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How to Become a Customer Care Representative in Nigeria

by Tomisin Adeoye

Every business needs a good customer care representative, in order for the business to thrive successfully. We live in an age where bad publicity for any brand image is disastrous and utterly dreadful, and business owners are beginning to take customer satisfaction a whole lot more seriously.

Any transaction that entails the delivery of goods and services requires positive, excellent feedback.

Customer care services handle the business of seeing the customer experience with a product purchased or rendered. The goal, ultimately, is to achieve, maintain and increase customer retention.

The terms ‘Customer service’ and ‘Customer care’ might be assumed to be similar; there is, however, a subtle distinction. Customer service helps customers discover and use a product or service, ensuring a good experience that makes the journey smooth.

On the other hand, customer care goes further to attend to conflicts and complaints in a customer’s experience.

A Customer service/care representative is, therefore, a person who provides this service(s), standing as a link between the establishment and the customer/client. 

Interestingly, this role has gone beyond just on-site operations; there is an increased demand for this service in the digital space. Trust me; small customer care/service roles are available. 

Suppose you want to pursue a career as a customer care representative. In that case, it is important to arm yourself with relevant information and the right skill set to function as an excellent one. 

Functions of a Customer care Representative

  1. Maintain a good business image

A major responsibility here is to maintain a good image for the business. This is only achieved when a client/customer is satisfied with the service rendered.

  1. Rectify and minimize damage to the business

In a situation where a fault is detected or a complaint is made, quick rectification by the customer care representative is key to minimizing damage/loss to the establishment’s business operations and reputation.
Customer care representative

  1. Monitors Customers satisfaction

 A representative investigates and monitors a customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction and either seeks to improve the quality of service or attempts to resolve issues or disputes.

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  1. Refer escalated conflict to the appropriate authorities

The representative must also report or refer escalated/complex conflicts to the appropriate authorities. Interaction with a client or customer comes in physical/one-on-one, online, and phone calls.

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Qualities of a good Customer care representative

  1. Must possess time management skills

A quick thinker saves the day anytime. It is not pleasant when you, for instance, get through to a customer care representative to make an inquiry or lodge a complaint on a product or service, and you seem frustrated due to the sluggishness or ineptitude of the individual. Time is of the essence.

  1. Diplomat

A situation seemingly at its worst can only be brought under control in the shortest time by a Diplomatic individual. Knowing the right, most effective approach to tackling an issue goes a long way in successfully resolving conflict. This, in turn, provides a more conducive delivery of solutions to the issues in dispute.

  1. Ability to show empathy

Being Empathetic in engaging with a client/customer gives room for trust. Identifying their pain, distress, or displeasure with carefully chosen words and expressions depicts respect for feelings.

This also requires taking ownership and responsibility on behalf of the business. You have a high chance of preventing an escalation of conflict while attempting to provide clarity or solutions.

  1. Be a communication and interpersonal relationship expertise

Product expertise is key for any personnel representing a business as a first contact to the public. How else do you give out useful and relevant information, guidance, or solution to any problem if you are ignorant of the business’ operations, products, or services?

The sole purpose of a customer reaching out to the customer service department of an establishment is to seek help, which can only be rendered by an individual who is accurately known about the presented issue.

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  1. Be a good listener

A good listener is quicker at comprehension in any given interaction. The ability to understand with patience, even when engaging with an incoherent or irate complainant, is a quality that is highly valued. It gives a professional vibe that is well-appreciated.

  1. Be tech savvy

In a digital era, a Tech savvy customer care representative only gets work done smarter and faster. Technology tools available in all software and hardware packages are accessible and adaptable for anyone.

Becoming a good Customer care representative

  1. Educational Requirements

Although there are no specific disciplines in higher institutions of learning, especially in Nigeria, there is a wide range of readily available and accessible materials or courses both in the physical and digital spaces to equip anyone interested in picking up customer care service as a career.

A quick yet detailed search on the internet introduces you to points of learning and certifications to prepare you and consequently land you a desired spot on a career path in this field.

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  1. Skillset

  1. Excellent conversational skills: You should brush up on your communication power in whatever language or mode is required. Note that oral communication is successful with good listening and speaking skills.
  2. People and time management: A major skill to make you an excellent customer care representative is management: time or people. Mastering when, how, duration, and to what degree to engage and resolve any issue presents you as goal-oriented and productive.
  3. Strategic thinking: Handling issues successfully takes a lot of logical reasoning and informed decision-making. When faced with a difficult task or individual, you are required to proffer the best solutions, most of the time on the spot.
  4. Training yourself to remain calm under pressure while applying relevant acquired problem-solving skills empowers you to deliver a highly appreciated result.

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The desire to be a solution provider in the corporate world of Customer care/service is non-arguably noble. As a representative, your organization or business wins when every customer or client is impressed, satisfied, and returns for more of your products or services. That, I am certain, makes everyone, including you, happier, more confident, and ultimately fulfilled. Here’s hoping you get the right nudge and motivation to set out on this journey.

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