How to Take Care of Employees for Maximum Productivity

by Rauf Dunmade
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Take care of Employees

For an organization to achieve its set goals and objectives, its employees should have high morale. It is non-negotiable because, without an iota of doubt, employees are the soul and engine that keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently. It is, therefore, necessary for an organization to take it upon itself to deliberately take care of employees and remind them of their value.

Nearly everyone yearns and looks forward to working in an enabling workspace, where employers take care of employees. It allows the employees to thrive and stay productive. If you ask me, It’s a win-win situation for both parties. 

Hence, the need to show employees utmost care and affection cannot be over-emphasized.

The main question now is, how do you show care to employees? The next paragraphs will answer that in detail.  

8 Ways to Show Employees That You Care

  1. Trust

It is important to take care of employees by demonstrating that you trust them. You can show this by putting employees with capabilities in charge of projects without undue and unnecessary interference.

Let the employee(s) know you have confidence in them to execute the project. The most you should do is watch from the sidelines and only give advice where and when required.

You can also demonstrate trust in employees through regular and open communication. It convinces them that they can confide in you and makes them open to being a confidant as well.  Sharing information with your staff specifically to hear their opinions and feedback also demonstrates trust.

  1. Reward outstanding employees

Another way you can take care of employees is to use a reward system. Endeavour to reward outstanding staff, and appreciate their input no matter how little. It could be in the form of awards, monetary gifts, promotion, recommendations, or encouraging words. This will propel employees to want to do more for the organization.

A simple but genuine thank you also goes a long way to show an employee that you care and value their input in the organization.

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  1. Healthcare services

Providing health care services is a very important way to take care of employees in any organization. It fosters a healthy workspace, both physically and in terms of interactions.

“Health is wealth,” and this rings through in all situations. A healthy workforce makes a vibrant organization. Employees with a sound body and mind will always be at the top of their game and have increased productivity.

Thus, it is pertinent for employers to take care of employees by investing in their physical and mental well-being, especially with the difficulty associated with accessing quality health care services in Nigeria.

You can do this by providing health care services to either just the employees or immediate family members. The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) are relevant collaborators with employers to facilitate access to health care services for employees. If you’re interested, you can check out Rohealth to plan your health insurance scheme for employees.

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  1. Job security

This is very key for the stability of any organization and benefits both the employer and the employed. Nobody would thrive in an environment where they can lose their job anytime without any form of a rebate. Imagine getting to work and realising that you have zero access to facilities. It’s a soul wrecking feeling that is better imagined than experienced.

Organizations can achieve so much if they guarantee employees’ work stability and a negligible chance of random dismissal. This will not only boost employees’ morale at work but also dedication and commitment. 

One sure way to achieve this is to give employees long-term contracts with benefits that are clear and elaborate. Of course, it should be in line with the company policies on benefits and compensation packages.

It is also important to resist the temptation to hire and fire at will. This could cause a high turnover of staff and might not be good for the organization’s reputation.

  1. Open line of communication

We can’t over-emphasize this, as communication is very key in any organization. Effective communication contributes in no small measure to the success of any organization. It boosts staff morale through engagement and satisfaction.

There should be a clear line of communication between the employer and the employee. You can achieve this through:

  • Open door policy: Give room for feedback from employees. Grant them access to communicate with the senior hierarchy in the organization and make them comfortable doing it.
  • Approachability: Be approachable. Let your employees know you care about their professional and personal well-being.
  • Transparency: Show transparency in dealing with employees. Lead by example and be fair in your assessment of everyone in the workspace.
  1. Promote healthy interpersonal relationship

You can achieve this by organizing informal outings among employees in the form of picnics or eating out. Sometimes, encourage employees to bring their families along, especially for end-of-year parties. Also, celebrate employees on their birthdays and special events.

Being empathetic towards an employee also shows employees that you value them in their respective roles. 

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  1. Compliments

Learn to compliment your employees professionally. A little word of appreciation and commendation here and there does not harm anyone. Say things like, “Hi Mike, you look sharp this morning. Nice outfit” or “Great job Jane! Keep it up.” This will go a long way in raising the spirits of employees and making the workplace lively.

  1. Be interested in the personal life of your employees

There is life beyond the office or organization. Not everything should be work-related. As an employer, try as much as possible to take care of employees by asking about their personal lives and helping them if need be.

Being empathetic and sympathetic towards the employee from time to time speaks more of strength than weakness on your part. Some employees might be going through difficult times in their personal lives, which might be affecting their performance on the job. Your ability to have a discerning eye and reach out to them in their time of need goes a long way in earning your respect and adoration from your employees.

It gives them the impression that you care and value them, even outside of the workspace.

No doubt, a lot of positive things happen when employers show care to their employees. Most often than not, employers seem to benefit more from this in the long run than the employees. 

Below are some of the benefits it poses to the employer.

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Benefits of Showing Care to Employees

  1. Increased productivity

Showing employees that you care leads to increased productivity. Employees feel comfortable and are willing to give their best to the organization if they know they are a priority in that organization. They are always willing to go the extra mile on their job.

  1. Fosters trust

Taking care of employees fosters trust between the employer and the employee. It creates a conducive environment devoid of conflicts and misunderstandings. This allows for an open and honest line of communication for much-needed feedback for improved and increased work output.

  1. Enabling work environment

Employees are at ease and have this sense of belonging in a work environment where the management shows care to its staff. This leads to positive collaborative efforts from the staff, which in turn encourages team spirit devoid of bitterness and hatred. 

This also helps the mental health of the employees, especially in a fast-paced industry where you have to be on your toes at all times.

  1. Job satisfaction and retention

Employees get satisfaction from their job when they feel valued by their employers, and this inadvertently leads to job retention. No one wants to leave a job where they feel valued and cared for.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of the employer to take care of employees without restrictions.


You cannot compromise taking care of employees in any way. It is necessary for the success and sustainability of any organization. Without employees, an organization ceases to exist. You shouldn’t take the input of the employee in the day-to-day running of any organization for granted, nor should you ignore their mental health.

For any organization to harness the potential and productivity of its staff, it is pertinent to show employees that it cares for and values them in the existing work environment and beyond.

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