Top 5 Fashion schools in Lagos to Start and Build Your Fashion Design Career

by Naomi Achin
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Top 5 fashion schools in Nigeria

Lagos is the beehive for upcoming fashion designers and the country’s commercial and industrial hub. With the industry becoming crowded, to show your expertise in fashion design and styling, you will need to train at the best fashion school in Lagos to stand out amongst the crowd.  

These fashion schools are indeed pricey, but an investment in yourself is not a waste and will be productive in the long run.

In a competitive fashion industry with top-class fashion designers like Yomi casual, ceolumininee, and Tiannah’s empire, amongst others, you would realize that there is a need to be on top of your game, have a name, and be successful like other fashion designers. 

So, if you want to be a badass fashion designer, you must learn from the best fashion school. Just any apprenticeship or watching someone sew will not give you the expertise you need because getting a degree and certification in a good fashion school raises your standard, places you on a global level, and opens you to many opportunities while pursuing a career in the industry. 

 Fashion designing is a rewarding and highly profitable career in which several people make a fortune. To become a fashion connoisseur, you will need all the knowledge and experience you can get from the best.

This article will give insight into the Top 5 fashion schools in Lagos. 

The Top 5 Fashion schools in Lagos 

Here is a list of The Top 5 Fashion schools in Lagos in no particular order.

  1. Zapron fashion school 

Zapron Fashion School is one of the best fashion schools in Nigeria. It follows the United Kingdom curriculum and uses modern equipment in its training. Fancy right? 

This fashion school in Lagos specializes in training students to make wedding dresses, dinner dresses, ready-to-wear & bespoke outfits, men’s and women’s outfits, bag-making, selling Ankara fabrics of different patterns and designs, and so on.

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They deal majorly in training students to become fashion designers, whether it’s just a passion for designing for yourself and loved ones or pursuing a career. The Students are equipped with pattern drafting, illustration, general sewing skills, and customized patterns for African designs.

Zapron fashion school is beside NNPC, Majek, After Shoprite, Sangotedo, Lagos state. It also has a branch at no. 11, Bamidele Eletu Street, Osapa London Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. Martwayne fashion school 

This Fashion School is one of the schools to turn your interest in fashion into a viable business.

A fashion entrepreneur founded Martwayne, Tope Williams Adewumi, a South Africa-trained fashion designer motivated to learn about fashion with no prior experience after her tailor continually ruined her clothes. 

This fashion school not only focuses on the practical aspect of pattern drafting and sewing but also training on becoming a fashion entrepreneur. 

They have flexible curriculums that cover the creative aspect of sewing and design creation and the business aspect of fashion designing to help you set up after your training. They have both online and in-person classes you can choose from.

They are situated at 8 Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, Off Alhaji Masha Road Surulere, 101283, Lagos.

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  1. Zaris fashion school

Zaris Fashion & Style Academy has been operating for over six years. This fashion school provides training in arts, fashion design fundamentals, fashion production, pattern drafting, and business skills. It has the vision to enlighten creative Nigerians and enable them to become self-sufficient fashion entrepreneurs. 

The school offers certifications such as Zaris fashion rudiments (ZFR) and Zaris-certified fashion associate(ZCFA).

Zaris certified creative designer(ZCCD), amongst others. 

It is meticulous and ensures all participants research and completes a project to further understand their chosen area of interest before being awarded a certificate.

  1. Rhoda michael fashion school

Rhoda Micheal is the founder of Rhoda Michael fashion school and holds a degree in Biochemistry and nutrition. In listing fashion schools in Lagos, Rhoda Michaels fashion school has to be included.

Rhoda Michael’s fashion school is known to train its students in pattern drafting, sketching, and regular sewing skills. They also train prospective fashion designers to forecast styles and trends, create trends, manage a profitable fashion business, etc.

 Their syllabus is infused with E-commerce and M-commerce and offers a program duration that varies from 12 weeks – 18 months, depending on your preference and convenience. 

The fashion school offers home and evening classes, so you have a flexible time frame for enrolling in any of their programs. You also get a free sewing machine after you complete your training. How amazing!

They are located at these addresses;

Address:15 Charity road, 1st-floor Jerobet Plaza, new Oko – Oba, Abule – egba, Lagos. 

Second address: 9 Oremeta Street, off Opebi – Oregun link road, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.

  1. Ginani

The last but not the least fashion school on my list is Ginani. Ginani is a brand name for Ginani Gold Ltd, which has been training since 2001. This fashion school has been in the industry for over two decades.

Ginani is a fashion school that provides fashion training services, clothing, and fashion resources, which they have developed over the years in the fashion industry. They have over 1,000 students worldwide and 50 active courses to choose from in fashion design and business.

Ginani Fashion school has an online feature that provides fashion books and patterns for people to learn more about fashion. They train their students to be proud fashion designers and produce statement pieces for the Nigerian public and the industry’s growth.

It is situated at Suite B6/11, Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Complex, Surulere Lagos, Nigeria.

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So, if you are already a fashion designer, then you can consider an upgrade in one of these fashion schools to up your game and add value to your craft.

Or you are a tailor and want to upgrade your craft to a fashion designer and avoid your customers tagging you with the phrase “what I ordered vs. what I got.” This article has given insight into the top fashion schools in Lagos to help you develop that career and make you a brand to reckon with.

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