Why Newly Married Couples Should Not Joke With Family Planning

Family Planning for Young Married Nigerian Couples

by Stella Agboola

“If I decide to follow your advice and remove my womb to prevent another pregnancy and it backfires, if I lose my children to accident or illness and there is no womb to carry the child, what will I do? This method of controlling birth is not something I can risk, my friend,” Person A voices out to her friend.

“Putting a device in my womb to prevent pregnancy for as long as it is in my womb? Doctor,What if I cannot bear another child for my husband because the device has destroyed my womb? Doctor, explain this brith control method in a way that I will understand. Tell me what the risks are in this method of family planning,” Person B says to her doctor.

Some Nigerians have said the above words; they are words that show the fears of Nigerians when they hear the words: ” family planning”. 

A number of “what if” results, and fear overwhelms them. Rather than viewing family planning as an important option that should be taken seriously, family planning becomes an unrealistic and ‘dangerous’ option for them, and the result is often not good.

As the truth about family planning is discussed, it will become clear that it is really for a couple benefit. If you are married, especially newlywed, this is definitely for you. First off, what is family planning?

What is Family Planning?

In simple words, family planning occurs when a couple, that is, a husband and a wife, discuss and decide three major things:

The number of children they would like to have

The spacing between their children, i.e., the gap between the first child and second child, second child and third child, etc

If or not, they will have children

For a newly married couple, family planning can also include when they would like to have their first child. Many people like to conceive and get pregnant immediately after their weddings. A minor few like to enjoy spending time with their married mate for some time after the wedding. Factors like this determine when a child will be given birth to.

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How Many People Should Be Involved in Planning a Family?

Contrary to how many cultures and backgrounds have made it look over the years, the only people who should be rightfully involved in their family’s planning are the concerned husband and wife. Family planning should not include extended family members, such as mother and fathers-in-law, uncles, aunties, and godmothers. 

A husband and wife are both directly responsible for their family’s well-being, so a woman should not be left to decide and worry about the size of their family or methods of birth control. Instead, the husband should lovingly support his wife. 

Why should family planning be considered in a new home? Are there benefits to it? Or is family planning only about contraceptives’ “dangers” and “side effects”?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, contraceptives are deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation; things are done to prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

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What Are The Effects Of Family Planning On Married Couples?

It is no news that sometimes, things with advantages also have disadvantages. In the case of family planning, though, there are no disadvantages except a few side effects that come with using contraceptives. 

Family planning always benefits a family in numerous ways. Some of them are:

  1. The spacing in childbearing allows for adequate care of the children 

It becomes difficult for a mother to care for her child (ren) if she gives birth to them at short intervals. Her focus will be constantly placed on the newborns who demand her attention.

The children enjoy all the love and training they need to grow as responsible children of their parents and respectable members of their communities and society at large.

  1. The ability of the mother to enjoy other activities and socialize

True, a mother’s most important responsibility is her children. 

However, it is also necessary that she gets involved in other activities to grow personally in other areas of life.

  1. The ability of the mother to contribute her quota to the family’s expenses

It is almost impossible for a woman to work and financially support her husband with many children to monitor constantly.

In between being on the lookout for her children’s security and taking care of chores as big as a mountain, adding financial responsibility becomes equivalent to wanting to take her own life.

  1. Less responsibility for the father and husband

Wherever there is adequate family planning, there is less spending on incoming finances and less mouth to feed.

  1. Paying attention to immunizations and reduction in child mortality

Family planning allows a parent to pay attention to all the immunizations that their children need to be given. The importance of immunizations in the lives of infants cannot be overemphasized, and it reduces infant and child mortality.

Family planning reduces mortality (the rate at which mothers die). Women who bear so many children within a short time are more exposed to maternal mortality risk than women who do not.

  1. Enough time to prepare for another pregnancy

Adequate Spacing between children (two years and above) gives the mother enough time to mentally and physically prepare for another pregnancy

The father has more time to spend with his wife. Companionship is an important purpose of marriage and will not be thrown in the bin with adequate family planning.

Family planning allows both parents to save a percentage of their income for future usage.

Now that it has become clear that family planning causes more good than harm, a question arises

What is the best contraceptive method for newly married couples? How can they best prevent pregnancy for some time or eternity OR space their children as they want?

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What is The Best Contraceptive Method for Newly Married Couples?


Birth control pills, an injection syringe and condom in a package on blue background.

There are many different kinds of contraceptives, ranging from oral pills to injections at intervals to inserting an intrauterine device.

Various studies and statistics have claimed that oral pills are the most effective contraceptives.

However, depending on a particular person’s age, health status, and how easy it is for the person to use birth control, the best birth control is anyone that is the most effective and best prevents pregnancy for him or her. 

Some Nigerians doubt family planning and all it involves because they believe that using contraceptives after marriage is a sin. What do you think?

Is Contraception After Marriage a Sin?

We live in a country where religious opinions differ and are sometimes conflicting when it comes to sensitive issues. 

However, one thing is common to different religions- our morality, our sense of right from wrong. 

Since contraception after marriage does not end the life of an unborn child, it is not morally wrong to use them. 

What it does is that it prevents pregnancy from happening in the first place for the time period that a couple wants. Contraception does not terminate or abort pregnancies. 

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The Urgency of Family Planning

With the constant rise in the cost of living, lack of satisfactory jobs, and the hustles and bustles of life, couples do well to review family planning as a whole and the best contraceptive method for them immediately after marriage or sometime before they get married. 

Family planning is not a dangerous option. It is a necessity for the successful and proper care of a household.


In conclusion, it is important that you visit your family doctor today or the obstetricians in hospitals and health centers for your family planning. Do not hesitate to go for your and your spouse’s family planning consultancy.

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