WhatsApp Marketing Hacks: The Ultimate Guide to Making Millions of Naira on WhatsApp

by Taiwo Sotikare


How to create a new stream of income using only WhatsApp: The secret to making hundreds of thousands every month without breaking the bank. 


What if I tell you that there is a way you can make upto N1 Million Naira on your Cell Phone, using only WhatsApp? 

It sounds like a scam, right? I know.

But what if I honestly tell you you can actually make upto N500,000 or more on your WhatsApp account?

Well, this may still sound fake to you. 

Okay, what if I further break it down that I know different practical methods you can use to cash out at least N100,000 per month via WhatsApp marketing.

Will you now believe me?

Well, you should. If not, this is the junction to stop reading this text because I am not really after making you believe that you can make this money. 

Instead, I am more passionate about showing you you can make at least N100,000 on your Android Phone or iPhone at the very comfort of your house on this particular GreenApp.  

However, before I go into the practical, let me tell you about Yemi, a normal human being like you, who is currently en route to buying his second car just by leveraging WhatsApp Hacks to make money. 

Buy a car? How much does he make per month?

Don’t worry. We will get into the details. 

3 years ago, Yemi was a graduate with no job or any primary source of income. He was a laughing stock in his family—someone who entirely depended on “urgent 2k” that he never pays back. 

He lost friends and family respect. He couldn’t even afford to buy what he wanted, talk less of flex with his guys.

But now, the last time Yemi spoke with his cousin, she called him “Uncle” and even added SIr.

He hangs out with friends without any fear of getting billed. He has the money. 

He takes his girlfriend to any restaurant of their choice. 

Even people older than him call him this BOSS. 

Bills are always on him whenever he is present. As a result, everyone looks up to him, and he now financially supports his family and friends.  

As I told you before, Yemi is currently considering using his newly acquired wealth to invest in businesses. In addition, he just bought his first car and is planning on getting another one to start “ubering.” 


What changed for Yemi?

How did he transform his life so dramatically?

Here is how…

Yemi found a goldmine. And that is WhatsApp Marketing. 

It’s all about Knowing How to Sell anything with different effective marketing tactics on WhatsApp. 

Be it Affiliate courses, eBooks, Shoes, Data, Writing services, or anything at all.

Let me tell you how you, too, can archive this.

  1. Have a WhatsApp audience of about 1000 status viewers. *You don’t know how? We will teach you 
  2. Have a Product or business you sell. It can be shoes, wigs, data, courses, or even affiliate marketing 
  3. Learn the golden secret of marketing effortlessly on WhatsApp that people will patronize you even before you post.
  4. And lastly, make money from constant sales via your WhatsApp status. 

Note: We strongly advise you to open two bank accounts once you start making money—1 for enjoyment and the second account for saving some money, just like Yemi.

And if you don’t know what you can sell to start making money on WhatsApp… as promised, we still have you covered. 

I have this magical eBook that contains everything you need to make money in your life. Sorry, on WhatsApp. 

This book contains highly informative and self-explanatory content that will teach you:

  • 10 Money Making Ventures on WhatsApp
  • 8 Practical ways to multiply your WhatsApp status x 10
  • How to become a WhatsApp influencer like Babafaros and 
  • How to your brand identity via WhatsApp 
  • Effective copywriting for beginners on WhatsApp
  • Building a money magnet famous WhatsApp TV and Advertisement Agency 
  • Create trust and loyalty between you and your customers
  • How to Make your viewers like you and refer people to you
  • Effective WhatsApp Marketing tool that even top agencies and brands like Adidas use
  • And keys to getting daily Alert on your Bank account through WhatsApp Marketing

Is that all? No!

We can’t afford to leave you at the chance of making money just because you have our WhatsApp Marketing Hacks. 

NO! We believe in the power of mentorship and community, so we will

  1. Add you to our WhatsApp Marketing Mentorship Group
  2. And Give you a Green Ticket to ask us any question about making money on WhatsApp. 

So you see, 

With all these things in place, we have a problem with how we can make this WhatsApp marketing goldmine that has already fetched Yemi over Ten Million Naira and equally has the potential to make you at least N100,000 per month so far if you follow the guidelines in it. 

I believe, even if all we offer is a community, to get regular resources and updates on new developments and trends to become a millionaire via WhatsApp.

So it is worth selling this course for N75,000.

And then, considering all the money-making opportunities, we have accurately explained in this book that even a dullard will capture it and start cashing out within a month or two. 

So we thought of putting the price at N35,000—zero discount. 

But thinking about it, we thought about our family and friends who constantly watch our WhatsApp status (Insight WhatsApp status) and are inspired by it.

But unfortunately, despite how much they love and trust us, they can’t just afford it. 

So we thought of doing a bonanza that is so cheap that after we raise the price back to the standard price, they won’t blame us but understand that we have tried our best for them.

And this bonanza price is N15,000.

However, if you will pay between Today, Tuesday, June 20, 2022, and Friday, June 23, 2022.

We will give you a great discount

What does that mean?
It mean you can pick this WhatsApp Marketing Hacks and Sales Copywriting course for just N6,500

Just send your N6,500 to 

GT Bank


Taiwo Sotikare


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Taiwo Sotikare


And this Great discount is only available for the first 25 people to pay for this course. 

As soon as these 25 slots are filled up, we will raise the eBook price to N25,000 

For now, you have the privilege of ordering this course for just N6,500.

Once we have the 25 slots filled or once it is Friday, June 23, 2022, the course will skyrocket to N25,000

Good luck to you as you take this life-changing opportunity. 

Remember, we have over 4,500 people constantly viewing our status, meaning delay may be more dangerous than you think. 


Click here now to order the eBook and start cashing out N100,000 per month like Yemi

If you have any questions, click this link to get my WhatsApp number. Or send a mail to taiwo@insight.ng.

Good-luck. I will be waiting for you in my DM.

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