All You Need to Know About Business Analytics

by Blessing Chinaza
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Business analytics

Business analytics expertise is a must-have for all businesses in Nigeria.

As a business thrives, it becomes more challenging to monitor its operations, profitability, and external trends.

However, having a working knowledge of business analytics makes it much simpler to keep up with growth, stay useful, and be effective and efficient.

Business analytics is a field that uses statistical methodologies and data analysis techniques to help businesses make wise decisions.

Business analytics has become a crucial tool for enterprises of all sizes and in all sectors, including Nigeria, thanks to the development of digital technology.

In this article, we will examine what business analytics is, how it functions, and how Nigerian companies may use it to their advantage.

What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is the process of analyzing data using tools and processes to acquire insights into how businesses operate and to help employees make wise decisions.

It entails gathering, processing, and evaluating a sizable amount of data from numerous sources, such as sales data, consumer feedback, and market research.

Business analytics helps to assist companies and organizations in making data-driven decisions that will enhance productivity, boost profits, and keep them ahead of the competition.

It aids businesses in understanding how they operate and locate areas that need improvement. 

Business Analytics: How does it work?

The procedures involved in business analytics include data gathering, processing, analysis, and visualization. 

  1. Data collection

The initial stage in business analytics is to gather pertinent information from a variety of sources, such as internal databases, client feedback, and market research.

To make wise selections, these facts are necessary.

  1. Data processing

After the data is gathered, it is processed to make sure it is correct, complete, and current. 

Following processing, the data is examined using a variety of statistical techniques and data analysis tools, including regression analysis, time-series analysis, and predictive modeling.

These methods aid in the discovery of patterns, trends, and insights that can be applied to make ethical choices.

  1. Data visualization

This is the last stage in conducting business analytics. To do this, the data must be presented in an understandable and graphical style.

Data visualization tools, including charts, graphs, and dashboards, are used to present data in an easy-to-understand style.

This aids in sharing with stakeholders the learnings from the data analysis.

Benefits of Business Analytics to Nigerian Businesses

 Businesses in Nigeria can benefit from business analytics in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Better decision making

By offering insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational performance, business analytics may help firms in making data-driven decisions.

It also assists firms in making decisions that are well-informed and produce better outcomes.

  1. Advanced efficiency 

Business analytics help discovers areas where improvements can be made to boost efficiency and cut costs by examining data on operations, procedures, and resources.

Organizations can use it to pinpoint areas where they can improve their workflow.

For instance, by looking at sales data, businesses can determine which products are selling well and which are not, and then adjust their product line as necessary.

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  1. Improved customer satisfaction

Businesses can better understand their consumers’ interests, habits, and needs by studying customer data. 

Organizations can find opportunities to improve customer service and make adjustments that will improve the customer experience by examining consumer feedback and behavior.

This assists companies in better customizing their goods and services to match customer requests and increase consumer happiness.

  1. New marketing strategies

Businesses may find the best marketing channels and messages to reach their target demographic by using business analytics. 

This can aid companies to maximize their marketing plans to increase income and sales.

  1. Rise in risk management 

Businesses can create plans to reduce risks and seize chances by identifying potential hazards and opportunities with the aid of business analytics.

  1. Stay ahead of competitors 

Business analytics can assist firms to keep one step ahead of the competition by enhancing their overall performance and making better decisions that keep them in front of rivals.

This is achieved by utilizing business analytics to acquire insight into the market and consumer behavior. 

Businesses can spot dangers and opportunities and create plans to protect their competitive edge by examining market trends and rival activities.

  1. Spot trends and opportunities 

With the help of business analytics, firms can locate untapped market niches.

Organizations can spot new trends and create new products or services to fulfill consumer demand by examining market data and client input.

  1. Minimize costs

The use of business analytics helps firms streamline processes and procedures and cut expenses.

Organizations can pinpoint areas for improvement and put changes into place that will lower costs and boost profitability by examining data on operational efficiency and resource use.

Business Analytics Job available for Nigerians

  1. Business intelligence analyst

This position programs tools and data models to help visualize or monitor data. They also manage data retrieval and analysis within an organisation. 

  1. Data analyst

This position entails gathering, analyzing, and carrying out statistical analysis on sizable data sets to discover insights and formulate recommendations to promote business success.

  1. Financial analyst

This position requires the analysis of financial data, the creation of reports and financial statements, and the provision of insights to aid organizations in making strategic financial decisions.

  1. Marketing analyst

This position includes examining consumer and market trends, developing marketing strategies, and assessing the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

  1. Operation analyst

This position entails reviewing operational data, pinpointing problem areas, and formulating suggestions to boost productivity and cut expenses.

  1. Risk analyst 

This position entails data analysis to spot potential hazards.


For enterprises of all sizes and in all sectors, including Nigeria, business analytics is a crucial tool. 

Organizations can acquire insights into their operations and take well-informed decisions to enhance performance, boost profitability, and remain ahead of the competition by gathering, processing, and analyzing data. 

The adoption of business analytics is likely to give Nigerian companies a competitive edge over those that do not.

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