13 Best Ways to Reduce Words in a Job Application

by Favour Anthony
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Are you reluctant to submit your next job application out of concern that you might be rejected again?

You might also be sick of continually receiving rejection emails from your dream employer and not being able to figure out what went wrong.

Well, the fact is, recruiters or hiring managers are more interested in the content of your job application rather than the attractive designs of your resume/cover letter. 

Employers in Nigeria don’t have the time to look through long applications. That is why you need to make every word in your job application count.

You might wonder, “How can I reduce words in my job application without compromising its quality and impact?” Fear not. 

Today, I will expose the 13 best ways to reduce words in a job application and still make it compelling. Let’s get started.

13 Best Ways to Reduce Words in a Job Application 

  1. Condense contact information

One efficient way to reduce the number of words in a job application is to provide only essential contact details, such as full name, phone number, and professional email address. Physical addresses are usually unnecessary.

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  1. Prioritize relevant information

In your job application, make sure to highlight your most recent skills and experience that are relevant to the job requirements of the position you’re seeking. 

The reason for continual rejection emails might be that you highlighted irrelevant skills to the position you’re applying for. For instance, submitting a data entry job application with skills applicable to only graphic designers will give a poor grade. 

When recruiters see this, they simply know you are untrained and unsuited for the position you’re seeking. 

  1. Create a clear summary

Write a brief and compelling professional summary at the beginning of your application. This can replace lengthy introductory paragraphs. Below is a sample summary of a content writer’s application.

“Creative content writer, with 3+ years experience, passionate about creating engaging, quality content for media platforms and clients. Highly skilled in researching, blog writing, SEO-friendly content writing, proofreading, editing, and poetry.”

  1. Use bullet points

Use bullet points to list responsibilities, skills, and achievements. They are visually appealing and help streamline information. 

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  1. Quantify achievements

Instead of lengthy explanations, use numbers to quantify your achievements. This not only conveys the impact of your work but also saves space.

  1. Use action-oriented language

Make sure your sentences are clear. Use active verbs to describe your accomplishments when writing about your work experience. This helps to reduce words in a job application and leaves a lasting impression.

Active verbs, words that say what you have done, are the most important ones. Include the verb at the beginning of every sentence. The following words may be useful: 

  • Achieved 
  • Created      
  • Developed      
  • Improved      
  • Initiated        
  • Increased     
  • Managed      
  • Organised      
  • Researched, etc.

Here’s an example of an active verb in a job application:

“Helped increase the department budget by 30% because my team met sales goals for the quarter.”

From the example above, not only have you used an active verb, but you have also reduced the word count in your job application.

  1. Keep it short

While industry-specific terms might be important, excessive jargon can clutter your application. Use clear language that anyone can understand. 

Recruiters receive a ton of applications from potential candidates. Adopting concise words, phrases, and paragraphs will save time and make your writing easier to understand. 

Additionally, consider deleting certain sections in your job application, eg, “Hobbies” or “References.” Especially if they are not specifically requested or aren’t relevant.

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  1. Tailor each application

One common mistake job applicants make when preparing their application is they include all of their interests in a single job application. Please, do not make this blunder! Instead, here’s what you should do.

Customize your application for each job by highlighting the most relevant skills and experiences. Having different job applications is okay. 

You can even consider making a video resume for each job application. This prevents the need for generic and lengthy descriptions.

  1. Use a single-page format

Whenever possible, aim for a single-page document. This not only reduces words in a job application but also motivates you to prioritize and only include the most important details.

  1. Proofread thoroughly 

A well-proofread document is more likely to be clear and error-free. Sometimes mistakes result in lengthy justifications. Even short writings should be proofread for grammar and spelling. 

Read out your application letter loudly. This is to ensure your writing is comprehensible and sounds natural.

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  1. Seek feedback

Share your application with trusted peers or mentors to reduce words in a job application and secure your ideal job. They may offer suggestions on how to make your text more concise. 

Additionally, use the spell check. But don’t rely solely on it. If you’re not confident about grammar, find a proofreader for your application.

  1. Use a professional tone

Writing an article or blog post differs from preparing a job application. Always be cautious to keep your application in a professional tone. 

This makes it easier to briefly describe your qualifications. Maintain a high standard of decency at all times. Be formal in your writing.

  1. Include only the skills you possess

One common error made by job seekers in Nigeria is that they add skills they do not truly possess to their application to impress recruiters. Avoid making this mistake. 

Make sure you give accurate facts and be as specific as you can. To advance in areas where you’re falling behind, you can consider enrolling in classes or taking courses.

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Remember, the goal is to respect the recruiter’s time by providing a compelling and concise overview of your qualifications in your job application. 

By implementing the strategies highlighted in this guide, you can streamline your application to capture the essence of your candidacy and land your ideal job.

Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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