10 Ways to Know a True Wife Material

by Ann Okoroafor

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article on how to prepare for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Nigeria (make sure you read it, you’d find it interesting).

But how can a Nigerian man prepare for a pre-wedding photoshoot without a would-be bride?

You already know that not every babe is wife material, so let’s find out how to know a true wife material.

What is Wife Material?

Wife material is when a lady has certain attributes/characters that make her eligible to be taken to the altar by a man. (Not for sacrifice though, LOL).

The man can say with his full chest “this is now the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh after he must have paid her dowry anyway.

How to Know a True Wife Material

We are emphasizing TRUE because there are plenty of fake wife materials in Nigeria now. 

The economy in the country is so bad, the dollar price is high, and fake/cheap products are taking the lead. This has also crept into the wife material industry.

But be calm, my beloved Nigerian men, just keep reading.

The association of the wife material industry has put up ways in which you can identify their products. 

After so much trial and error, Olumide was gisting me about his experience with women, then he gave a long sigh and asked, “Babe, do you know how to know a true wife material?”

Below is what I told him: 

  1. A true wife material loves God

Let this be your foundation o. Honestly, a wife material who doesn’t possess this character is not authentic, from the wife material industry.

Please, note that I didn’t say she goes to her religion’s place of worship.

Well, that could be a sign that a true wife material loves God, but not every material who attends her religion’s place of worship loves God.

The point is that this point is not enough in itself. 

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  1. A true wife material is your best female friend

Make sure that when you are looking, you are looking among your friends. All these love-at-first-sight thing that you people use to do, e didn’t make sense. 

Even if you are loving at first sight, don’t tell her at first or second or even third sight (personally, it irritates me); give room for friendship. 

  1. A true wife material is respectful

 You know this by the way she treats and speaks to others, not just you or your parents. See erhn! Ladies are very observant o. 

You, as a gentleman would think that you are being discreet ‘she no fi decode say I dey look her side’, let me shock you, bros, na she fess observe your movement.

 She could act respectfully to those she thinks can influence your decision directly or indirectly; but beyond that, check how she treats strangers, the waitress, the bolt driver, etc.

  1. A true wife material is not materialistic

 E shock you ba? Wife material, yet not materialistic. A materialistic lady will finish her money and yours mehn!

The problem with this is that a materialistic babe wants to purchase every trending stuff, even when she doesn’t need it. 

It would now be worse because her clique of friends are babes who love to spend carelessly too; you think she’d want to be the less privileged among them?

If care is not taken, one day she’d use your house rent to buy hair.

Are you interested in finding out, because there is more? How to know a true wife material…

  1. A true wife material is industrious

 She knows how to do certain things like liquid soap, Izal, Soybean powder, fried groundnut, chinchin, and bake cake by herself.

These things do not necessarily have to be for commercial purposes, but for use at home.

It’d save a lot of money and now in Nigeria, by all means, save something. She’s not lazy at all.

I remember one time growing up, my dad got a bus and gave it to a driver; there’s always money in the transport business. 

This driver came home with stories upon stories of how the bus didn’t function well enough. Instead of monetary returns, all my dad got were complaints.

One day, after my dad left for the pharmacy (he was a pharmacist), my mom called the driver; she was going to work with him that day as the conductor.

E shock me, but she did…and that night, she came home with a lot of money, over 3 times the amount the driver was expected to remit.

She gave my siblings and I an amount. A true wife material focuses on multiplying you.

  1. A true wife material is a home builder

Building a home is not easy. Wait fess! if you’ve read to this point, just take a minute to celebrate yourself(or the wife materials in your life).

If a son is good and responsible, they call him “his father’s son”; but if he is irresponsible, then he’s “his mother’s son”.

How often do men stay at home with the children sef?

 It’s even worse in this generation now, except of course, he’s working from home or he’s jobless.

A true wife material builds her home from scratch. The children are up and in school early, putting on extremely neat school uniforms.

Her husband’s necktie is hanging neatly even though he had thrown it on the floor after work the previous day.

Her husband is not afraid nor ashamed of bringing his friends home because he’s sure that he’d meet the house neatly arranged.

That’s not all, beyond that, she ensures that her husband is at peace with his family. A true wife would never try to separate her husband from his family.

Take note, if as a babe she’s already telling you that you focus on your family members more than you do on her, please…..(fill in the gap).

Moving on with how to know a true wife material… the next point is that;

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  1. A true wife material knows how to stay at home

I know you’d be wondering why this even had to be a point, but yes! I’m not saying that a true wife material has to be a full-time housewife, No! The economy of Nigeria does not even permit that anymore.

She needs to work, except her husband says otherwise, and can conveniently pay for the family’s comfort but, she has to be available for the family, especially her husband (I’m a husband’s babe sha. WINKS).

When she has work leave, she spends time with family, instead of partying or going on long vacations.

  1. A true wife material is submissive

 I’m not saying that she has to be a didirin (zombie). That’s not what submission is. 

Submission is, I have my rights, money, opinion, and idea but I choose to trust you and opt for yours. 

This doesn’t mean that she would never be able to get the man to do what she wants, but even in airing her opinion, she’s not rude or arrogant.

A true wife material is kind to all and sundry. 

  1. A true wife material is a good cook

How can one successfully keep a home, without being able to cook a really tasty meal? 

Some people will spend a lot of money before a meal can be tasty, and sometimes sef, the meal still won’t be tasty. 

You’d find the oil swimming separately in the pot of soup or they’d forget 2 sachets of salt inside a 5-liter pot of soup.

  1. A true wife material is neat inside and out

Let me round up with this. All these slay queens outside, dirty inside, is not helping anybody. 

She has to be organized too. A babe who is not organized cannot keep a home; before you know it, you’d be asking each other where your baby is.


If you want to be a true wife material, look through these points, find out the area where you are lagging and work on becoming better.

Hunting bros, I believe you know what to look out for now. Also, these are not the only criteria for choosing a wife o. 

I’d share some specific attributes later. These are just general. 

So, to the many Nigerian men who have had their fair share of meeting adulterated wife material, and have had the “How to know a true wife material” question on their lips; Here! you have these tips to help you.

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