Body Fitness: Tips to Lose Weight and Have a Flat Tummy

by Temitayo Oladejo

Having a flat tummy is one major goal that a lot of women will go a long way to achieve and actualize. We all know that there are numerous reasons why women do not like belly fat. The body goals of most ladies are having that figure 8, hourglass body shape, and looking perfect in dresses and the pictures they appear in, regardless of what they eat or how they live.

However, nothing comes easy. To maintain a good shape and keep that flat tummy, there are so many factors that need to be put in place and considered. There are few sacrifices to be made, and continuous efforts to maintain one’s physical well being.

Pro Tips on How to Lose Weight

1. Monitor intake of sugary food and drinks

Sugar is half composed of fructose, and when the body is overloaded with fructose, it can lead to fat building up around the abdomen and liver. The only exception to the fructose factor is that which is found in fruits.

Studies have affirmed that is safe for consumption. Sugary food and drinks should be reduced as it may not be totally avoidable. Intake of sugary beverages, juices, and sweets can increase the sugar rate in the body which in turn increases abdominal fats and may also be a cause of obesity in the long run.

2. Eat more food containing fibre

Consuming food containing soluble fibre aids quick digestion and satisfaction and makes you less hungry. As a result, you tend to consume less food. This is also a method to reduce calories available to the body. Blackberries, avocados, eggs, fatty fish, and legumes are great sources of soluble fibre.

3. Go low on carb and high on protein

Consuming simple carbohydrates is also a cause of days in the body, they do not contain high nutritional values. However, they are rich in calories. Diet can be supplemented by complex carbohydrates found in fruits. Also, foods containing flour products and grains should be streamlined.

In addition to this, consumption of proteins will go a long way in substituting the urge for surgery or fat contained food and snacks. Lean meals like legumes and nuts that are composed of protein and low in fat are good for building and maintaining a slim body of excess fats.

4. Avoid excess alcohol consumption for a flat tummy

This cannot be overemphasized. Most alcoholic drinks are made from grains like barley which contains a whole lot of calories. Therefore, excess consumption of alcohol will cause extra fats in the lower belly which means ‘au revoir’ to your flat tummy and fitted waist goal.

5. Complement your dishes with vegetables and fruits

Veggies and fruits are called probiotics, they help with the regulation of blood sugar and providing an alternate source of fiber are added advantages of consuming fruits among other benefits. This also reduces the chances of getting overweighted and the risk of accumulation of visceral fats in the body. Vegetables and fruits also aid digestion.

6. Fitness and exercise; cardio.

Cardiovascular exercises for flat tummy include:

These activities will increase the rate at which the heart pumps blood. They also burn calories and reduce fat easily. After a healthy exercise, the sweat glands are open and excretion occurs and one of the major elements passed outs excess fats in the body.

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Pro Tips on How to Get a Flat Tummy.

1. Green tea and vinegar for flat tummy

Medically, the antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine that is present in green tea both improve metabolism. These components coupled with other factors like appropriate diet and exercise have proved effective in reducing belly fats. Another simple way to effectively reduce blood sugar level and abdominal fat storage is by introducing intake of apple cedar vinegar into diets due to the presence of acetic acid in its composition.

2. Avoid fat and high cholesterol food substances

This ultimately goes without saying, food high in cholesterol and fats should be avoided, cooking oil can be replaced with coconut oil. Consumption of red meat should be reduced, fatty fish can however be consumed as supplements. Also butter and margarine which contain trans fat should be avoided as they are liable to cause more harm than good.

3. Occasional fasting

Few times fasting is attributed to religious purposes. However, it has also proved to be a simple way of reducing food intake and therefore reducing calories and helping with weight loss. Many fast without even knowing it. Missing one or two meals per day is also a form of fasting. However, to achieve a set goal when engaging in occasional fasting, it is advisable to create and follow patterns. One must also be aware of their body needs and the limit they can stay without food. Clearly, everyone’s body system is different and adaptability varies as human health is concerned.

4. Work and walk smart; reduce inactivity

Being active, up, and doing throughout the day also helps reduce the storage of fats in the body. Reduction of excess sleep, finding something to do, and not maintaining a resting position for a long period. An increase in overall daily activities will elevate the mind and strengthen the bones and muscles in the body.

Alternatives to this for office workers would be morning jogging or work out before going to work. Walking to places of work, or taking a stroll to get lunch, using the step in place of the elevator system in their place of work will also help. These activities keep the mind and body in check.

5. Develop personal training and workout session

There’s no particular exercise that helps in reducing body fat due to differences in the body structure. Squatting, jogging, and doing crunches might work for one person while it would be useless for another. Therefore developing a personal training and exercise scheme that correctly suits your body system will go a long way in curbing and cutting excess fats in the body.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Although there have been various tested methods for weight loss and belly fat reduction. It is worthwhile to note that what works person A might not be as effective for person B. Some people have complained of eating so little yet seeing immediate changes in their body in terms of an increase in fats. Meanwhile, some others eat a whole lot of junks yet it does not seem to add weight to them or their abdominal area.

Consequently, it is safe to advise that individuals should consider the following:

Familiarize with the physiology of your body:

Know how your body works, what foods have an immediate impact on your body, and those that do not.

Do not copy weight loss routines blindly:

Resist the urge to follow a weight loss routine just because it worked for someone you know. As earlier stated, the body is wired differently, and as such different processes will create different results.

Do not starve yourself:

Many believe that excessive fasting or skipping of food will help in reducing weight gain. This might not be outrightly true. The body needs food as much as possible and it must not be starved as it could result in other complications like ulcer and malnutrition. Therefore care must be taken when considering intermittent fasting as a means to cure weight gain and belly fat.


It is a different stroke for different folks; study your body, visit your physician or seek medical advice from professionals who can give you instructions as it pertains to your physiology, and above all, appreciate yourself.

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