25 Intriguing Facts You Should Know About Niger Delta University (NDU)

by Tari Yousuo

I have been at Niger Delta University for the past 8 years. No, it’s not what you think. I didn’t have any extra years. My 8 years in school were all thanks to the ASUU strike and the COVID-19 lockdown. Within those years, I’ve gone through thick and thin.

Today, I’ll share with you 25 things you should know about Niger Delta University, popularly known as “NDU.” Read along.

25 Intriguing Facts You Should Know About Nigeria Delta University (NDU)

Niger Delta University.

Niger Delta University.

  1. A brief history of the school 

Niger Delta University was established by the late governor, His Excellency, Chief D. S. P. Alamieyeseigha 4 years after the creation of Bayelsa state. This was the first state university in Bayelsa that provided access to tertiary education for its people.

Academics at NDU started in 2001/2002 with a population of 1500 students. The university now boasts a total of 20,000 students. This shows how much the school has grown over time.

  1. NDU campuses

Niger Delta University has 3 campuses and a teaching hospital. Taking a closer look at these branches, we have:

  • Main campus (Gloryland campus): NDU’s main campus is located in Wilberforce Island, Amassoma. A community about 45 minutes away from the state capital (by car). It houses most of the faculties and administrative facilities of the university. An extension of the main campus, popularly called the “new site,” was made in recent years to erect more modern facilities and accommodate the ever-expanding student body.
  • College of Health Sciences: The College of Health Sciences is also located in Amassoma. It is a 5-minute drive from the main campus. NDU’s College of Health Sciences (CHS) is home to its faculties of nursing, basic medical sciences and basic clinical science.
  • Faculty of Law: The university’s law faculty stands alone in the state capital. It is said to be a satellite campus, and there are plans to eventually move it to the main campus.
  • Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital (NDUTH): NDUTH is in Okolobiri, a diversion along the way from the state’s capital to Amassoma where the main campus is. It has a faculty of clinical sciences for medical students in 500 and 600 levels.
  1. Academics at Niger Delta University

NDU offers education at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. It has 14 faculties which include:

  • Agriculture
  • Arts
  • Basic Clinical Sciences
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Law
  • Management Science
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

In total, NDU has 61 programmes/courses and 56 of them are fully accredited by the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC). Also, there are part-time, sandwich and preliminary programs (direct entry, basic study).

  1. Post UTME cut-off

To sit for post-UTME exams at my university, the candidate must have a JAMB score of at least 150. There are other requirements, based on the course you choose. You can check out the university’s official website if you’re interested.

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  1. Funding and school fees

Niger Delta University is a state-owned school and is partially funded by the government of Bayelsa state. It is also strongly supported by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) from the federal government of Nigeria.

NDU has embarked on some entrepreneurial ventures to generate internal revenue. School fees for undergraduate programs range from #110,000 to #150,000 per session for indigenes and #160,000 to #200,000 per session for non-indigenes.

  1. Accommodation

There are hostels on all the campuses for males and females respectively. But as usual, in most universities, the hostels can’t accommodate the entire student body. There are houses in and around campus for rent. 

So if you don’t secure a space or outrightly prefer staying off campus, you have great options to choose from. One thing to note is that some of the hostels prohibit cooking so you should consider that when deciding where to stay.

To secure a space in an NDU hostel, there is a central payment and space allocation system. After paying your fees, you are assigned a space in the hostel closest to your department.

  1. Power supply

I like to think that Niger Delta University is one of the best when it comes to power supply (light, electricity) for its university community. Although this has reduced a bit in recent months due to some economic factors in the country.

A stable power supply is one of the advantages of staying in the hostel, aside from proximity to lecture halls, as light off campus isn’t reliable.

  1. The most popular joints

Earlier I said some hostels prohibit cooking. So where can students eat at Niger Delta University? Here’s a list of the best joints:

  • Beans Up: This is probably the most famous place in the entire university. NDU students love Beans Up, me inclusive. There, you can get great food at an affordable price. They not only sell beans but also everything else students need, related to food. I must confess, their beans is such a delicacy!
  • Ed Spring’s Kitchen: Owned by an alumnus of NDU, this has become a central eatery over the years since its establishment. If you’re looking for something more fancy, here’s where you go.
  • Isi-Ewu Bar: Say no to alcohol, lol. While this is primarily a bar, it is one of the best places to get spicy soup on campus.

There are canteens, and other places to get delicious meals in my school. But, I can’t cover them all here. A worthy mention is Xtreme Shawarma. They make the best shawarma in Niger Delta University.

  1. Best places to read

Every campus has a library. The largest NDU library is on the main campus as expected. It serves a larger population. The libraries are always open during official hours and sometimes stay open for extended periods throughout the night.

Not everyone likes the absolute silence and protocols in the library. Thus, some other places to read within the school are:

  • Faculty of Nursing.
  • Lecture Theatres 2 and 3 on the main campus.
  • Basic Medical Sciences block.
  1. NDU art gallery

This is one of my favourite places to visit in the university—it’s my favourite spot. Whenever I’m nearby, I can’t help but marvel at the creative genius of my fellow NDU students, both past and present. Here you’ll see some of the best sculptures in the entire universe.

  1. Niger Delta University sports

NDU is a sports-loving school and doesn’t toy with its athletes. It sponsors a large team across different sports for NUGA games. Top sporting activities in the university are football, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis and indoor games like Chess and Scrabble.

  1. Niger Delta University is safe

One reason I especially love my university is that cultism is on the low. Mind you, I’m not saying there are no cultists at all. Wherever there are students, some people always manage to form a cult and cause unrest. However, NDU is a safe school. Student death is not common.

  1. Exam malpractice is a big offence in NDU

The university senate doesn’t take examination malpractice lightly and there are stern punishments attached.

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  1. Entrepreneurial ventures

Niger Delta University, via its Directorate of Consultancy Entrepreneurship, Research and Development (DOCERAD) has engaged in the production of many consumer goods. Some of which include:

  • Bunk beds
  • Burglary proofs
  • Fish drying kilns
  • Aluminium or iron windows and doors
  • Bottle and sachet of water
  • NDU bread, and many more.
  1. NDU radio

Niger Delta University has a radio station with a frequency of 98.1 FM. It was established in 2019. The radio doesn’t broadcast 24/7. But it hosts special events and other talk shows from time to time.

  1. Flooding 

The main campus and College of Health Sciences of NDU are located in the southernmost part of Nigeria. Hence, they aren’t as high above sea level as required to escape flooding. Flooding doesn’t happen often, but it hits hard when it comes.

  1. E-learning

During the flood that ravaged Nigeria last year, NDU showed its adaptability by implementing robust e-learning for its students. It trained its staff and provided the resources needed to implement e-learning at a large scale.

  1. Niger Delta University goes on strike

Although NDU is a state university, it is a member of ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities). Therefore, it joins the association whenever it goes on strike. It recovers lost time quickly though. 

  1. NDU access bank

This is one thing that annoys almost everyone in NDU. There is only one bank in the university, which is the Access Bank, on the main campus.

  1. Niger Delta university secondary school

Just like some other universities in Nigeria, NDU has its secondary school. It provides quality secondary education for the community and the state at large.

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  1. CMD of NDUTH

Prof. Dimie Ogoina is a distinguished and highly esteemed doctor specializing in infectious diseases. He is the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of NDUTH and also the president of the Infectious Disease Society of Nigeria.

In 2023, he emerged as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, as curated by Times Magazine. This is an award given yearly to individuals across various fields all over the world for making an impact that changes the world in some way.

His research and findings about the monkeypox virus, which became a menace globally, were just too important to be ignored.

  1. Banning and reinstatement of the Students Union Government (SUG)

In 2018, after protests against the increment in school fees, the student union government was banned by the university. During the riots and protests, some properties of NDU were destroyed.

Although the decision didn’t sit well with the student community, nothing could be done. All activities of student bodies were suspended. Some students were asked to pay a fine for the destruction of properties. A few months ago, the SUG was reinstated after 4-5 years of absence.

  1. Life in Niger Delta University

Wilberforce Island, Amassoma, where the NDU main campus is located is about 45 minutes drive from the state capital. If you’re an outgoing person, you might have to go to the state capital to get the feel of city life.

There are no big supermarkets or fancy restaurants in Amassoma. However, there’s a local market where you can get everything you need.

  1. The noisiest place in Niger Delta University

If you want to make new friends and just soak yourself in an environment filled with people, then lecture theatres 2 and 3 (LT2 and LT3) on the main campus are your go-to area. This is home to students in the faculty of arts, especially those in Theatre Arts.

LT 1 is reserved for the performances of Theatre Art students. Some nights, you can hear them singing, dancing, and practising their plays.

  1. The craze of Awa Bike

A few years ago, awa bike services arrived at NDU. It offered transportation around the university community using bicycles, for a subscription fee. It was fun when it first came. Almost everyone wanted to ride a bicycle. Eventually, the hype died down, and now I barely hear of them. Perhaps the service is no more available, no one knows.

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Notable Alumni of Niger Delta University

  1. Pere Jason: Winner of The Voice Nigeria 2023, who graduated from Niger Delta University 4 years ago.
  2. Winifred Esite: She became the first female president of the Federation of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA). She studied Medicine at NDU.
  3. MC Monica: A Nigerian Comedian and devout Philanthropist is an alumnus of NDU.

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“Creativity, excellence and service” is the motto of Niger Delta University. The university has proven to be creative, excellent and of service to the entire Niger Delta region, Nigeria and the world at large.

I hope you now have a solid idea of what it’s like to be in NDU. Share your thoughts with me. Is there anything else you’d like to know about NDU? Let me know in the comments section.

To my fellow Niger Delta university students, what did I miss out on? Together, let us bring NDU to the world. Thanks for reading through!

Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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