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Top 10 Guest Post Sites in Nigeria

by Ruth Faithful

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, publishing articles on other websites related to your niche or market can be a great way to put your brand in the face of a larger audience. Publishing articles on websites with an authority in a niche expands your reach and helps you win the trust of your target audience.

Engaging in this singular activity can help you and your business in many ways. You will get quality traffic, build a domain and search engine authority, build your portfolio and credibility, increase your exposure and brand awareness, and build your subscriber base.

If you are considering guest posting and you don’t know which sites to submit articles to. Don’t worry. I have compiled a list of the top 10 guest-posting sites you can leverage in Nigeria in this article.

What is Guest Posting?

I should not assume you know what guest posting is, even though you’ve heard the words guest blogging or guest posting a million and one times, unless you are not conversant with SEO or digital marketing-related articles.

Guest posting simply means writing an article to get published on a website other than yours. You can write an article that leads readers to your services or business. The goal of guest posting is promotion. Guest posts can either be free or paid, you just have to target the website that will provide what you need to publicise your content.

Let me shock you a little. Do you know that many websites constantly need originally written articles and blog posts on topics that are related and relevant to their websites? And you can leverage the opportunity and marketing strategy to grow your brand.

However, ensure the site you are pitching for guest posting aligns with your business. Imagine pitching an article on dog rearing to a car maintenance website. Do you get the gist?

Top 10 Guest Post Sites in Nigeria

  1. is an online digital media company committed to inspiring, encouraging, coaching, educating, and providing amazing business resources and insights on entrepreneurship, career, freelancing, personal development, digital trends, and lifestyle for Nigerians and Africa as a whole.

The website accepts guest posts on a variety of topics such as business, entrepreneurship, technology, women, freelancing, Africa-related pieces, career, and Lifestyles. The website’s guest post is open to all content writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who want to feature on the blog. They accept one-time guest writers.

Insight accepts articles from different sectors. Coaches, course creators, and digital marketers can publish articles for their courses. Small business owners, online businesses, and entrepreneurs can submit articles relating to their line of business to promote themselves. IT firms, fintech companies, telecommunication companies, etc., can share their knowledge and experience on a particular subject on technology through guest post.

Writers, bloggers, and creatives who want to build their portfolios can also submit a guest post relating to their niche, this can attract potential clients or build a readers base. also help guest writers produce premium content by editing and optimizing it. The website is known for ranking high on search engines through SEO, so you don’t have to worry about your article not getting to the target audience. Visit Guest Post page to view the guidelines you need to follow to get an article posted.

  1. OgbongeBlog


Ogbongeblog is a Nigerian blog that covers topics relating to technology, blogging, digital marketing, mobile tech, and money-making ideas. Here you will find tutorials, tips, and other great resources on blogging and digital media. Take my word for it.

You’ll surely find OgbongeBlog helpful, engaging, and relevant if you are a blogger, web designer, internet marketer, digital entrepreneur, or someone interested in social media or online marketing.

Ogbongeblog is constantly looking for experienced writers who can write tutorials and tips on blogging, social media, digital marketing, money-making ideas, etc. If you can write on any of the topics listed above and want to reach a larger audience, look no further than Ogbongeblog. 

  1. is a website that promotes financial literacy, self-reliance, and self-actualization. They provide value-packed and useful business-related information for their audience.

If you want to inspire people through your stories or share lessons you’ve learned throughout your life’s journey with a large audience, you might consider because they are always looking for fresh ideas and high-quality content to share. If you are interested in guest posting on this website, click here to begin. 

  1. Startuptipsdaily


Startuptipsdaily is a business and lifestyle website that provides insightful content on how to start and grow a successful business, small business ideas, business plans, and the like.

If you have valuable information based on your experiences, market trends, business planning, business ideas, and how the economy impacts business growth and topics like that, visit startuptipsdaily to get information on how to guest post their website.

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  1. Connect Nigeria

connect nigeria

Connect Nigeria is a business and lifestyle website that makes it easy for Nigerians to access useful information on the business, real estate, sports, entertainment, health, education, jobs, events, automobiles travel, and much more.

The website has a get-featured section where they showcase articles from guest writers. You can check Connect Nigeria get-featured page to get information on how to submit your article to the website.

  1. Blog Mall Nigeria

blog mall

Blog Mall Nigeria is an entertainment, lifestyle, and business website in Nigeria. This site has a reach of about one million monthly active readers. You’ll find useful articles on life-saving hacks, business ideas, business growth tips, news, and entertainment.

Blog mall Nigeria is open to top-notch guest post articles without self-promotion and unnecessary links. You can check Blog Mall Nigeria guidelines you need to follow to publish articles on this site.

Are you truly interested in developing your writing skills? Are you new to the writing industry, or do you truly want to give writing a chance? Do so today by joining the Insight writers community, where you meet with other writers with who you both share the same ideas and thoughts.

  1. Habanaija


Habanaija is a business, technology, news, and entertainment website that provides its readers with quality and useful information about business and technology-related topics.

They publish articles with detailed information on how to solve specific problems which readers often find useful.

Currently, they are open to guests’ posts on topics like;

  • Business, Startup Financing, Accounting.
  • Marketing, Information Technology
  • Telephone network services: (MTN, Airtel, Glo) Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social media marketing, Politics.
  • Niger Delta, Education, Entertainment
  • Celebrities, Music, Sports, and lots more.
  • Android apps, iPhone tips, and tutorials
  • Security, Economy

If you are interested in guest posting at Haba Naija, here are the guidelines for submitting your article. 

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infoguide is a niche business website that helps businesses, whether big or small, carry out online invoicing. They help business owners in Nigeria get paid faster. They have a guest posting program, called small business digest, specifically designed for experts interested in posting on their websites. is open to guest article contributions through their small business digest initiative. They accept guest posts on entrepreneurship, freelancing, and small business growth.

To get information about guest posting on their site, visit’s guest post page.

  1. Infoguide Nigeria


Infoguide Nigeria is an amazing website that provides tons of “How to” types of articles and news. On this site, you will find content like ‘how to become a lawyer in Nigeria,’ ‘how to study engineering abroad,’ ‘how to relocate to Canada,’ etc.

Infoguide Nigeria accepts interesting and compelling guest articles. You can explore the site to find out the topics you may be interested in guest posting for them on.

Visit Infoguide guest writing page to find out the conditions you need to meet to qualify for a guest post.

  1. TechCabal

Techcabal logo guest post

Techcabal logo guest post

Techpoint Africa is one of Nigeria’s leading technology news and analysis websites. They are focused on amplifying the best innovations birthed in Africa through their publications, data, and events.

TechCabal is always on the lookout for unique pieces, opinions, and thoughts on the impact of technology on Africa. They accept guest posts on technology, business, and entrepreneurship topics. Their audience and focus is the African tech landscape.

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Guest posting can be a great way to expand your reach, attract new audiences, build a reputation, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche or industry, whether you are a writer, blogger, or business owner. 

Also, remember that the above-listed websites are just a handful of platforms where you can guest post. Therefore, do your research based on your interest and expertise to find just the right platforms with the audience you seek and seek to attract. Then, pitch them for a guest article following their guidelines and requirements.

Writing is such a critical skill for successful blogging business. Join our whatsapp community to get access to learning opportunities in writing.

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