re the type that isn’t great with talking naturally, you may prefer a more structured and fleshed-out script. If this is you, don’t be bothered, you can still write a script that feels natural. You will have more work to do in the writing phase to ensure you get the flow right. 

  1. Kill your darlings 

From writing your scripts to filming your video, a darling might be an outstanding line or even an entire section of your video that’s way perfect, which you cannot afford to let go of. But, if it is not contributing to your overall goal, kill it. Killing your darlings will make your content stronger and your video valuable to your audience. 

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  1.  Structure your ideas

Keep your script conversational and thorough for the people you already have as your audience and those you’re trying to connect with.

Writing a script for your YouTube video’s content also includes considering other viewers on YouTube who may be interested in your content as a result of other content. In short, think like them. 

  • Introduce your audience’s issues or needs 
  • Show how your product solves that issue
  • Finish with a CTA (Call to Action

These will help you deliver the right thing(s) at the right time. 

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  1. Spy on your competition 

When you think you have everything figured out on your ideas and how to write a script, go and spy on your competitors. Watch other videos, read from websites and see if your competition has that idea you haven’t even thought of. If they are good enough, you can add them to your script. 

Note that spying later on your competition after you have already gathered your thoughts and ideas in your script is way better and very much important.

You don’t want to have someone else’s idea in your head right from the beginning of writing your script, be as original as possible. 

  1. Add some variety to your script 

Writing scripts for YouTube videos is fun, so ensure the fun is evident. You can try new things to spice up your dialogue, structure and content in writing and editing your scripts.

Those ideas can keep your audience better hooked on your videos, such as creating backstories, using opposites, ideas from books, movies and pictures, and other visuals. 

Rely on suspense, trigger imaginations, amplify emotions, set expectations straight in your introduction, and personalise your message. In so doing, avoid being too wordy, explain complex terms, and use simple words. 

  1. Edit your script 

Once you’ve gotten how to write a script, put together your ideas and check for ideas to complement yours, the next is to edit your work. After the first draft, you need to edit your script by rearranging and redefining it. You want your video to be as specific, detailed and short as possible. It’s not a movie! 

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  1. Read your script out loud and get feedback

Reading your script to your hearing at least once or twice before recording or moving on in your video process is a great way to ensure your message flows naturally.

Some words may look or sound good on paper but not when they are said out loud. It is easier to make changes at this stage than during the recording process. 

Also, as difficult as criticisms may be, it makes scripts better. You also need to ask someone not involved in the writing to go through the script or read it aloud. Get feedback through emails or other online methods or organise a table read. 

Free Template Using the A-A-A-A Format (Attention, Agitation, Activity, Action)

In this video, I will show you how to [INSERT VIDEO TOPIC] step by step.- (Attention) 

Hi, I’m [NAME] from [COMPANY] 

If you need to [ INSERT CONCERNS], this video walks you through exactly what you need to do so you can [INSERT SUCCESS]- (Agitation) 

Let’s get started. 

Moving right into the first step [INSERT STEP 1] 


Now that [SUMMARIZE STEP 1], let’s get into the second step [INSERT STEP 2]


You can decide to go on and on with the solutions. 

In just a few steps, we’ve been able to identify and understand [INSERT VIDEO TOPIC] 

If you have [INSERT SOLUTION], there’s a link in the description to [INSERT CTA].- (Action) 

Thanks for watching! See you soon!


YouTube today is a powerful platform for brands in every industry. Creative writing for YouTube involves more than just titles and descriptions. Every great and creative script for a YouTube video will save the YouTuber from many common pitfalls. 

Having a script will keep you on track and make your message clear. If excellently written, it can help build a faithful and authentic audience filled with viewers who actively connect with your content and help drive results from time to time. 

You cannot underestimate the essence of a script in creating a YouTube video. You should take it as seriously as the will to put the video out there. 

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