5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dress for Interviews in Nigeria

by Jennifer Ojatunwase

With many interviews gone wrong due to the wrong dressing sense, the need to learn how to choose the right dress for interviews cannot be overemphasized.

This article aims to address tips for choosing the right dress for different kind of interviews in Nigeria. This includes job interview, media interview, student or academic interview and even marketing interview. 

They say the way we dress creates or gives people the first impression about who we are and what we represent. As they rightly put it, ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed. ‘

When preparing for an interview, your dress code is one of the most important. If not the most important, things you must get right. After looking at the various things you need to look out for when choosing the right dress for interviews in Nigeria, we came up with the five exciting tips that will help you put a smile on your face when you close the door behind you after your interview.

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Five Outfit Rules for a Successful Job Interview

  1. Put on your outfits a day before the interview

This might sound stupid, but I have seen a lot of interviews gone wrong because of this. Some people pick clothes without thinking of trying the clothes before the interview day. Some even go as far as purchasing clothes without trying them on. This is important because one or two buttons on the clothe may be bad. Or the clothes you may not fit in properly. It might even have a tear without you noticing.

Meanwhile, if you wait until the D-day before try this, it may be too late for you to fix the issue. Meaning you will be settling for something lesser. Or waste time trying to fix it only to arrive for the interview late, which is not an impressive thing for you. Hence, trying your interview clothes on is the number one step towards choosing the right dress for interviews in Nigeria. Meanwhile, if the outfit turns out not to be great, don’t be reluctant to try out other interview dresses in your closet. 

  1. Dress according to seasons

Dressing according to the weather is another undeniable essential tips for choosing the right dress for a job interview in Nigeria. This is important because it gives the interviewer that you have a good dress sense, which is a pass mark and is suitable for a start.

One other reason is that anything can go wrong at the place where you’re seeking employment. A few are; the power supply might be interrupted, and you find yourself sweating profusely because you are putting on sweaters or something too stuffy. Remember this is Nigeria, you don’t want to look like a nincompoop sweating profoundly in the interview room.

Getting this wrong will make you uncomfortable in the interview hall, and the interviewer may think you’re anxious and not composed. To avoid this, please dress according to the seasons. Be it sunny, cold, or the harmattan to aid your comfort. To add to this, you can add a little bit of fashion in vogue (that’s if it’s descent), not compulsory but can come in handy. Don’t dress looking all old-fashioned. Add a little bit of sauce and spice to it.

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  1. Dress comfortably

When it comes to choosing the right dress for job interviews in Nigeria, dress comfortably is one of the primary factors you must put in place. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight and would not allow you to express yourself freely. Nor shoes that are extra, too tight, and would not allow you to walk correctly.

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Comfortable clothes make you calm and coordinated. Trying to impress people with expensive shoes and clothes (that may be in vogue) but don’t fit your stature or figure is a waste of time. Dress for success; don’t go overboard and overdo things. Dress moderately by wearing neat clothes that are properly washed and ironed.

  1. Do a little homework

This our number 4 golden rule on choosing the right and best dress for interviews in Nigeria has to do with digging and doing some undercover investigations on the kinds of clothes that will suit the interview perfectly.

Let say it is a job interview, you need to ask people around or even go as far as asking people about the company. Look at how people who work there dress, and pick your style from there. Dress to fit the position you’re applying for. That would give an edge over the other people who are participating in the interview and but haven’t done any research. It also provides the employer with the impression that you are ready for the job. 

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  1. Revelation of body parts

This is a big ‘NO,’ and it’s unacceptable. When choosing what to wear, don’t choose clothes that reveal sensitive areas of your body. It gives the interviewer the impression that you’re ill-mannered and racy. The most dangerous is that ‘it creates room for harassment.

Even if that’s wasn’t your intentions, unknowingly to you, your dress of choice is already speaking for you. Avoid wearing revealing and flashy clothes. Dress according to the kind of interview you have having. Say you are a politician going for a media interview, wearing traditional attire will not be bad for the interview at all. So far you look stylish and smart, you are good to go. Dress with success at the back of your mind. Ensure your interview outfit portray your confidence and attracts respect from people.


To add icing to your cake, crown it all with attitude. A good attitude is one of the greatest outfit rules for a successful job interview. A good attitude towards everyone you meet is essential, starting from the cleaner to the organization’s head. And don’t forget to smile! It has a way of making the atmosphere lighter and makes you less anxious. And remember to go through these tips for choosing the right dress for interviews in Nigeria over and over when going for any interview both in Nigeria and abroad. 

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