How to Write Persuasive Marketing Emails that Drive Sales: 10 Brilliant Tips

by Alimot Akinsanya
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With an overwhelming amount of emails people receive every day, it can be challenging for businesses to communicate their messages and grab the audience’s attention. Email has proven to be an effective communication strategy.

However, simply sending out emails to the target audience isn’t enough. You have to ensure the emails you send out help you achieve your marketing goals. From the subject line to your conclusion, every word in your email message counts and should persuade your audience to take action to benefit your business and marketing efforts.

In this blog post, we will provide ten tips to create marketing emails that effectively persuade your target audience to take action and drive results.

10 Tips for Writing Persuasive Marketing Emails

  1. Know your audience

Before you send out any marketing email, ask yourself, Who am I sending it to? What are their needs and preferences?

Without the knowledge of your audience, you will find it hard to make your emails persuasive. Have a clear understanding of your target audience, and thoroughly research their needs, preferences, interests, desires, fears and problems. This information will help you write emails that appeal to them and increase the chances that they will engage and take the right action.

  1. Start with a compelling subject line

No matter what people think, everyone judges emails by their subject line. We all want to know what we are about to read. The subject line is the first thing your recipients notice. This means it needs to be appealing enough to get them to open the email and read to the end. If your subject line cannot get people to click through, consider rewriting it.

A good subject line should reflect the content of your email, keep it short and sweet, use personalization tokens, start with an action-oriented verb, create a sense of urgency or pose a compelling question. The subject line used in every marketing email you decide to send out should pique your reader’s interest. 

  1. Personalize your emails

Personalization in email is when you use subscriber information within your email to make it unique for each person on your email list. Email personalization is a way to connect one-on-one with each person on your subscriber list.

Personalizing your marketing emails makes your subscribers feel relevant, which in turn can increase your response rate. You can personalize your emails by adding the recipient’s name, location, interest, and other information.

  1. Keep it concise

A lot of contents on the internet grab the attention of people, so a long email which is hard to read will surely be tossed into the bin. A concise email grips subscribers’ attention and helps them focus on the main point.

Your marketing email should have a concise, easy-to-read, understandable message and speak directly to your target audience’s needs, interests, and pain points. Eliminate unnecessary phrases and redundancies, use clear and straightforward language, write actively, and shorten wordy phrases. The goal is to focus on the most important information and communicate your message effectively.

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  1. Focus on benefits, not features

As a business owner, you must know your product’s features and benefits. A feature is something your product has, while a benefit is a result a customer gets after using your product. When writing your marketing emails, selling your product or service’s benefits is important rather than listing its features.

Selling your product or service benefits appeals to your prospect’s emotions and pain, making them more likely to take action when they understand how your offer will improve their needs. Emphasize the quality they provide.

  1. Use urgency and scarcity

Incorporating the urgency and scarcity principle in your marketing email is a tactic that can be used to encourage people to take action. These two marketing tricks save businesses, especially those struggling to drive sales. Urgency encourage recipients to act quickly because time is running out, while scarcity makes the recipient believe that the product in stock is unlimited.

Phrases like “buy now before it is too late“, “only a few products left in stock“, “exclusive access“, and “one-time opportunity” can be used to help the audience take the right action. The goal is to trigger them to take action and not act like you are forcing the product down their pocket.

  1. Leverage social proof

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon whereby people choose what to do based on the actions of others. Social proof can be a powerful tool for marketing emails because people trust people. They always want to hear what others say and what they think.

In your email, include your customer reviews, testimonials, feedback, comments on social media posts, feature users generated content, and share case studies. Incorporating social proof in your marketing email increases the recipient’s trust and confidence in your business, encouraging them to act.

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  1. Clear call-to-action

The effectiveness of any marketing strategy is to get a response and convert leads to customers. Without a clear call-to-action, most marketing emails will get no response. You have a strong subject line, a clear message of what you have to offer and personalized info. The next thing to do is to tell your recipients what you want them to do.

CTA is a simple phrase at the end of your email, asking the recipient to do something, such as make a purchase or sign up for a free consultation. Your call to action should be clear, easy to follow, and specific.

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  1. Test and optimize

It is not enough to try something new once. You have to keep experimenting to see what works best for you and what needs improvement. Try out different subject lines, email messages, and call to action, to improve the effectiveness of your marketing emails. Ensure everything you do aligns with your marketing goals and helps your audience stay engaged.

  1. Follow up

When you have done everything that needs to be done. Check in with your recipients to ensure they received your mail and took action. Reach out to confirm if they have read your emails, need clarification on any of your products and services, need assistance, or send a thank you email. Following up can help your customers feel special and increase the chances of repeat business.

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Although persuasive marketing emails are powerful tools for businesses to communicate with their target audience and drive results, it takes a combination of techniques to create a truly effective marketing email. By following these tips, you can write marketing emails that engage and persuade your audience to take action.

Whether you are launching a new product, promoting old and new products, generating leads, or building brand loyalty, the goal is to create a message that resonates with your audience’s needs and desires and gives them a strong, convincing reason to take action. You can achieve your marketing objectives and grow your business by devoting time and effort to writing persuasive marketing emails.

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