Five Things to Avoid at Your Next Job Interview

by Oluwanifemi Akintomide
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Job Interview

Your performance at a job interview determines to a large extent whether or not you’ll get the job. That’s why I’m providing this list of top mistakes to avoid in a job interview. If you’ve made any of these before, this is a friendly reminder that you can do better.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in A Job Interview

  1. Lateness

Lateness is a great offence that a job-seeker must not commit. You have no excuse to be late for a job interview. Coming late to an interview automatically gives a bad impression of you in the interviewer’s mind, and I’m pretty sure that isn’t what you need. 

Before the interview, conduct research on the location, distance, and how to get there. It will aid your journey on the day of the interview.

In the case of an online interview, have a strong network connection and every other thing like a quiet environment. Be also aware of how to join the meeting. These will help you turn up at the right time for the meeting. 

Turning up early for the interview gives you ample time to gather yourself before the interview starts.

  1. Lack of preparation

The adage that says “proper preparation prevents poor performance” couldn’t be more accurate than in this case. 

Lack of preparation is a big mistake you should avoid in a job interview at all costs. 

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Some things to pay attention to include:

  • Research, the company you want to work for its vision, structure, and objectives. You can get this information from the company’s website or social media pages.
  • Research your interviewers. If you know their names, you can check them up on LinkedIn to gain insight into their personalities and interests. It will be helpful during the interview as you can leverage common interests and experiences.
  • Research the job position. Have a good understanding of the role you’re applying for. Be aware of all the requirements for the job and prepare yourself in that regard. It is wrong to go for an interview without knowing these vital things. This mistake is one that you should avoid in a job interview.
  • There are frequently asked interview questions. Get hold of these questions and know how to answer them. Prepare questions that you would also want to ask your interviewers. Interviewers love it when you ask intellectual questions as it tells them that you’re fit for the job. Also, prepare all the necessary documents and papers you may need during the interview. 
  • Preparation for an interview does not exclude dressing. Prepare the appropriate dress. The required outfit is usually corporate in most cases, except otherwise stated. 

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You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you go to an interview without all these things in place. Good preparation always leads to success. Moreso, doing your research will boost your confidence level for the interview. 

  1. Body composure

You must be careful of your non-verbal communication. You need to know how to present yourself during an interview. Your body language must correspond with the words in your mouth. The time of the interview is not the time to fold your arms at your back or look downwards or sideways. You may be nervous, but you don’t have to make it obvious.

Fidgeting and nervousness are things you should avoid in a job interview.

Maintain eye contact, sit up straight and express yourself confidently. You can add a bit of enthusiasm to show that you’re interested in the job. 

It’s not only what you say but also how you say it matters. Be careful not to come out as overconfident or arrogant, as this is a turn-off for interviewers. 

  1. Distractions

Distraction is the next thing to avoid in a job interview. While an interview is happening, it is not the best time to zone out or be lost in thoughts. Distractions can also come from your cell phone or other things in the environment. That’s why you should keep your phone on silent and give your 100% focus to the interview. Stay engaged and build a connection with your interviewers. 

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  1. Careless talk

Be very careful of what you say during an interview, as it portrays a lot about who you are to your interviewer. 

Pay attention to what you say in the following areas: 

  • Your qualifications: Don’t tell lies in an interview. Don’t say what you can’t do or what you’ve not done just to impress. Provide accurate information about your education and accomplishments. If the recruiter eventually finds out that you lied, you would have betrayed their trust and will lose that opportunity, so why not speak the truth?
  • Complaints: Speaking ill of your previous company or boss or focusing on bad experiences are things to avoid in a job interview. If you keep complaining, the interviewer will see you as a complaining employee and believe you’ll speak the same way about him if he was your previous boss. So try to keep the discussion positive. You can share how you overcame unpleasant experiences and the lessons you learned.
  • Casual talks or slang: Remember this is a professional meeting, so keep it that way. Don’t speak to an interviewer the same way you talk to your best friend and don’t use slang.
  • Rambling: Avoid rambling during a job interview. Everything you say should be clear, concise, and straight to the point. Don’t say what’s not necessary or talk about personal or unrelated issues that are not beneficial to the matter at hand. Respond well to questions asked and don’t do all the talking, be an active listener as well. 

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There are two determinants to getting a job, you and the recruiters. If you note these things to avoid in a job interview, you would have played your part well. Your recruiter would be much obliged to play his part by giving you the job. 

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