How to Create a Professional Business Email: A Full Guide

by Ajayi Olalekan
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Every business that wants to be considered seriously ought to have a professional business email. Not sure what that is? Fine, let’s get to know.

A professional business email simply means an email account that features your business name as the custom domain name. Here’s a sample format, [email protected]

Most importantly, a professional business email address is dedicated solely to business use, unlike your personal email. Thus, whether you’re a startup, small business, or established enterprise, a professional business email is a must-have. Its benefits are numerous and you’ll discover some of them as you read on.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a professional business email address in simple steps. But first, let’s review why you need a business email account.

Why You Need a Professional Business Email

The primary reason you need a business email is that it makes you look more professional. Come to think of it, is branding not all about how people perceive you for your business? 

Unlike your personal emails which are informal, business emails show credibility and seriousness. Consequently, your clients perceive you as being very invested in your business. This impression of you/your business can help gain customers’ trust and build your confidence. That way, it will be easier to build strong relationships and transform a potential client into a paying one. 

Likewise, a business email sets the tone for effective communication. Potential clients, customers or other business publics will likely treat a mail from a business email as official, important and need urgent attention. 

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What Makes a Good Business Email Address?

Below are certain practices that make good business emails. You want to keep them in mind when setting up your professional email address. Check them out:

  • Come up with and secure a domain name that’s exactly the name of your company. It is advisable to secure your business website and domain name. However, there are third-party services that can help you generate professional business emails in your company name. Either way, ensure your business name and email address sync.
  • Use your real name instead of aliases. It’s a business email; so keep it professional. If your name is John Thomas, it is better to use [email protected] rather than [email protected]

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  • You can also use generic names. It’s controversial whether to use your name or the office you hold as your business email ID. The choice is yours to make. However, for some departments within your organization, a generic email might just be perfect. For example, you can use generic emails for general support such as [email protected] or [email protected]. Sales, human resources, marketing, administration departments, etc, can use generic names. However, if you’re a solopreneur, it’s more proper to use your [email protected]
  • Use letters only, no numbers. Personal emails often use numbers because someone else might have used the same name. But with customized emails, there is no chance someone within your company has exactly your office name. This eliminates the need to add numbers. 
  • Use a name format that is easy to pronounce and memorize. One way to guarantee memorability is to keep it short and simple. If your name is quite lengthy, think of a way to shorten it. For example, if your name is Abraham Oluwatobilola, instead of using [email protected], you can use [email protected]. Remember to keep it short and memorable.

5 Examples of a Professional Business Email Address

Let’s examine a few examples of professional business email addresses. We’ll use a character whose name is John Mark and who works for XYZ company. 

You can use any of the combinations or follow any formats below to create your business email address.

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6 Steps to Create a Professional Business Email

There are a few options to choose from when creating a professional business email address.

For the first example, we will use Google Workspace.

Google Workspace has a user-friendly account setup process. They also offer extensive feature sets and competitive pricing.

To set up a business email account using Google Workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Google Workspace website and click on “Get started.”
  2. Provide your contact information such as your business name, etc, in the spaces provided.
  3. Indicate whether you have an existing domain name. If you have a domain, you will be directed to connect it to Google Workspace.
  4. Fill out your business details, including the address associated with your organization.
  5. Pick a preferred username and strong password.
  6. Select a suitable plan that aligns with your business needs and complete the checkout process.

By following the steps above, you can easily create a professional business email address using Google Workspace. 

Another alternative for creating a business email address is to leverage third-party email hosting services such as DreamHost, HostGator or SiteGround. Email hosting services are like commercial homeowners who rent out a part of their house to a tenant. 

They have remote servers that house your email and files. They provide other services as well, for a fee.

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Lastly, if you already have a website, chances are that your hosting subscription already comes with a professional business email service feature. Of course, most WordPress hosting companies offer email services as one of their packages when you purchase a hosting plan. 

You can also sync your email marketing platform together with your WordPress website. All you need to do is contact your hosting company for directions on how to enjoy the email service function. 

If you don’t own a website already, no qualms. Simply secure a domain name and Web hosting from a third-party hosting company. There you go!

Note: When choosing a Web hosting company, go for the one that offers email services as part of their Web hosting package. 

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Wrapping Up

A professional email address establishes recognition for your organization or personal brand. Creating one seems like a solid business move and the whole process is pretty straightforward. Especially if you already have some email ideas in mind.

When crafting your email addresses, it is important to consider your unique organizational needs. Study the professional email examples and tips suggested in this guide well. Use them to select a format and design that will propel your business to new heights.

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