10 Cold Email Tips for Freelancers (With Templates)

by Samuel Princess Oghenekeno
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10 cold Emailing tips for freelancers.

One of the most complex parts of freelancing is finding a client or building a relationship with a potential client. The aim is being their go-to person anytime they have problems requiring your skills.

Imagine your potential Client has no idea about you or your services, but you happen to come across their need, which you can solve.

How would you let them know you, and how can you convince them that you are the right person for the job? Cold email is all about reaching out to strangers with an excellent pitch to secure a gig.

Cold emails are a great way to get in touch with a potential customer or business partner. This article will explore the concept of cold email and how to write a cold email. We’ll also give you some of the best cold email tips you can implement to help you find a client that pays.

What is Cold Emailing?

Cold emailing, also called cold pitching, is sending targeted emails to strangers to get in touch with them and explain why you are a valuable solution for their needs.

A cold email is a sales or marketing tool that you can use to reach out to potential clients. It is the best way to get your foot in the door and connect with them.

This type of email is different from an email you send as part of your regular communication with clients because it does not have any context for them, and it’s not about anything other than trying to get them interested in what you are selling or your services.

It would be best if you made sure that your cold emails were targeted, concise, and compelling enough for the recipients to want more information from you. You have only one shot at making an excellent first impression, so make sure you do everything right for your cold emails to succeed.

The idea behind cold email is that if someone doesn’t want to do business with you, they will tell you “no.”

9 Cold Email Tips for Freelancers

Now that you understand what cold email is, let’s discuss some hard email tips that you can implement to help you get the most out of your efforts.

  1. Identify your target client and get their email

A common mistake among freelancers new to cold emailing is sending cold emails to as many contacts as possible, hoping that at least one would need their service, and it will result in a contract. I’m afraid that’s not right.

If you randomly send cold emails to people who do not need your service, your email will be reported as spam which can ruin your chances of getting hired. It is also a waste of time.

You need to identify the right clients and organizations in your niche or skill of expertise. However, here are some cold email tips for finding the contact of your potential clients:

  • Visit your potential client’s Website and click on the “Contact Us” button.
  • Search for their profile on LinkedIn and build a rapport
  • View their author page
  • Reach out to them on Twitter
  • Google your contact’s name
  • Use an email finder website e.g AeroleadsVoilanorbert, etc.
  1. Research about your recipient

This is one of the essential cold email tips. From the first email, you must make your recipient feel you know them and their needs. You can only find these by conducting thorough research about them.

With research, you could personalize your message to the recipient and tailor the email to match their pain points.

Addressing them by their first name, first of all, gives your mail a higher chance of being opened and read. Secondly, it shows you didn’t just get their mail off a sales list and decide to spam them. It makes you sound more authentic.

However, addressing them by their first name doesn’t just cut it. It would be best if you did some more research.

  • Who are they?
  • What is their company about?
  • What does their company have?
  • What does their company lack?
  • How can your skill help their company?

Ensure you find the answers to these questions before sending that cold mail.

  1. Cold email recipients directly

If you’re a freelance web developer, you will probably be looking to connect with the director of the web developers in the company or the senior programming manager.

It will be an absolute waste of time to constantly cold email the head blogger to hire you or even the receptionist. This is why you should find out who is responsible for engaging in the company and get their direct work mail.

This also applies if it’s an individual. Please make sure they are the ones bringing your cold email.

If you cannot find their direct mail from their social media profiles or Website or their “Contact Us” button leads to their receptionist, you could ask for the hiring manager’s contact info. This is one of the essential cold email tips you should pay attention to.

  1. Leverage referrals when you can

If you have a satisfied client you’ve worked with previously, you can ask them if they can recommend you to any contacts they think you could help. Even if they are unwilling to speak on your behalf, you can ask them if you can use their name while sending a cold email.

Imagine this scenario: You need a copywriter. You posted it on your social media, randomly mentioned it to a group of friends, and posted it on your Website. You get several emails from people applying for the position. They all have excellent portfolios, but one stood out. Why? Your very trusted friend referred them, and they mentioned it.

You ask your friend about them, and your friend says they have worked together before and affirms that the person is very good. I’ll hire that person because I trust my friend’s judgment.

  1. Do not only personalize but be also relevant

A spam email neither addresses the client’s pain point nor resolves to fix it. This is because it is not tailored for that client. Instead, it is for everyone. That kind of email is irrelevant and lacks value.

If you are wondering how to write a cold email that would help you seal a freelance contract, start by writing one that promises your client that your service is top-notch and you care about their pain.

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  1. Prove how you’ve helped previous clients in the past       

Build that content into your cold email template if you have reviews or testimonials that show how you have helped others with similar problems.

Reviews from past clients are recommended as evidence that you know what you are doing. If you do not have one, you can ask your next satisfied client to give a rating or a review of your work.

  1. Stick to one call to action

Preparing a call to action beforehand for your cold email is essential. Rather than redirecting your recipients to visit your Website or call you to know more, stick to a clear, easily achievable CTA.

For example, instead of saying, “You can call me on 080123… when you receive this.” Say instead, “Shall we schedule a call for next week? My contact number is 080123… I’ll be available on Tuesday and Friday. We can discuss your needs and determine which strategy/product is best for you.”

Do you see the difference? You have given them the exact step to follow and made them pregnant with your promise. This is one of the many cold email tips that will increase the chances of your mail getting opened and responded to.

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  1. Carefully select your language

This is one of the essential cold email tips you cannot ignore. Make sure you are speaking the same language as your prospective client. Make sure they understand your tune. If not, your message will be misinterpreted.

To prevent this, your conversation with your client should be like they are an older respected friend. This means your tune should be light, not insulting or disrespectful. Your message should be simple, too.

Instead of saying, “I heard rumors that your company has lacked a content writer for the past two months. This will stunt the growth of any company….”

Say instead, “I found out that your company needs a content writer. A content writer will surely improve the growth….”

The former will make your recipient feel guilty or even insulted, while the latter goes on to acknowledge what they need and address its importance. This is how to write a cold email that interests your Client.

  1. Schedule follow up emails

Many freelancers send a cold email and must remember to send a follow-up email. That is a huge mistake. Your follow-up email is more likely to get a better response because your emails have become familiar to the recipient.

However, they were too busy to reply or needed to remember to answer. A follow-up mail serves as a reminder.

The content of your follow-up mail should not be as though you are bugging them. Instead, it should be one of persuasion. If you are too busy to send them every time, schedule your mail to send them later, and make sure to cancel the rest when you receive a response.

  • Get Creative With Your Cold Email

How do you write a cold email that will get opened? The trick is an intriguing opening sentence!

The introductory paragraph is something that often gets people hooked. If the initial line is boring and plain, your recipient will hardly get to the ‘juicy’ part.

Even if you are not a writer, you can get creative. You know what will interest you and something you will brush off.

The worst mistake you can make is letting your cold email look like spam. Do you know those emails that you hardly open? They often begin with, “Treat as urgent!” Or, “Dear customer, you have received an important update….”

This is a mistake you should avoid. They would immediately feel like they are being spammed and they will get blocked.

If you follow these cold email tips, in no time, you’ll be able to write a cold email that helps you, secure high-paying clients. Below, I’ve attached some templates to guide you through writing your own email.

4 Versatile Cold Email Templates That Will Get You a Response

Sometimes, a little practice and examples make it easier to get creative. Now that you know the cold email tips to help you craft a better cold email, we’re moving to the next step.

You could use these templates or create your own from these. Let’s get started!

  1. The trigger event trick

This cold email template is about finding a recent reference about your client or their company that you can discuss and make them interested at once. For example, if they have been promoted, you can start like this:

Hi [Client’s name]

I saw on Twitter that you got promoted at work. Congratulations! You can use this [product/service] now! I understand how the workload as a [new position] must be now but using [product/service name] will make your work easier. You don’t need to worry about where to get it. 

I have the perfect [tool/product/service], and I am confident it will work fine for your [client’s need.] You can check out the product here: [Insert link to portfolio or Website.]

*Insert CTA.*”

  1. The reaction to a competitor trick

This cold email template would get your prospect hooked and trigger a response because who doesn’t want a service or product that can get them ahead of their competitor?

“Hi, [First name]

Did you notice that your competitor [mention the name of a well-known competitor with their company] had been using this new technology/product? Do you want to follow their lead? 

[Explain your service/product and tell them how you can help them get ahead.]

I have an even better offer! If you use the premium package instead of [mention package competitor used,] you’ll be generating 3x leads weekly. 

We can have a quick call anytime you’re free so that I can explain better. 

Best regards,

[Your name.]”

  1. The simple regular cold email template

If you want to be extra and keep it simple while still explaining who you are and how you can help them, this cold email template is for you.

Hi [Client’s name],

I recently discovered [company name] and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the [articles/service/product.]

Do you need [ your service, e.g., designers] to work on [ social media pages/ website/ blog/ etc.]? 

My name is [your name], and I specialize in [area of specialty.] I’ve worked with [brands/companies/business] such as [names or types of brands/companies/business.] You can see some of my work here [website or portfolio link].

*Insert CTA*


[Your name.]

This is how to write a cold email that you can twitch to fit in for many recipients. However, be careful not to spam. Remember, every client has a different pain point. Be sure to address it and offer help.

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  1. The referral cold email template

From the cold email tips listed above, one of the essential ones is leveraging referrals. This complex email template can be used whenever someone has referred you. This is how to write a cold email by using the referral trick.

“Hello [First name]

As a busy account manager, you’ve needed help inputting all customer details. 

*This is the point where they scream YES!* 

Your colleague [insert Referral’s name] was facing the same problem, and I helped her with this [product/tool] that automatically enters and arranges the data for her. 

[Referral’s name] thought you could use my help, and she asked me to contact you. Wouldn’t it be great if you had something like that? I have an even crazier offer. The updated version of this tool [mention tool] can calculate via audio. Yes, it’s what you are thinking. 

Can we get on a call on Monday or Tuesday to discuss the other details of this offer? 


[Your name.]

[Website’s link.]”

You can use this cold email template only if you get permission from the other clients to add their name. This cold email can also be tweaked to fit if it’s not a referral per se. It could be a testimonial or client review.


If you have always been confused about how to write a cold email that would get a response from prospective clients, this article has calmed your worries and answered your questions.

Writing a cold email is easier than it seems. It is productive too. By following these hard email tips, you’ll be able to write a cold email that will get you a freelance contract. You can also use these complex email templates for better results.

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