Should You Substitute LinkedIn for Resume?

by Ayopadeayo Oluwadamilola
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LinkedIn has become the most sought-after networking platform. But does this mean LinkedIn will replace a resume? Many job seekers on LinkedIn see no need to have a resume. However, in this article, we will be reviewing if you should substitute LinkedIn for your resume.

There’s much to LinkedIn for job seekers, brands, and business owners to search for jobs. That’s why it’s gaining that standard place to present yourself professionally and birth the controversy to substitute LinkedIn for your resume.

dream job

How do you present yourself for your dream job?

LinkedIn has testimonies of how people get jobs without formal interviews. For example, I have experienced this, but a company requested my resume. So now, Will LinkedIn replace resumes? No, it cannot, but it doesn’t erase the importance of LinkedIn and resumes to job seekers and recruiters.

A question was raised by a LinkedIn profile recently about the issue it says “Dear recruiters, are resumes the only determinant for securing a job?” 

That means most offers she’s got have resulted in requesting her resume. This is because the labour industry cannot ignore the importance of a resume.

Before discussing your option to substitute LinkedIn for your resume, let’s talk about the importance of LinkedIn as well as the importance of a resume to give you an answer to your burning question. “Will LinkedIn replace resumes?”

Importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a networking platform designed to complement your resume and not replace it. In contrast, a resume is a summary of your qualifications, skills and achievements showing any future employer your past jobs, detailing your skills, experience, education and achievements.


LinkedIn is a platform good for career development

1. It Connects You With Potential Employers 

LinkedIn helps you to gain exposure to recruiters because by having your profile, you can share things about your field to attract your audience and likely become an authority at what you do. This is one importance of LinkedIn that you should look at.

2. Build Your Brand

With LinkedIn, you get to build your brand by consistently placing yourself as an authority in your niche, sharing more about what you do and how others can do it. This is an important thing you must have in mind as a job seeker.

Don’t just have your profile for the traditional LinkedIn account purpose. 

3. Creates a Credible Profile for You


LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn demonstrates your knowledge, credibility and leadership skill. You have to note the importance of LinkedIn, and it helps you build trust with your audience, employees or recruiters through the various recommendations you receive from the value you have been given.

4. Research Tool

If there’s an importance of LinkedIn, I know it serves as a research tool. With a research tool, search for job opportunities through the job board and activate the job you are interested in. You can also find other related jobs and connect with potential employers.

The Importance of Resume

1. Sell Yourself

The importance of a resume is to keep a focus on positioning yourself for a specific role, while the importance of LinkedIn is about branding yourself and what you do and can do to your specific audience. 


2. Prepares You for an Interview

The importance of a resume is that it prepares you for an interview because most hiring managers see your resume, get attached to what you’ve done and will like to see your appearance for a clearer view.


Your resume is the vital paper in your job application

3.Sell Your Skill

The importance of a resume is to sell your skill well. A well-detailed resume gets to sell the skills you’ve acquired by letting the recruiters know all that you have possessed through different jobs and use them for the growth of the company. 


Present a good resume

4.Gets You an Interview

Another importance of a resume is that it gets you an interview. Again, this is a major importance of a resume, and it gets you an interview to present how you can grow the brand with your skill. 

For better chances, you have to present a resume that delivers every of your experience and achievements to managers who can’t access you online. 

Many people have learned how to create a good LinkedIn profile and a convincing resume. We organise webinars on similar topics. To get more information about webinars on career growth, send us a message on Whatsapp.

Why You Shouldn’t Substitute LinkedIn for Resume

Should you substitute LinkedIn for your resume? No, you shouldn’t. LinkedIn is a great platform, but your resume is a great profile. The idea is to not only depend on having a LinkedIn profile but also build on both and have what recruiters seek right in your palm. Your resume is your backup plan.

To solve this controversy, many recruiters came out to analyse why they requested it, and this is shedding light on why it’s not a good idea to substitute LinkedIn for your resume. In a country like Nigeria, it is impossible to substitute LinkedIn for resume because companies and businesses still practice the old-school method for application.

With a well-optimised LinkedIn profile, you increase your digital presence and visibility or chances of getting seen by recruiters, employees and hiring managers, and network with like-minded individuals in your field and outside.

Recruiters ask for your resume because they are likely working with a manager outside LinkedIn, and it would not be a great idea just to tell the hiring manager that he’s found someone with a LinkedIn profile and no resume.

Regarding recruiting, you will need your resume as a backup plan to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn gets you the awareness, while your resume will get you the interview. So now you see why it won’t be proper to substitute LinkedIn for your resume, or will LinkedIn replace your resume.


Nothing can replace your resume when applying for a job. It is the gateway to getting an interview; your hiring managers want to see your personality, which means you can’t substitute LinkedIn for resume.

In recent research, employers are now relying on Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, which screens applicant resumes determining if an applicant gets an interview. With this software, You upload your resume and revamp it to suit the role you are applying for. Many hiring managers have a process in filtering candidates. 

Most employers find it easier to have things in the format that works for them, which I know a LinkedIn profile cannot guarantee. 

In reality, you need to apply the exact way the job seekers put it, and if you like, you can provide your resume and LinkedIn profile. Just do as the recruiter states because if you do otherwise, it presents you as someone who cannot follow instructions. 

Do you still consider the option to substitute LinkedIn for your resume? 


LinkedIn will give you an exposure,  while your resume will complement your visibility. Therefore, you should tailor your resume diligently by noting the importance of a resume and considering the importance of LinkedIn, as this will take you off the idea to substitute your LinkedIn profile for your resume.

Update your resume to suit the position you are applying for with detailed information about the benefits you can offer. And optimize your LinkedIn profile towards where you want to be, go into a lot of detail about the person you are and the types of files you can fill. 

This will position you well, and you’d appear on their search and present yourself as an authority to anyone connecting with you.

But you have to remember that your LinkedIn profile has nothing to do with your qualification or experience. What it does is position you in the broad industry and role that you can handle because you cannot consider the option to substitute LinkedIn for your resume.

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