Secret Anonymous Messages: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

by Susan Oyeniyi-Israel
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Secret anonymous messges

“Tolu is so proud; you’d think she owns the whole of Nigeria. I like Tolu, but she’s a snob. Tolu thinks so highly of herself.”

Tolu decided it was time to close her phone. She had been expecting uplifting messages when she had created this secret anonymous message link. It turns out not many people liked her as much as she thought.

Have you heard about secret anonymous messages? This article discusses this in detail without leaving out its good, bad, and ugly sides.

What Are Secret Anonymous Messages?

Secret anonymous messages are those letters or messages where you can’t identify their sources or writers. An anonymous message is a kind of message you send without revealing your identity to the recipient. 

As Kubool answered on their homepage, “Receive anonymous compliments from your friends and send anonymous messages to your friends for free.”

How Anonymous Message Websites Became Viral

2020 brought so much with it, along with COVID-19. It came with lockdowns, boredom, and restlessness. People were looking to connect with others on a higher level than mere texting. People also wanted to know how fresh they were in other people’s memories. The twist that came with this reminds us of Secret Admirers (which I consider very creepy, ugh. Might as well be a stalker.)

Kubool created a platform intended for fun and recreating the feeling that someone admired you but was too shy to say so to your face. Their secret anonymous message link became viral because of the ease of creating a link on their website. And everyone was excited about it. I bet you were too.

If you don’t know how to create a secret anonymous message link, there’s a step-by-step process for you at the end, so keep reading!

Why People Participate in Secret Anonymous Messages

People participate in secret anonymous messages because there is an avenue for them to know what others think of them without asking: “what do you think of me?” 

At the onset of secret anonymous messages during COVID-19, it seemed like an enjoyable and harmless opportunity to connect with people you’d normally not have conversations with and to understand their opinion of you.

One major characteristic of humans is the need to feel accepted or understood by others without coming off as strange, weird, or outlandish.

The Good: Understanding the Value and Importance of Anonymity

 Secret anonymous messages are intended to be a friendly and harmless activity. It’s sad to see it being misused. Anonymous message websites were designed to share compliments and ask questions people would not ask on a typical day.

It was intended to give a feeling of safety, especially for introverted people intimidated by physical conversations. I would usually be scared to tell someone that I find them extremely attractive without coming off as flirty. 

Secret anonymous messages give me privacy and safety while still being able to compliment such a person. That’s not all. Many individuals create secret anonymous message links on websites to let people ask questions freely and without judgment.

The most popular are those who ask for advice on handling issues in their marriages, businesses, and relationships. There’s been a record of solutions and turnarounds due to this, all the while protecting the privacy of the individuals.

Another instance is the people that send secret anonymous message links to let people ask for what they need regarding monetary assistance and intangible donations. 

The Bad: Wrong Assumptions

It allows people to share their opinions, whether good or bad. People sometimes have wrong assumptions about others and share it all through secret anonymous messages. From personal experience, I find that so many people misunderstood and misused the goal of secret anonymous messages.

I had created a secret anonymous message link for people to talk about a particular feature of me: my introverted nature. The people I’m close with understand why I’m like that, so it was shocking to find out that most people consider me proud, vain, and simply rude. I was shocked, and it hurt my self-esteem. 

The Ugly: Widespread Defamation of Character

Then, class group chats started making a general secret anonymous message link for people to say what they felt about each other in class, and this is where the very ugly comes in. Classmates had nasty things to say about each other, leaving you wondering whether the smiles and giggles you passed during classes were genuine or a matter of circumstance.

Secret anonymous messages may have been intended to receive compliments from people who would instead not compliment you to your face. However, in Nigerian Universities during and after COVID-19, it seemed like everyone had forgotten that defamation and slander are punishable by the law. It became so rampant that so many relationships were ruined because of revealed secrets.

Many of the horrendous things exposed during these class secret anonymous message revelations, were secrets people had given their ‘supposed’ friends. It would naturally hurt to trust someone and get stabbed like that. It didn’t help that whether it was true or not, the defamation stuck with so many people that it gave them images that didn’t even represent who they were.

Why People Defame Others Behind Their Backs

 In my opinion, people who hide behind anonymity to defame someone or say undesirable things about people they dislike are cowards. Resorting to underhanded tricks to slander someone, saying something about someone when you do not have the audacity to repeat such to their face is and should be considered bottom level. I firmly believe in minding your own business, and it baffles me to see how hard people find it to mind their business.

 Whether it is good news or bad news, in the words of the Lady with Balls Founder, Orifunke Lawal, respect the privacy of the party in question and don’t go about spreading information about them. In good and in bad, it is already controversial to disrespect someone’s privacy. It only makes it worse by using a secret anonymous message to make snide comments about someone. 

The Dangers and Crisis of Anonymous Messages 

  1. Social anxiety 

Defaming someone anonymously increases social anxiety. This mental condition already affects over 100,000 people in Nigeria every year. Not knowing who purposely defames you would put you into a spotlight that’s not good for you and increases the tendency of you getting so scared to the point of not wanting to go anywhere. 

  1. Fear of death

Some secret anonymous messages have threatened to harm or injure the recipient, leading to a morbid fear of dying. Some people have said that the mean and offensive messages they have received through these secret anonymous message links have made them distant and cut off from other people. 

  1. Depression

Exposing information that should be kept private has led people to become diagnosed with depression too! It’s not always bad, but the track record has shown more of the bad uses of secret anonymous messages than the good. There was an anonymous app that was discontinued due to the constant report of abuse and attack that users faced due to privacy issues that ended up occurring. 

  1. Slander and defamation

On PostSecret, a would-be mother insulted a woman who confessed she’d instead not get pregnant, and this caused an uproar. This just goes to confirm that bullying and defamation occur everywhere. It should not be so.

You should not consider it your duty or business to correct someone because their truth or principles do not align with yours. It should also be a constant reminder that although these platforms are anonymous, slander and defamation are still punishable under the law, and slip-ups happen. Defamation of character is punishable by imprisonment for one year in Nigeria.  

Should You Use Anonymous Message Websites?

It all depends on you. It’s not entirely bad with secret anonymous messages. As we all know, there are two sides of a coin. There’ll always be the good and the bad, the yin and the yang, the beautiful and the ugly because that is what makes life attractive. There’s no comparison or similarity without opposing views or forces. 

Now I will show you how to create your anonymous message link, check your anonymous messages, and the top websites besides Kubool for you to create your anonymous messages. 

How To Create An Anonymous Message Link (Using Kubool)

  • Open in your web browser.
  • Click the Icon that shows ‘ Register ‘
  • Create a Username and add a password.
  • Copy the link to share to your social media platforms.
  • Enjoy! 

How To Check Your Anonymous Messages

  • To check the anonymous messages others have sent you through the link you shared earlier, open again.
  • You’d be redirected to a page that’s designed for you.
  • Click on the Icon that says ‘View Messages.’
  • On this new page, you can see new and old messages sent to you.

Top Websites to Create Secret Anonymous Message Links

Kubool might be the most popular of these websites, but it was not the first to exist. There’s been apps and websites before Kubool and after it. Here are the top websites and apps to check out or read about.


Remember to keep it friendly and harmless if people around you share their links. Embrace the good part of secret anonymous messages and work towards removing the ugly from around you. Little by little, we can make the significant purpose of secret anonymous messages known.

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