How to write an effective sales copy that sells

Learn the hacks of writing effective sales copy for your business

by Peace Akinwale

Effective sales copywriting is one of the ultimate skills every business owner must possess to boost their daily sales.

Every marketer or service provider needs a persuasive sales copy that compels their buyers or readers to take action. Using images and short videos to visualize your advert makes hell sense; however, it is never enough. 

You need to know how to write an effective sales copy that really sells.

If you provide digital or offline services, you also need a compelling sales copy. 

For example, if you want people to subscribe to your newsletter, consult your counseling session, attend a virtual event, or subscribe to your email list. The needs are just endless.

In this article, I will show you how to write an effective sales copy for your business website and landing page. I will also show you the tips for writing a persuasive copy letter.

I will reveal the crucial blueprint you need to illustrate while writing your sales copy. 

Furthermore, you will understand how your copywriting can compel your buyers and readers to act on anything you are promoting.

What is a sales copy?

Sales copy aims to persuade consumers to purchase a product or patronize a service. It could also be a text to urge readers to take a specific action.

Like make them inquire about the services you offer, purchase your digital product, follow you on social media and several others. 

Fast tip: The most outstanding sales copy concentrates on the benefits of consumers. That is, a sales copy must not bore the readers, but convince them to take action on the service you are pitching to them.

Your sales copy should convert and sell. 

And It will indeed convert if you write a persuasive sales copy that allows readers or consumers to understand your service and understand why they need your product or service. 

The sales copy is more like a complement to your product; it must by no means go wrong.

Note: Ensure that you can forge an emotional connection with your audience while writing your sales letter. Meanwhile, the type and level of the emotion depend heavily on the people you are targeting.

If you’re advertising sex dolls or female panties, you need to add words that hit the points and call out the materials’ qualities. Especially how they could feel comfortable using your materials. Perhaps the “thermoplastic elastomers” or the durability.

Who Is a Sales Copywriter?

A copywriter creates compelling and persuasive sales copy to sell products, educate and engage customers through different products available for sale. A sales copywriting is persuasive, and the art applies to product descriptions, newsletters, banner advertising, social media platform advertisement, etc.

Sales copywriters also brainstorm concepts and develop stories. They work with the marketing team and other creative departments to enhance their communication strategies.

Hence, a sales copywriter also needs to be a professional writer to express the essential details.

Tip: You can read my previous article on how to write a compelling sales copy.

How does sales copy work?

There are a few things you must know about sales copywriting. Effective sales copywriting details the product and its qualities. The features of the product you share with the public are the attractive point your sales copy needs.

You must avoid using flowery words, and you go straight to the point.

The most important is customer reviews and the sales copy.

Your sales copy attracts your customer first before he/she reads customer reviews. This is the reason why you need a sales copywriter who can make your business grow with effective sales copywriting.

7 Essential things you must note when writing a sales copy

Your sales copy must be:

  1. Engaging

A sales copy focuses on reader and consumer benefits. While writing a sales copy, make sure you highlight and illustrate the features of the product. Plus, how it can benefit the reader. The reader will not be compelled to heed your call to action if there are no benefits.

  1. Credible

Your sales copy must be credible. To write a compelling sales copy, you must demonstrate why your product is a better option. It must be hype-free yet illustrate the quality of the product and services and why it is more reliable.

  1. Comprehensive

You cannot make sales with copywriting filled with ambiguous words or is hard to understand by your readers. Your readers must easily access your writing.

Note: can a 7th grade student reader copy without picking up a dictionary? Ensure it is elementary English.

  1. Concise

Your readers do not have enough patience and the luxury of time to read lengthy texts. This is why I emphasize straight-to-the-point copywriting. An emphasis, however, must be placed on the features and quality of the product.

  1. Persuasive

Effect sales copy must compel a reader or consumer to take action. These are the things to note to write an irresistible copywriting to market a product or promote your services.

  1. Doubtless

Your sales copy must answer all questions your readers might nurse in their mind while reading your copy. It must clear their doubts and look to relate to the cause of their insecurities and look for a way to make them safe.

  1. Guarantee

People are already tired of trying out products. They want something that can guarantee that particular needs they want to solve. Make sure your copy guarantees solutions to that particular problem your product or services want to solve. 

How to write a sales copy that really sells

Here are some powerful techniques for writing effective sales copy. The following are what you should note to write a sales copy that attracts your readers and sells:

  1. Create a catchy headline

The first thing your readers see on your sales copy is your headline. A good headline directs your readers’ focus to the content. Your headline should focus on the significance of your product.

Your priority in the headline is explaining what you do, or how readers can benefit from your service or product.

For example, Larry King’s “How to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere”  is one of the most sold books in the word.

The book topic purely answers any question might have on “how to talk with people”.

As thing is applicable for your sales copy headline too.

Readers gain their first insight into any copywriting with the headline. If your headline doesn’t hit the basics, you could lose your audience.

Don’t forget, your headline must include the benefits of your product or the service you offer.

  1. Use engaging introduction

After your headline, the next thing your readers will read is your introductory text. If your headline already arrests them, then the next item on their mind is if your offer is really for them. And your introduction will decide that. 

Don’t turn them off with a boring and irrelevant introduction. Create an enticing introduction that steals their attention with value.

For example, you can use a creative line like

“Memories are like wet dreams; they tend to disappear immediately. What do you do to bring them back?” to open a sales pitch for people to come and buy a diary.

  1. Write short sentences

It is effortless to read short sentences. Long sentences keep your readers bored, and they could lose track of your message, especially if your copy is full of lengthy sentences. 

A compelling sales piece must be easy to read. Short sentences help you achieve this easily. 

They have profound effects. Short sentences can be used as a footnote, thus:

“This is the latest product of technology. It is unprecedented.”

Shorter sentences are easier to understand, and it improves the rhythm of your writing. 

Tip: if you have written long sentences, just cut them into two. It gives your writing order, and it makes it easier to assess. If cutting it into two makes some parts uncomplete, erase redundant words, and fix the sentences. Thumbs up!

  1. Use nuggets and familiar witty statements

People like to read sensitive words. For example, proverbs that express ideas in simple and short ways.

For a long time now, many financial coaches are typical of words like make your money work for you“. When the term “Work from home.” is becoming popular during this 21st century.

You can also make use of quotations from a book to express your ideas. Meanwhile, don’t do this excessively. When you note excess use of words, erase them.

Focus on the stories that communicate your ideas to your audience in a simple way. This will set your audience in the right mood of education and entertainment.

  1. Flaunt your expertise to achieve reliability and credibility

Don’t use lies to convince them. Reveal your hidden knowledge in the copywriting, and they’ll trust you more. If you need to do adequate research, do it. 

Everything you write about must be accurate. It shows you are an authority in your niche. You can include the data or information that you think is important in your copywriting. 

For example, if you’re writing a sales copy for a firearm producer in the U.S., you can write:

“According to Gallup surveys in 2019, over 43% of Americans have firearms. They are the primary means of self-defense from crime.”

Presenting details like this make it enjoyable. The details make them recognize the facts. It establishes the credibility of the product.

Also, details must include the qualities of the product. Include specific quality of the product or service, and be specific.

  1. Tell stories

Storytelling is the best way to create memorable scenes in your readers’ heads. It is one of the most effective tools to bring your customers back even if they do not buy from you immediately.

You can tell a story about what inspires you into the manufacture of the product, and how you have diversified and still have to come back to finish the project. 

You can use stories to talk about your product. Use the story idea to talk about the source of the product. You can also use storytelling to talk about the challenges, research, and testing procedures.

All these, with compelling storytelling skills, will make it memorable.

  1. Persuade your readers with the problems you’ll solve

Your readers will heed your call to action if they realize that your product will solve their problems. 

Your readers will highly consider you if you show the quality of your product or services as solutions to their nagging concerns. While making a copywriting, mention all the features and the problems it solves. 

For example, you’re marketing a phone with 5000 MaH, write something like:

“Your phones cannot last the whole day because it performs huge tasks. It’s reversible. No matter the tasks you perform with this product, it will still last for over 35 hours.”

  1. Describe quality through analogies

Analogies connect the quality of your products or services with other things that have identical attributes.

For example, FaceTime uses something like:

“The quality of FaceTime video calls is so surprising. It’s as if you’re in the same room with whoever’s on the other end.”

Sometimes, explaining the quality of your product is difficult. However, comparing them with something else is simpler.

It will be easier to relate with. Especially when the quality of your products is linked to something your readers already know.

  1. Clear their doubt

Your audience will definitely have reservations or objections. Overcome them! You must always anticipate objections. Many products and services are offering similar services to yours. Readers want to know why your product is different, and why they must patronize you.

You must be able to reassure your readers by highlighting their objections. Let them know that you know their mind. Address those objections by emphasizing the distinct quality of your product or services.

If you’re a phone marketer and want people to patronize your company, mention your customer services and relations. As well as the extra packaging you attach to your product. 

You want to be persuasive; therefore, you must gather ideas of their objection. When you do, write a sales copy that tackles the objections.

To know more about their complaints, ask customers for their expectations.

  1. Attract your readers will powerful words

Some words create mental images in your readers’ minds. Your sales copy must include them. 

Remember when I said you could forge emotional connection depending on your product or services?

For example., if you’re writing a sales copy to make people join your diary mailing list, you can start with something like: 

“When I was a child, I read from my mother’s blue and rumpled diary. She wrote that I was born on a Saturday morning. My father was almost at the farm when he got the call.”

This is storytelling. When you learn how to use tender yet powerful words to engage your readers, you’ll be able to focus on them. They’ll learn about the purpose of your product or services. 

They’ll imagine their experience and their own experience while using the product or services you bring to them.

  1. Be persuasive with your call to action

After wooing your readers with your effective copywriting skills, clickable links are okay to encourage them to patronize you. A specific call to action button shows that you’re ready for business.

It also respects customers who are instantly interested in buying your products or consulting your services.

For example, after your sales copy for sex toys, you can have a buying backlink with:

“Order online: shipment within (a specific location) is free; your goods will be delivered to your door.

If you write a sales copy to patronize a sex therapist, you can use;

“Call Charles Duncan: he wants to speak with you.”

You have already encouraged your readers with the benefit of the product or service. Do more, and make your call to action more specific and standard.

How to format your sales and make it reader’s friendly

After engaging your powerful healing and engaging content, another important thing is to format it well and make it easy to read. 

Most of your audience will be reading the piece on their phone; thus, you need to make it large and very easy to read. 

Use a big font like 14 or 18, along with enough spacing and padding where necessary. Feel free to use some relevant graphic and short video presentations.

Add some colorful text to your copy, but don’t overwhelm it. It will piss your audience off. 

If your website is not responsive for mobile, reach your developer for complaints or take advantage of our sponsored posts page.

Make the headline and sub-topic bolder than the contents. It helps your readers to take their breath and follow on. 

Tip: DigitalPud also offers professional web and graphic design services. Feel free to contact us for a custom, professional, and mobile responsive website design.

How to do great copywriting for sales funnel?

An essential aspect of a sales funnel is copywriting. The knowledge of sales funnels itself can be applied into copywriting. The process entails the creation of words that impress prospective customers through the funnel.

A significant sales funnel copywriting encourages your prospects and customers to share their contact details with you, become loyal to consulting your service and products, and become your long-term customers.

An effective sales funnel captures a steady stream of your visitors and turns them into customers or lovers of your business. Because of this, you need to focus on using the words choice that resonates with your readers.

Possibly, use words and imbibe emotions that spark a response in the reader, based on their position in the funnel, to keep them engaged until they obey your call to action.

An effective sales funnel copywriting focuses on the generative motivations all customers have, their potential relationship with your business, and the emotions you have to evoke in them. A compelling sales funnel copywriting builds a system that enhances sales.

Five essential things your sales funnel copywriting should focus on sales funnel copywriting

  1. Awareness: Your business must have the proper keywords your potential customers are searching for to acquire your services.
  2. Interest: here, potential customers sign up for your services or product for a trial.
  3. Decision: Here, the potential customer is interested in your service. He or she will weigh the pricing, features, and other options.
  4. Action: The customer makes a purchase.
  5. Retention: As a business owner, it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship. By this, he/she will patronize you again and recommend you to others.

An example of a good sales funnel copywriting includes a landing page, an ad on Facebook or Google linking to a website, a series of automated emails for customers, a compelling Call to Action button and a purchase link, etc. All these make the buyer feel confident, safe, and comfortable to do business with you.


Customer Purchase Journey

A customer typically passes 3 different phases before making a purchase.

  1. Awareness Phase

The first phase is the Awareness Phase. Your customer realizes the need for your product and how important it is to have it. However, your customer doesn’t know you yet.

  1. Consideration Phase

The second phase is the Consideration Phase. This is when the customer begins to research what product would solve his/her problem. Let’s say the customer wants to buy a washing machine. He or she checks the internet for digital shopping sites. Such customers will definitely check customer reviews, find the About Us page, and source other sites. The consideration phase is like the most important. Having a great copywriting skill with a bend of SEO will give you a significant edge over your competition here.

  1. Decision Phase

The third phase is the Decision Phase. At this junture, the customer will choose any online platforms to buy his/her product. This can be an independent website like DigitalPud or a freelance platform like Fiverr.

Whichever way the customer chooses is based on three things?

  1. The web content or sales copy
  2. How appealing your website looks
  3. The quality and consistency of the seller through customer reviews


Summarily, focus on your readers when you write. It is a smart way to show that you care about them. Illustrate what your product or service has to offer them. 

Use powerful words that will evoke their imaginations as if they’re using your products already. As I’ve noted earlier, anticipate all objections and address them in your sales copy.

And when wring your sales copy, write with passion. Your enthusiasm can help you as a copywriter to will boost your sales copy.

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