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by Taiwo Sotikare
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online reputation management service

People’s perception of your business plays a crucial role in your success story. Nothing makes or mars your business faster than customers’ feedback, especially on the internet. Therefore, you need to be deliberate if you want to build a good online reputation.

You must constantly watch people’s reviews on different online platforms which can be arduous to achieve. Hence the need to hire an online reputation management service. 

This article will provide an in-depth approach to choosing reputable management companies that will work well with your marketing and branding strategy.

You will also discover the best management software products, including their features, pricing, and most exciting approaches.

What is Online Reputation Management Service?

Online Reputation Management service keeps tabs on your business identity, responds to customers’ feedback on different review platforms, and gives you collective feedback on how people perceive your business. 

Online reputation management involves sustaining an excellent online identity, spiking positive reviews, and countering negative ones. Online reputation management services help you build public perception of your brand. They eliminate negative reviews that may negatively affect customer conversions and promote exciting ones. One beautiful thing about the online reputation management company is that you do not have to do the hard work because they have you covered.

Do You Need a Reputation Management Service?

A 2022 Globenewswire survey revealed that 95% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing products, and 58% of these consumers will pay more for products with good online reviews. 

In February 2018, KFC — a famous chicken restaurant — ran out of chicken. It was an unbelievable scenario, which led to the company closing down some of its restaurants that couldn’t provide customers with crispy fried chicken.

This was bad PR for KFC, which had served the public since 1952. But somehow, the company turned the bad reviews that plagued it into good PR when it released a press release regarding why it happened with a chicken bowl that had KFC rearranged to FCK! 

This was refreshing and funny to upset customers, and the bad reviews decreased drastically. Now chicken lovers are buying their favourite menu from KFC, a company that managed its reputation well.

An angry customer’s review about your late delivery can cause a decline in product orders. The same can happen if many customers’ reviews say your products are overpriced. The reviews also affect your business growth and development. That is how powerful reviews are.

Reputation management companies protect you from these public backlashes with their inbuilt approach and strategies. They also;

  • Maintain and repair your brand’s outlook through positive reviews, allowing you to work on any negative reviews or experiences from dissatisfied customers.
  • Provide a team of strategists who use tactics and approaches to monitor customers’ purchase experience and see any differences. 
  • Increase your star ratings on Google and other platforms. 
  • Assess and report your business activities to monitor your impact and growth process.
  • Build your positive image, and repair the damaged one.
  • Provides real-time alerts on what is happening with your business outside your imagination.  

How Do You Discover the Best Online Reputation Management Service for Your Business?

Most Online reputation management software and services are down to a particular line of business. The idea is to create a customer and tailored solution that best suit your business. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the ones that specialize in your industry. Below are a few essential points you should pay close attention to when choosing your choice of reputation management companies:

  • Does it solve your business problems?
  • Can reputation management software handle your business size? 
  • Does it work well with your marketing strategy? You should understand the kind of business your chosen software tends to. For instance, a reputation management company that provides medical associations services may not be fit for a clothing brand.
  • Have you clarified your pain points? You should know where and what the reputation management company wants to tackle, to give you headway on the best approach and strategies.
  • Plan for the long term. Building your online reputation is gradual, and you may wait to see results. In the meantime, you should prepare for any crises that may arise during your growth process and ensure you employ the services of companies that can handle every urgent situation.
  • Are they reputable? The online reputation management company you choose must have enough experience to help you achieve your goal.

10 Best Online Reputation Management Services

  1. Net Reputation


Net Reputation protects businesses from harm

Net reputation offers reputation management services to businesses and individuals. The company removes and replaces harmful content against your business. 

Its business reputation management services cut across;

  • Reputation Monitoring 
  • Reputation management 
  • Branding 
  • Review management 
  • Public relations
  • Social media management, profile creation, and optimization
  • Local and general SEO
  • Wikipedia page creation, solutions, and monitoring 

Many businesses prioritize damage control regarding reputation management, and your brand is no exception. Net reputation responds to negative reviews on review platforms like Yelp, Google Maps, Trust pilot, and others. The company also extends its services to scout for people’s reviews about your company on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and many others. 

Beyond monitoring people’s online reviews, Net Reputation offers professional advice on how to keep a healthy business profile. Consider it more like a consultation on how you can provide more customer-friendly services and influence customers to be nice to you on review platforms. 

Net reputation offers something similar to marketing – content marketing. This deals with creating web properties highlighting all your business services and backing them up with positive customer reviews. The content represents your brand to the public. Simply put, it shapes how your audience views your business. 

It also collaborates with you to improve and brand relevant aspects of your visibility, influencing online sentiments about your company. Their industry focus includes Education, Business service, Health Care & Medical.

They have worked with famous brands. Clients include Carrier Rentals, Wesley College, Novotel, Angie’s List, Oracle, Great Wolf Lodge, Owens Corning, Huntington Learning Center, Berkshire Hathaway, UGL Limited, Liberty University, Quaker Chemical, State of NJ.

The best part of Net Reputation management software is that it keeps you updated on every step it takes to help you understand its moves. This lets you focus and build on your priorities too. 

However, it might take longer for Net Reputation to remove some content and cost more for continuous monitoring.

Their pricing plan ranges from

  • $2,500 for a free 3-month campaign
  • $10,000 to $15,000 for heavily focused projects. 
  1. Rater8


Rater8 is for the health industry

Rater8 is the number one online public review management company in the health industry. They track all reviews connected to your brand and seek means to optimize it for positive impressions. Their focus is not limited to patient comments on your brand; they also review what other health practitioners say. This includes your employees like doctors, nurses or even the domestic staff. Simply put, they help healthcare professionals and companies gather online reviews and optimize for great online credibility. 

Rater8 has the perfect software to create online reviews, compile patient feedback seamlessly, increase your presence with social posts, and get verified patient reviews. They also offer the following:

  • Healthcare reputation management by outshining the local competition 
  • Collection of patient feedback to capture their voice and gain operational oversight 
  • Showcase your company through online presence and automated social posts to support your business visibilities 
  • Patient satisfaction survey 
  • Growth in online reviews and ratings. 

The exciting thing about Rater8 is that it has easy automated solutions that quietly run in the background and allow your medical team to send real-time patient surveys. Your team has to be directly involved with Rater8 during all business activities to suggest possible tweaks to help improve your performance on various platforms and make necessary changes. 

Princeton Orthopedic Associates, a community of extraordinary orthopaedic care, tripled their Google reviews from 3.3 to 4.6 in less than a month; that is a 1,336% increase, from 55 to 262 reviews. They did this while using Rater8.

Rob Simpson, the Executive Director at the Princeton Orthopedic Associates, says that “it took years to accumulate the 55 reviews, and only a month to build almost 200”, and they owe it all to Rater8.

Simpson shared that although Princeton Orthopedic Associates are “leaders in the market with fellowship-trained doctors who provide excellent care at state-of-the-art facilities,” their online reviews did not reflect that superiority.

He said that handing out business cards with links to review doctors took too much of the staff’s time and could not deliver the needed results. And that is when they decided to look for a healthcare-focused reputation management solution that interfaced seamlessly with their practice management system and automated building online reviews. Rater8 met those criteria, and that incredible increase was birthed.

Rater8 gives you access to one of the leading reputation management companies that will adequately build online reviews of your healthcare provider and improve your patient feedback.

Rater8’s pricing plan includes 

  • Free trial 
  • Essential pricing plan rated $69 with a free 30-day trial
  • (Popular) Plus plan of $89 and has a free 30-day trial. 
  1. WebiMax


WebiMax is a results-driven digital marketing agency

WebiMax is a results-driven digital marketing agency that specializes in business reputation management. It helps businesses develop and maintain a wide range of public images and business data by offering various online reputation management services to bridge the gap between companies and their target audiences.

Webimax can turn your already negative reputation and bad press into something better by removing the bad media and promoting high-quality, yet positive, content. Webimax is a credible reputation management company that works closely with its clients to understand each crisis’s nuances and set goals for maintaining reputation.

It also offers a kind of comprehensive reputation analytics tool to discover where your business needs help, enhance it, and create excellent strategies that fit your business goals and budget.

  • Webimax services include;
  • Review acquisition
  • Social media marketing 
  • Web design
  • SEO and search engine management 
  • Local marketing 
  • Lead generation analysis 
  • Public relations
  • Conversation optimization. 

As a digital marketing brand, WebiMax boasts your business reputation by providing a crafted reputation analysis that enhances your social media marketing with high-quality profile reviews and tailors its approach to each digital marketing campaign.   

Webimax’s reputation management process is confidential and secure. Therefore, they might be the best choice if you need online reputation management software to repair or develop your brand’s perception.

Webimax has worked with several businesses to help them turn their ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. For instance, Smith Publicity, a book marketing company, recorded a 40% increase in lead volume without exceeding its existing budget. Besides that, Webimax helped Smith Publicity reduce its cost per lead from $60 to $36 within the initial three months of campaign optimization. 

WebiMax is cost-effective and suitable for businesses that require assistance developing an online reputation management strategy. It has no free version but offers a monthly payment depending on the business strategy needed.

  1. NiceJob


NiceJob improves your brand’s status

Nicejob is an excellent choice if you want more reviews, referrals, and sales for your business. In addition, the company provides word-of-mouth marketing to contribute to your business growth and increase sales. 

NiceJob gives you the tools to turn your loyal customers into business advocates, resulting in referrals. In addition, the software makes it easy for them to recommend your business to their friends and family. It also places your best customer reviews on your website as a form of social proof. This will drive sales to your business since good reviews are catalysts for financial growth.

It also makes your business growth easier by offering your business access to the following:

  • Website management 
  • Growth to the local business and online reputation improvement
  • Social media marketing
  • Website engagement
  • Reputation management 

You should consider NiceJob if you want to build a steady stream of online reviews, give prospects the confidence to book your business, and invest in follow-ups and review outreach. It automates your review process and schedules constant follow-ups, increasing your review rates and helping retain customers. 

Jamie Doyle, the content marketing manager for Webrunner, said, “Reviews are essential to any contracting business, but getting them can be a challenge. After evaluating various industry tools, we knew NiceJob was a frontrunner and would be a preferred solution for contractors.”

Jamie Doyle said this in awe of Nicejob’s reputation management software. Webrunner also got to display their reviews on social media and Google ratings in 5 stars, making it an excellent review increase by 1,334%. 

 Nicejob’s pricing budget includes the following:

  • A basic plan with a 14-day free trial at no cost per month 
  • Standard plan at $75/ month
  • Convert rate at $99/ month
  • Bundle pricing at $174/ month. 
  1. Brand24


Brand24 is popular among businesses

Brand24 is an online reputation management tool that easily tracks your competitors and gives your business approaches to building a sustainable reputation management program. 

Brand24 is unique. Unlike many online reputation management companies, it can also be used as a sentiment tracker and a sourcing tool for your business. In addition, Brand24 lets your business interact with new audiences and build workable social media relationships with your customers. 

It safeguards your online reputation by quickly detecting positive, neutral, and negative comments, responding to dissatisfied customers through automated sentiment analysis, and encouraging conversation that reduces the likelihood of negative reviews.

Brand24 brings you closer to your customers. It helps you learn and understand what they like or dislike about your business and improves your communication through customer satisfaction. It ultimately creates a friendly approach to your business growth.  


Monitor your brand’s growth with Brand24

Many prominent brands like Uber have used the services of Brand24 to understand their customers. For example, Uber used the social listening service by Brand24 to discover and understand its features that discouraged drivers and riders from the company. It also helped Uber know which component got the best usage to improve the services rendered to their customers and employees.  

Krzysiek Radoszewski, Uber marketing lead, confirmed that “While working on the new app, they were interested in how their users were utilizing the older version, and how they would like to do it in the ideal world. So Uber used Brand24 social media monitoring to look at the markets where they were present, to solve their curiosity”. 

Brand24 tracks your brand’s market, mentions, and notifications and evaluates your marketing or public relations tools. Simply put, it monitors your media footprint by analyzing your social media comments, blogs, news, videos, podcasts, forums, and reviews. 

It also offers services like

  • Hashtag tracking
  • KPIs tracking and reaching engagement metrics
  • Improving your customer satisfaction, 
  • Providing adequate protection for your online reputation management 
  1. Reputation Defense Network


The Reputation Defense Network gives you the power to protect your business

Reputation Defense Network (RDN) is your best bet if you need to remove false comments that harm your reputation on websites or social media. It combines a technical approach with a legal approach to delete online content that stings or causes defamation for your business. These could be articles, social media posts, blog posts, and fake content.

Of course, you need guidance from attorneys and industry experts to approach the new strategy. You also need them to guide you while expunging and effectively managing harmful content while building your online reputation.

While RDN does not provide a comprehensive reputation management service, it focuses on the tactical removal of defamatory content and controls how its clients are perceived online. It also sets the record straight when your business’s online reputation has been slashed, protects your online reputation management from future damage, and gives you power over online criticism. 

You can also utilize RDN’s cutting-edge solution to ensure legal forensic measures, an extensive network of SEO experts, and unparalleled search algorithm knowledge. This way, you only let people see what you want them to see, with no false feedback.

The Reputation Defense Network gives you the power to protect your business against online criticism and lets you take charge of defamatory reviews. All these achieve a goal: present your brand with a fresh outlook.  

RDN pricing has a transparent approach depending on your strategy and guarantees a strong pull for potential charges after project completion. 

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  1. Podium 


Podium offers a modern approach to online reputation service

Podium offers an excellent reputation management service with a modern approach to optimizing your company’s reputation. Its messaging platform invites happy customers interacting with your team to leave a review of their experience via a custom link. Podium focuses on gathering high-quality customer reviews to keep your reputation sterling.

You can also use this reputation management software to set up a live chat widget on your website to ease customers’ concerns. Podium also notifies you (in real-time) each time you have a review or update. This helps you take swift action at the right time when customers are engaging more online.


Podium makes it easier to track your development

For example, replying to these customers with a “Thank you, we are glad you enjoyed the product,” or a “We will pass your complaints to the sales team” makes them feel “seen.”

Podium fixes your business’s online reputation with features that include: 

  • Webchat
  • Messaging board 
  • Instant review services 
  • Approachable business line

Podium worked with Advanced Technology Group (ATG), a quote to the cash consultancy company, to increase their sales visibility, manage their automated services, and improve creation consistency. This helped AGC achieve some business goals.

Podium’s plan also allows you to generate customer surveys ranging from text marketing to review services and reputation management. You can start with the starter plan for a fee of about $189 per month.  

  1. Review Monkey 

review monkey

Review Monkey makes it easier to get customers’ reviews

Review Monkey is a browser-based app that focuses on helping businesses get more reviews by streamlining customers’ review processes. The application uses a simple and effective buying experience, which results in positive and real-time feedback that improves your online reputation. 

As a serious business with its online reputation, you can leverage review Monkey to get more Reviews from your customers. It gives them preset messages that customers can easily edit to drop a new custom review about their experience with you. 

When your customers know you care about improving your services through their feedback, they are more willing to buy from you again.

It focuses on services such as

  • increasing positive reviews.
  • Customer engagement by text, email, or link
  • Initiation of real-time reviews with high conversion 

It also boosts reviews by tracking and managing them, developing social suites by listening and responding to posts, giving insight into each feedback, and analyzing each action with text and mail. 

Its pricing plan varies depending on your subscription. These subscriptions include monthly and yearly plans with different benefits. It includes the following:

  • Single location monthly subscription at $99
  • Multi-location at a $199 monthly rate 
  • Franchise monthly subscription at $299 monthly. 
  1. Reputation


Reputation gives complete customer experience surveys that gather and boost reviews.  

Reputation is the only reputation management software that manages customer feedback from acquisition to loyalty. Its services are spread across over 77 industries, including healthcare, restaurants and hospitality, financial services, and property management. It also gives complete customer experience surveys that gather and boost reviews.  

Reputation is designed to meet customers’ needs from different directions, giving businesses and brands a hand in handling and managing customer feedback at all levels. 

It goes in-depth to convert your customer’s loyalty to your business. Since customer loyalty equals business growth, reputation analyzes your competitors’ ratings and reviews and compares your performances to theirs for improvement and advice. They help you identify every possible opportunity for your business to perform better. 

It focuses on social and digital experiences to help your business build strong customer relationships. Also, you should consider reputation management software if you need a modern management company to optimize your brand’s visibility. 

Customer satisfaction is also essential in building and repairing online reputation management. First, reputation gives your business insight into users’ feedback. Then, it strategically understands their experience, assesses employees’ satisfaction levels, and provides practical crisis management tips in case of any.

Reputation also:

  •  keeps you aware of your customer’s needs
  • Converts clients to your business offers
  • Retain them by constantly listening to their needs
  • Gives customers an advocacy edge for your business

This reputation management software combines customer reviews on social media with customer feedback via text and surveys to determine how to optimize your business’s online reputation. 

The reputation pricing plan depends on your chosen strategy. 

  1. Go Fish Digital

Go fish

Go Fish Digital helps in creating a long-term reputation plan

Go Fish Digital in earnest the power of SEO and paid media to boost the brand’s online reputation. Go Fish Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in;

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital PR
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Design & Development
  • Paid Media
  • Influencer Marketing and 
  • Copywriting services. 

The brand was founded in 2015 as a small digital marketing agency and has grown tremendously to become one of the top 10 reliable online reputation service providers. 

The goal of Go Fish Digital is to guide you in developing a long-term online reputation management strategy that goes beyond harmful content and social media without meddling with Google and its algorithms. 

It is a digital marketing reputation management company that provides business management improvement services such as;

  • brand building, 
  • brand pairing, 
  • and brand protection.

Its online reputation management software provides detailed insight into your customers’ reviews and online comments. Go Fish Digital works with Yelp, Google, Bing, and Yahoo search to manage reviews of businesses they specialize in to repair brands’ online reputations.

Joybird, an eCommerce furniture business, increased its website revenue by 40%. It also increased its click-through rate by 52% through the Go Fish Digital modus operandi. Joybird was even featured in a Google case study for its impressive performance. 

Go Fish Digital monitors all internet holes for threads to create a strategy that works in your business’s favour. It helps to push your positive comments in your audience’s direction. It also analyzes any possibility of poor reviews violating Yelp guidelines and then submits the review to Yelp for proper removal. 

 Go Fish Digital reputation management;

  • Keeps you updated on the daily search results.
  • Creates a strong case for you to remove negative reviews on the Yelp 
  • Manage negative reviews about your business 

Since your online reputation isn’t defined by search results alone, it also develops strategies like online review management, Google autocomplete, image search, proactive reputation management, and tools tracker that make  tracking easy.


Building a solid online reputation takes time and lots of work. It takes years to counter many negative reviews to build a solid reputation, and it can take a lot of work to manage. This is where online reputation management services come in.

Online perception defines businesses and brands. And your company’s positive reviews give you a competitive advantage that will help your brand’s growth. Therefore, it is essential that you remove content, control the digital narrative concerning your brand, and identify current threats to build a visible and progressive brand.

Developing a reputable online presence takes time, especially if you embark alone or with your marketing team. Reputation Management companies change the narrative. They help your business achieve its online reputation goals, turning your company into a sought-after brand.

However, each reputation management company specializes in different expertise, strategies, and approaches, and the company you patronize determines how well you will get the job done. 

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