Blood Oath Among Youths in the Name of Love: Cruise or Spiritual Risk

by Precious Fawole

Do you believe in being in a forever relationship? Or do you believe you can be together with your partner for a long time without a ‘breakfast?’ Do you believe in a soulmate, or do you want to love someone and move on with your life when it becomes hacky and stressful?

If you believe in “together forever,” what will you do to assure your partner that you will be faithful to the relationship forever and will not elope with someone else? Relationships aren’t rosy at all times. There are times when the relationship becomes rocky, frustrating, and emotionally draining, there are critical times when you want to take a break from the whole relationship and breathe. Most times, some people change from being the sweetest person we ever knew to the monster we never knew existed. Scary times!

It is common knowledge that two people cannot coexist for a long period without having a misunderstanding. And it is also common knowledge that ‘your partner is not the perfect partner for you.’ Frankly speaking, the more you go out and mingle with people, the higher the chances that you will meet other people who are better than your partner in all aspects. There is even the possibility of having one or two emotional flings with them and a ‘crush’ on them. 

Knowing this, how do you intend to stay faithful to your partner?

Do you believe in blood oath? Do you think it is spiritual risk or just cruise? 

Nigerian youths in the 90s took blood oaths because it was an effective way to ensure their partners did not elope with other people while away. So we can say blood oaths were taken to avoid “sudden breakfasts.” Although taking blood oaths may not be as rampant as it used to be in the 90s, people are still taking blood oaths low key in this present age. 

What is a Blood Oath?

An oath is a formal promise, especially a promise to be loyal to a person or country. Thus, a blood oath can be said to be the form of making promises with another person while using each other’s blood as a seal. Taking a blood oath with someone means swearing your lives to each other by declaring certain things and using each other’s blood as the tie that binds the covenant.

Oath is synonymous to covenant. It’s like saying “I promise,” but you don’t need to add “I promise” to a statement before it becomes valid. For example, if I say, “I’ll help you with materials for your research.” That is my WORD. If I don’t fulfil it in the proposed time stated, I have broken the trust between us (unwritten). This will also tell you the type of person I am, or perceived to be.

Did I use the phrase “I promise?” No! But does it make my word any less a commitment? No! It is still a valid promise.

If breaching just verbal agreements without a blood oath to keep them could mean so much, it could cost someone their possessions, dignity, or even their freedom. How much does it cost to violate a blood-sealed covenant? If blood is the substance of life, that means you are putting your life on the line to keep a promise.

An oath is a contract, and it would be built on WORD. It is an agreement and might be written for reference purposes (first, word spoken, then maybe written with words). You can back that agreement with something that isn’t fleeting like blood. If you break the contract, there’s a consequence.

The same thing applies to blood oaths. If you break a blood oath, there are consequences too. It is believed that the effects of breaking a blood oath are more spiritual than physical. Life force and energy in life will be the agent for retribution to bring nemesis on whoever breaks. Blood oaths are meant to be kept because violating it often lead to death.

Why Do People Swear Blood Oaths in Their Relationships?

People often swear blood oaths out of fear of losing themselves. As a result, they believe that the blood covenant link is the strongest and can help them endure the test of time, but they fail to remember that nothing built on a weak foundation can endure.

Even though there are several reasons, they often fall under lack of trust, insecurity, and greed.

How People Take a Blood Oath

A blood oath can be performed between two or more individuals. It is frequently performed between two lovers and involves each person making a small cut, typically on their finger, hand, or forearm. The two cuts are then squeezed together and bound, with the intention that each participant’s blood would flow into the veins of the other. Some people even go as far as drinking each other’s blood.

The two parties engaged would proceed to speak vows to themselves as the blood from the cuts flows and is mixed. Pledging not to elope or end the relationship under any circumstances and remain faithful together until death separates them. After they both say their promises, they proceed to lick the blood from each other the wounds.

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Does Taking a Blood Oath Have a Spiritual Effect, or it’s  “Mere Cruise”

Let’s be honest here. It’s not cruise when you take a blood oath with someone. Blood equals life. Sealing promises with the blood that powers your veins and sustains your life is very serious. It is common knowledge that when you sign a legal contract agreement and do not abide by it, it is expected that you will suffer repercussions. 

Blood oath is a powerful symbol, and it is believed to have mystical powers. There are three parties to this oath: the two lovers and the higher authority (often mean the spirit gods). Court marriages are seen as a weak concept in joining two people because any party can pull out anytime on the basis of any cogent reason. Thus, they resort to blood oath.

I did a research with my friends to know what they think about blood oaths. The feedback was quite interesting as some of them think that blood oath and its spiritual effect is a mere facade. The idea of suffering after breaking the oath is more of a psychological bondage than a spiritual bondage. In contrast, others believe in the authenticity of taking a blood oath and believe a person is set to be doomed if they break the covenant that was taken and sealed by blood. 

It is expected that some people would say that it is not true, as there is no scientific backing for spiritual powers, but think about this. Every religion and tradition on Earth believe in powers and unexplainable forces greater than human beings. The most important ritual always involves the spilling of blood.

Looking at how blood is closely significant to life, consider this account.

The Christians believe Jesus Christ  shed his ‘blood’ for the restitution of their souls and his blood washed their sins away. The Muslims always sacrifice an animal during their festive season, and the Quran instructs them to shed the blood of an animal. Even the traditionalists and other religions are not left out of this equation, as most religions have important sacrifices carried out with the shedding of blood, either animal or human blood. This puts much emphasis on how significant blood is.

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There was a time in Nigeria when taking blood oaths was rampant among Nigerian youths and “almost to-be-married” couples and lovers. It was the only secure way people could ascertain loyalty and avoid heartbreak. Those times when communication was not as easy as it is now, and people had to write letters to their loved ones and wait for months before they received a response. These people had to travel long distances to school and barely saw each other for months. 

Why would you make a promise and use your life as collateral, and you think when you break the promise, and there will not be repercussions? Impossible.

Taking a blood oath should not be seen as cruise but as a serious act that brings serious repercussions when broken.

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If unfufiled verbal promises are enough to ruin one’s relationship with people, you might lose a lot of things doing the blood oath. The chances that you might end up being jailed are high when you don’t honour contracts, talk less of making promises and sealing the promise with your blood. 

I think blood oath is neither cruise nor child’s play, and I wouldn’t advise anyone to indulge in such because it comes with both spiritual and physical repercussions, and psychological bondage.

Why promise someone a life of lasting love when you don’t know what the future holds?

What do you think about blood oath for relationships? Share your opinion in the comment section or send it to our Whatsapp Community, we have an intellectual audience who will engage you. You can also follow us on Instagram to get lifestyle tips.

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