How to Join Insight Elite Networking

by Taiwo Sotikare

Insight Elite Networking is a  sublet of that focuses on connecting African influencers and innovators towards a unified goal: to impact the African Community. 

Application is 100% Free, and member Primarily is exclusively application-cum-invitation.

Available Category:

  1. Business Elite – For entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives
  2. Career Elite – For Career Coaches, consultants, and personnel with extraordinary Career history
  3. Lifestyle Elite – For Lifestyle Influencer, Celebrities,
  4. Tech Elite – For innovators in the tech industries
  5. Campus Elite – for Undergraduates, postgraduates, and people who are impacting the education sectors in their respective countries



Finding a network of successful individuals with different specialties doesn’t always come easily. However, with Insight Elite, you can effortlessly network with other like minds.

More Visibility

As an Authority, your publication should have no restrictions. As Jesus said, “what is the use do keep light under the bushel?”. Through Insight Elite, you can quickly make your works public by publishing articles on, our Monthly Digital Magazines, or our newsletter.


There is no better place to grow your skills and knowledge except through and in the presence of other successful peer minds. This comes in handy for every member of Insight Elite.

Customized Profile

Having an executive profile on is as awesome as having a Wikipedia page. A simple search is enough to pop you up as an Elite and Authority in your specialized field. Plus, you can easily customize it to your taste.

Elite Signature

Your Elite Signature comes in handy as a member of the Elite community. This will be presented to you immediately after you are welcome into the community. Plus, you can use this across social media.

Insight Insider

As a member of Insight Elite, you are automatically an Insider at Meaning you will be getting first-hand information on all our activities and have the right to make contributions and recommendations. 

Free Promotion

Aside from the fact that you can put your company name and website under your specialized profile, every article that the members of Insight Elite create will have your company name and interlink your website in your company profile.

Do you think you qualify? Please visit to register.

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