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Introduction to Google Adsense and How to Earn With it

by Adedoyin Awe

The internet is a wonderful space with so many amazing features and benefits. It’s been widely said that the amount of wealth the internet possesses is more than enough to go round.

With all of the wealth that the internet has, you should ask yourself how some of it can become yours. One of the ways to harness digital wealth is through Google AdSense. Now, I’m sure you’re curious to know what Google Adsense is. Let’s get into it.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a free advertising program that allows online publishers to earn money by displaying third-party Google ads on their sites. Businesses pay to advertise through AdSense, and site owners get a piece of that revenue based on clicks or ad impressions.

Google does all the work in terms of curating, maintaining, and sorting ads, all you have to do is sign up for AdSense and make ad space available on your business website. Your ad space is then put up for auction, and the highest bidder gets those ad placements with the help of AdSense.

In Q1 2014, Google earned  $3.4 billion (22% of total revenue) through Google AdSense and in 2021, over 38.3 million websites used AdSense.

Google AdSense can be used to improve user experience, increase revenue, and support the expansion of your company in Nigeria. It’s that simple but it might not impact your business growth positively if you don’t follow the rules carefully.

Let’s go further to understand how it works.

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How Does Google Adsense Work?

A business can register for Google Ads in order to promote its website or products . With Google Adsense, entrepreneurs can build ad campaigns and add funds to be utilized towards advertising expenses. Google Adsense publishers can begin bidding on ad spaces on other websites as soon as an ad campaign has been designed and paid.

AdSense enters the picture because Google needs a location to house all the advertisements that users are willing to pay for. Google users can view and bid on the ad space you’ve made available after you’ve signed up for AdSense.

The ad space will go to the highest bidder, whose campaign will run in the location of your choosing. You have complete control over the kind of ads that appear on your website as an AdSense host. Although larger advertising generates more revenue, smaller ads are frequently better for your website’s readability and flow.

The amount of money generated by AdSense users depends on how many views or clicks their ads obtain. You can track the amount of views and clicks an ad receives without having to do anything because AdSense has this feature built in.

It’s crucial to remember that good use of SEO and web design are necessary for Google AdSense success. You can make more money with AdSense if you can get more people to your website.

Although the idea behind Google AdSense seems straightforward, there are many minor tips and methods you can pick up along the way to make the most money possible.

To apply for Google AdSense, go to the Google AdSense website and create an account. Comply with the application process, including precise details about your website’s content.

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How to Earn With Google Adsense

Here is a comprehensive how-to tutorial on leveraging Google AdSense to grow your business;

  1. Start a blog or website

Create a blog or website that is centered on your industry or line of work to establish an online presence. Make sure your material complies with Google AdSense guidelines, is original, and has value.

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  1. Publish high-quality content

AdSense works best on websites with interesting and useful content, so keep creating high-quality content. Gain insight into your audience by using Google Analytics to learn about the preferences, behavior, and demographics of your audience.

Creating quality content for your audience is one of the surest ways to get the best out of Google Adsense.

  1. Optimize ad placement

Try out different ad locations to see which ones your audience responds to the best. Typical placements are in the sidebar, inside the content, and above the fold. Make sure advertisements complement the layout of your website without becoming obtrusive.

  1. Select ad forms carefully

Make use of many ad forms, including in-feed, in-article, display, and link units. Take into account responsive ad units, which can adapt to various screen sizes automatically.

  1. Turn on adsense for search

Turn on AdSense for search to let visitors search your website while seeing advertisements in the search results.

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  1. Promote your website

To draw more visitors and possible ad clicks, raise the visibility of your website through social media, SEO, and other marketing methods.

Promote your business on so you can reach more people and therefore increase your earnings.

  1. Diversify revenue

Look at additional monetization strategies to supplement Adsense as a source of money for your company. To gradually improve your AdSense approach, evaluate performance on a regular basis and make data-driven choices.


Success with Google Adsense doesn’t happen overnight. Give the system time to adapt and show you its potential. It could take at least a couple of weeks for the numbers to start climbing but if you are doing the right thing, you will definitely succeed.

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Edited by Oluwanifemi Akintomide.

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